How Many Quilts do you think I have?

This has been a LONG time coming.

NOTE: When watching my video, if you have a question leave it in the comments as I'll do a follow up video to answer them 

Pat sloan quilts july 2021 10

I've wanted to gather all my quilts together for a photo before I start to move a lot of them off to a Charity. It's time for them to find new homes.   

Over the years I've given away quite a few.  In my Gallery I'm documenting all the quilts with links to the quilts when they are available

***** I hope you enjoy my Video! *****

Can you guess how many there are? below are some photos of the stacks. Watch this video as I explain it all.

CLARIFICATION - the quilts went from a bedroom, to living room, to Dining room.  ONLY ONE space at a time had quilts in it, NOT ALL 3 places. They are currently in my dining room as I show you in the videp

I'd love to know how many quilts you have!

I still have lots to do:

  • Sort all the book quilts by the book they are in.
  • Create groupings that I decorate with like Spring, Red/white/blue, Blue quilts, Christmas, Halloween, winter.. etc. 
  • Take photos of each quilt front and label
  • Document in my gallery the year made and where it was published. Adding Links when available  - Pat’s Quilt Gallery  
  • Decide which ones will go to charity
  • Take the Charity pieces to the Charity
  • Once this wave is done I will see how many pieces I still have and we'll create a beautiful permanent storage spot for them so that I can use them more easily.

Things Mentioned:

Where to get my Project Info


Pat sloan quilts july 2021 5

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Pat sloan quilts july 2021 8

Pat sloan dining room 11

Here is the after with them on the shelves in my Dining room 

Pat sloan quilts july 2021 9

Pat sloan dining room 4

Pat sloan dining room 5

Thank you for joining me!! 

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