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Sunday, April 14, 2019


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Dee C

My goal has been to finish some UFOs before I start any more projects. I have gotten a few done but have also started some other things, lol. And I need to get back into walking at least 5 days a week even if it is for just 15 minutes!


My goal is to be healthier and get cautious on both splendid samplers. So fun! Thank you Pat!

Linda Mahoney

My goal is to walk at least 4 days a week. I exercise at the Y two or 3 days a week so it would be good for me to walk on the days I don't go to the Y. 😀


My goal is to do at least 3 charity quilts in a year. I love your patterns and quilt alongs. You always come out with such beautiful designs, Thank you for all your hard work

Sandra York

My goal is to finish all my UFO's before starting anything new. This will really be hard for me because I see so many things I want to make.


My goal is to not feel guilty for spending time in my sewing rooms and not with my family.I love my quiet time but I feel guilty. I have lots of wonderful things to create.

Rebecca Christie

My goal is to finish this quilt I am working on in time to be an actual gift at a wedding (and not something given afterwards.) LOL. The wedding is in June. I also want to keep up with the weekly sew along.

Diane Kucharski

My goal is to put more time into practicing on my longarm machine....especially the computer part🤔.

April Ritter

My goal is to get up twice an hour while sewing, and stretch. I am retired and quilt a lot more than I did before, yay! When I am sewing I don’t always get up and then I get stiff. I will start this goal on Monday and see how I do at the next Fireside Chat.

Suzanne Mittchell

My goals are like most others to finish all my many UFO"s . Also spend time with my family who are so much more important then anything else in my life. I feel I am a young 71 and very active. I spend at least 30 to 40 minutes a day on my elliptical but have a hard time with sweets. lol. Maybe that should be my biggest goal. I love chocolate.

Frankie Ratcliff

I am a new person for quilting and I joins Christmas quilt in 2018 and have kept up with other making all other quilt pieces so I’m not behind but haven’t done the whole quilt to so I’m wanting to make my first quilt top finished by the end of the month and working full time and full time nanny 2


One goal is to "play" several times a week in my sewing loft. Sometimes I am so busy with my job that when I get home, I want to just sit back. I need to make myself go upstairs because it is a real haven. I can feel myself relax as soon as the door opens and I step inside. Its creative HEAVEN.
So, the goal is to RELAX and CREATE, even if it's just sewing a few blocks, or looking at books and patterns. ♡

(THANK YOU PAT...for your always inspiring words and many projects ♡♡
Hugs to you.

Vickie Stidham

My goal is to learn to slow down and enjoy the process more. I love all the steps. In fact, I love it so much I hurry to start the next project crammed in my head! I need to smell the roses!

Brenda Ehlers

My life has been such a rollercoaster the past few months that it is ME time! My goal is to take more time out for my interests and passions. When I am happy and fulfilled every corner of my life benefits. I have spent a lot of time doing for others, which is great, but does not fill my soul. The key is balance!


My goal - walk into my sewing room EVERYDAY!
Walking into the room leads to sewing in the room! Sparkly things attract my attention!

Kathy Davey

My goal is to work toward being healthier. I work at our YMCA so I have absolutely no excuses. I will do this!


My goal is to make 30 quilts by Christmas to give to my local senior citizens project for seniors in need.

Cindy Ferree

my goal is to being better at balancing quilt making, exercise and cleaning house:)

Suzy King

My goal is to finish piecing and quilting a baby quilt in time for a June shower. Piecing goes pretty fast, but I just purchased my first long arm so I’m still pretty intimidated by it!


Good morning Pat, my goal is to walk and sew every day that is possible.

Susan Du

I set myself weekly goals by actually scheduling them in my calendar. I always make sure that I include some fun quilting goals plus taking better care of myself by drinking more water and walking.


I know this may sound strange, but my goal is not to have any goals at all. I tend to get really uptight when I have a goal and then end up not getting anything accomplished at all. I do better by just being cognitively aware of what I wish to get done and work on it as much as I can and as often as possible. For me that equals a very relaxed quilter. I know there must be some sort of psychological mumbo jumbo behind my behavior, some of which I am well aware, but it works for me, lol. Happy quilting?

Susan Johnson

My goal is to do at least two of my kits done per month before I buy more kits. ☺️ And to not skip gym days.

Deborah Shaeffer

My goal is to finish the t-shirt quilts I'm making for my son and daughter. I was going to give them as Christmas gifts. My mom got diagnosed with cancer in the fall and needed extra care during treatment which took away from my sewing. My son's is almost complete, just need to add the last row. My daughter's is cut out, interfacing on and ready to be laid out and sewn together. I keep putting it off for one reason or another and working on smaller things. UFO's, pocket pillows for the grand-kids for Easter. I have to set up tables in the basement to lay them out. It is overwhelming sometimes, but I know I need to bite the bullet and pull them out and finish them. It is something that both of them have asked me for and I know they both will be thrilled when they finally get them.

Fran Hoffmeister

I don't like setting goals because I usually don't follow through. This year I had several tops completed or almost complete but didn't haven't them quilted. I hate to sandwich the quilts this is a process that i try to avoid as long as i can. I love to quilt the tops. My issue is how to quilt the quilt. Once i have a plan on the quilting I can move forward on finishing. So i began the year with the goal in mind to finish the quilting before i started anymore large projects. So far so good, I have 2 projects left to quilt and one large top to finish.

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