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Sunday, April 07, 2019


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Amanda Lindberg

I am a paramedic and hospice nurse. I am also married to a firefighter. Quilting is my relaxation. It provides me a way to unwind all while still accomplishing something!

Rebecca Christie

I have had a need to create since I was little, I thought it would be maybe painting- but I can't draw. I have always sewed, made a lot of my own clothing as a teen. Then I discovered quilting. I quilt to create... it soothes my heart and relieves the stress from my world.

Tina Stevenson

I'm a mental health therapist...I use Quilting as my own form of therapy considering my caseload is trauma related cases, namely veterans, and can be challenging if I don't do something for self-care. Most of the quilts I make are for QOV....however, there is something exciting about seeing something beautiful arise from a stack of colorful cloths.


I have MS, and am home every day. I’m not able to get out much, and cannot be as physical as I use to. Quilting fills my days and gives me something good to focus on. It makes me happy.

Marianne Barta

It's my "Happy Time" when I quilt -- making things as gifts. I love to give handmade items -- "Just Because"! After a busy day or not --- it is my relaxation.

Jeanne Morphew

I quilt for a variety of reasons but the main reason is because it’s so relaxing, I love seeing a pattern come together and then sharing my creations with friends and family. Since retiring, I’ve had more time to quilt so I’m learning new techniques and enjoying that I have time to take on some more detailed projects.

Michelle Busch

I did my first quilt when a coworker committed suicide and I wanted to giver her parents something that would me more then flowers or a card. My grandma always made quilts at of her old clothing so that’s what I did. In my job Paramedics have a high rate of suicide. The cathartic therapy was also helpful to my healing. Now I do them for joy. It’s been a slow start but in the last year I have really grown in skill.

Yvonne Cosford

Quilting is my love. Hobby and sanity.
I sew quilts for my market stall and for family and friends.
Living on my own for the past 10 years I find I am never lonely when I sew.
Now that I joined you BOW. I look forward to Wednesday morning for that’s weeks block.
It is helping me to whittle down a lot of fabric I shipped home to New Zealand with. Me.
Thank you Pat.

Sheila McCoy- Boser

Quilting is a therapy! When I’m sewing, it “calms” me. By that I mean, during the week, things get hectic with all the things we “have” to do, like bills, babysitting, cleaning, picking up grands, ball games and grocery shopping. Quilting is what I “want” to do because it calms me and feeds my creative soul! There is truly a satisfaction you get to making something by yourself.

Vickie Stidham

Quilting is my best friend. I have had 2 heart surgeries and am currently being checked for developing diabetes. When my thoughts and mind gets too full, I empty it into my sewing and quilt making. I use to be a runner. Can't do that anymore. I find sewing is in my soul. Sometimes I feel so alone, I just go into my sewing room and it's as if I'm surrounded by all good things. It's like a whole other world or escape! I'm so glad you Pat, and your group on Facebook are in my world. NO one in my family quilts or even sews. You guys are all I have! Love you all!

Lora Plymire

Hi Pat, I enjoy quilting cause it helps me unwind from a hard days work, it calming to me. I make quits and other things quilted for my grandkids and other family members. I love to see their faces light up.

Tammy Studholme

I’m a military mom. Quilting helps me when I’m missing my son. I give some away, however there are special ones that talk to me while I’m working on them and reminds me of my kids or a family member that passed. Those quilts stay with me. Quilting makes this military mom smile when missing a Marine.

Brenda E

Being creative not only feeds my soul but also provides gifts for family. I always feel like I have accomplished a lot even sewing for only 30 minutes. I relax and love to watch the colors come together and in the end have some self worth that "I did that"!

Maribeth Strand

Hi Pat
I learned to sew and quilt in March2017. It was on my bucket list. I wanted to learn to quilt to relieve the stress from my job and also being my husbands caretaker through his health issues. I have always love crafting and creating. I fell I love with quilting because it fed my soul, gives me a great sense of accomplishment which nourished my heart, mind and soul. The quilts I have made are given away to family, friends and my pet rescues that I support. To date I have made approximately 12 quilts. I retired early last September to help take care of my dad in Colorado. My quilting has helped me through all the challenges being a caregiver because it nourishes me.
I love your blog and chats- have a blessed week, Maribeth Strand

Kim Linder

I make quilts for Project Linus and that brings me joy knowing kids that are either sick or traumatized are happy to get a quilt. And I spend my other time making quilts for my family. I am making one right now for my son-in-law who will be going on deployment towards the end of fall so it will keep him warm on the carrier.

Annette Ackley

I have always sewn since I was young. I always enjoyed it and found it to be an accomplishment to see how it turned out. I find quilting relaxing just because it is time to myself to create and not be needed anywhere else while doing it. I have made a few quilts for special reasons. But mostly, I make a quilt because I love the design of it or it is something I really want to make. I have to laugh, cause my Husband will say: who is that for? And I tell him it is for me and it will be passed down to my children when I'm no longer here.

Cheryl Yancey

I quilt because it makes me happy, and I love them all. Even the ones that I didn’t like when I started them. It’s like a drug to me. I have to see the finished product. Sure I get mad and I want to hang it up.But then something calming takes over, and I’m right back at it again.(At my happy place ).

Ann Dilbeck

I quilt usually for my children. I am currently working on Oh My Stars for a soon to be high school graduate. By the way, I bought the big patterns & it doesn’t include a full bed size. Any secrets on how many blocks i’d Need? Thanks

Karla Walker

Quilting is my therapy. I've had a lot of loss in the last year with my mom, her sister, and 4 friends. Quilting feeds my soul. I love being in your quilting neighborhood, Pat, and I really enjoy the fireside chats. Thank you for teaching and inspiring me! I am enjoying your Celebrate the Seasons book!!

Carol Reiter

Hi Pat,
I love to make quilts. It relaxes me and makes me happy when I get to see the smiles on the faces of the receiver.
Thanks, Carol R.

Sherry Clifton

I learned to quilt 30+ years ago from my mother n law. Since that time I’ve been hooked. Since retirement, my DH built a small bldg behind my house for my studio. I go out there every day and call it my happy place. I make quilts for nieces, nephews, grands, neighbors etc. While making the quilt for a particular person, I keep them in my thoughts and hopefully when they cuddle, they will feel the love. I recently took one to a neighbor lady suffering from MS. She can no longer talk, but when I laid that quilt over her, I could see the joy in her eyes. That is the reason I quilt.

Karen A

Quilting is my happy place. I find it so relaxing to play with fabric and create beautiful things.


I use quilting as an expression of my love for the people I gift the quilts to. Soo fun and encouraging to see their surprise and joy to receive a quilt!
Enjoyed your Fireside Chat, Pat!

Sherry Clifton

Pat I forget to mention it was an Oh My Stars quilt. Thank you for the pattern

Kathy E.

When I'm quilting, nothing else bothers me! I'm free to be creative and make something lovely. I can still be home for my husband and dogs if they need me and it's a lot cheaper than many other hobbies!

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