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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


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Robin (rsislandcrafts)

When the kids were younger they would enter their decorated bikes in the 4th of July parade. It was also fun to Santa come down Main Street on the firetruck the day after Thanksgiving.

Kim Fischlin

Fun to see your fabric line again Pat! Very pretty!

My mom was a branch manager at a local bank that was on Main Street so I have fond memories of going in to visit her after school when she was still working to get gum balls. We also had a great bakery in town that we would often go to on weekends for a cinnamon roll or apple fritter. Such nostalgia. Both establishments are long gone now.

Cindy Crist

I remember marching in the band on Main Street in the Memorial Day Parade.


Our town has several fun events on Main Street. One that my children enjoy and we now do with the grandkids is, Trick or Treat down Main Street at the businesses. It’s quite the fun activity for all ages. Main Street Ramona, CA


My Grandma would take me down Main Street every week and we would enjoy the weekly display in the toy shop window. It’s a very fond memory for me.

Sandy Allen

I used to visit two different quilt shops that were on Main Street, but both have closed now. :(

Gretchen Jones

We stroll Main Street Monroe GA and watch out door concerts on the court house steps! We bring chairs and picnic on the great lawn!
We of course grab an ice cream cone. Our Main Street is so cute Hollywood films movies here!

Rebecca Lance

On Friday and Saturday nights the teens would "circle" Main Street by driving around the Hungry Man restaurant and the Civic Center.

Mary O.

Main Street is where we went to see the lighted Christmas decorations, strung with tinsel, that crossed over the street, block after block. It was so beautiful.... I really like your Bonnie Lane floral. Thank you for all you do.

Bernice Jenkins

When I was growing up, I was a baton twirler in parades on Main St. . When My children were growing up they marched in the parade either in the marching band, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. Now we watch the Parade on Main Street with our grandkids.


Main Street when I was you was a vibrant, bustling place with 2 traffic lights. We had a corner butcher and small grocer. We had a Five and Dime, a Hardware, a Soda Fountain and an old fashioned stainless steel diner among other shops and a bank. The post office was a teeny tiny place.actually when Inwas a baby 65 years ago my parents lived above the post office. There was even a tractor parts place and 2 gas stations. Best of all was my grandparents Bakery. My grandparents had what I call now an Old Fashioned bakery. I can smell the sweet rolls and cinnamon donuts. My Grandmother made wedding cakes and birthday cakes for so many. Oh my,thank you for bringing these memories back. All these places are gone. Our vibrant town is gone. The interstate went in over 40 years ago and the town slowly declined. I am doing my quilt in the patriotic fabric because one of the best memories was the bicentennial celebration in 1976. Our town went all out and it amazing. Thank you!

Jenny Naylor

Main street has always been the main attraction for parades in all the places I have lived. In the town I grew up in there was a 5 and dime shop and an ice cream shop I could go to whenever my mother was downtown shopping. Oh and I remember Ben Franklins and JcPenneys. Oh the memories...

Marlene Miller

We do Street Dances and porch concerts! So fun!


Our main street has a big festival in the fall with lots of old time music crafters and old time apple butter making etc... Everyone dresses old fashioned and the street is closed down so people can walk everywhere visit crafters and even dance to the libe old time music

Sheila Ciechoski

Going to the 4th of July parade and then having Ice cream at our favorite local shop on our Blvd. (our Main St) :)
We live in a small town so everyone goe and everyone knows !! LOL

Leslie Schumacher

I’ve lived on Main Street over 45 years. Our annual festivals were always on Main Street. Our parades were always on Main Street. We have car shows on Main Street. Always lots of fun.

Susan Johnson

I live next to Auburn, Washington and on their Main Street they have the biggest Veterans Day parade in the USA.

Kathy Jainchill

I live near St. Charles, MO. Every year they have Festival of the Little Hills - a 3 day event in mid-August. There are craft booths and the shops along Main Street are all open for business. A very fun time!

Maribeth Strand

Main Street was the central hub for our town of 250 people. We were a rural community. We met friends for coffee at the local cafe, picked up our mail at the post office, purchased groceries at the local market, dropped off grain at the elevator and visited grandparents in the rest home, We had a bank, creamery, 2 bars/cafes, lumber yard and community center on Main Street too. School parades for homecoming also happened on Main Street. There was always something todo or people to see on main street in our little town.

Kathy E.

Main Street in my town is now lined on both sides with offices and corporate buildings. When I was a kid, there were stores and small shops and cafes...but those times have changed!

Betty Peterson

In my hometown we have a carnival/fair event and I love walking around seeing all the crafts to buy and all the rides that are there to ride, it has moved locations and changes it’s name but it’s still the same idea. When my grandparents were alive they lived in south Missouri and we would go to the BBQ in a neighboring town and they always had a duck race (they were fake ducks), we would buy ducks and the fire department would spray the ducks down the track to the finish line. We had so much fun and they even had a game were you could win real ducks, which we did one year.

Patricia England

I lived in a small town in Pennsylvania as a child. Main street was the best place to see the various parades go by for holidays. I loved the horses the most.

linda renz

I remember going to a parade on main street every year all so the farmers market by main street. It was a lot of fun. Also the parade was a candy party for the kids. They would throw candy out to everyone.

Thanks Linda Renz


My small town had a main street-ish green in the middle where adults would chat and kids would play like packs of puppies.

Debbie Mallicoat-Dover

Main street, growing up was where we would shop our favorite stores, grab a soda at the fountain in the local drugstore, high school band parades, just basically the hub of our hometown. To this day one of the largest collection of classic cars comes here and cruises main to bring back those memories of cruising.

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