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Saturday, March 30, 2019


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Kathy Stahl

I love the Luncheonette layer cake with the peach fabric. I think it would be gorgeous.

Patsy Cremer

The orange sherbert fabric looks great with the luncheonette layer cake.

Deanna Chrisman

I liked the Betty Luncheonette Layer Cake with the peachy fabric best. It has more design to it to make it look prettier. Have you ever seen the pattern for Sweet Treats? It uses a layer cake and is really cute.

Deanna Sposito Miller

You can absolutely use the luncheonette fabric line with the peach. At first I thought no but then I started thinking about rainbow sherbet. It will be beautiful.

Jean Sortino

Love the peach sherbet with the layer cake. As for a favorite block I’m still learning and so far I have really liked all the blocks in the BOW and BOM. These blocks have taught me so much and helped improve my skills.

Sue Sheskey

I think the peach fabric is great with Luncheonette, but try it next to Chantilly - I think that could be a hit! BTW, I love to listen to you while I’m quilting, you’re so inspirational!

Robyn Winter

I think that Betty Luncheonette goes with the peach. They are very pretty together. I think that my favorite layer cake quilt that I made is called Grandma's Fan. It was so quick and easy. I love it. I want to make another one. I just love watching your fireside chats. It really give me inspiration and makes me want to go get creative.

Bonnie B

Yes, the fabric looks great with the orange. Sherry McConnell has a lot of layer cake patterns that I like.

Pam Allers

I think it goes well. Sherbert and a luncheonette! I haven't made a layer cake quilt,so no ideas.

Frances Servoss

I like the peach with that layer cake.

Sue Kutil

Enjoyed the fireside chat!

Mary G

Loved the Peach with the layer cake! I always enjoy the chat :)

Deborah Rhodes

Yes the peach goes wonderful with the layer cake Really enjoy your chat on Saturday evenings great time fo me to be able to listen week days are busy. Thanks so much.


Yes, the peach looks great with the Luncheonette! I got the Celebrations book . . . I'm looking for my tulip fabric!

Betty Peterson

I think the peach goes with it, I love the bright colors in a quilt

Jane H Hartin

I first I didn't like the peach with the pink that was showing on the layer cake, but then I went to the Fat Quarter website and looked at all the different colors and patterns. That changed my mind, so yes, the peach will look good with the Luncheonette layer cake. My favorite layer cake pattern so far is one from Missouri Star called Teacup. I'll have to look for the Perfect Ten book, I could always use more ideas for quilts. And my "Celebrate the Seasons" book came today!

Linda Niemeyer

The Fireside chat was great Pat. It is easy to navigate all the options on my iPhone but happy to see your link in the chat comments! The colors should go great with your layer cake selection. I am so reminded of fabrics we sewed up in the late 60’s (Dating myself now) that always had the most “sherbet” bold colors together! Yes. Peach, orange, pink, lime greens all in the same yardage. I am looking forward to digging into your “Teach Me to Quilt” book on Kindle I just got today! You are a great teacher and are making this new journey so much fun!!


I think the peach with the layer cake would be fun and unexpected. Would love to win this week, really interested in the pin cushion book. Love the fireside chats, thank you.

Charald Comeau

Yes the peach goes with your layer cake. I don’t have a favorite layer cake pattern however the perfect 10 book is where I would start.

Debi Jean

Love the Luncheonette fabric with the peach. I have used many layer cakes but no favorite pattern...I guess I'll wait for you to share yours! 😊

Karen Franko

I couldn’t tell from my phone if there was gold in the sherbett. If so I think it would match all the layer cake. The sherbert was the only one that was throwing me. I’ve always had problems with materials that “clash”. I’m trying to go out of my “matching” comfort zone., zone. ( It’s not only fabric, though I have trouble with dissonant music also). I really liked the yellow ones, though. Thanks for your chats.


Hi Pat, fun fireside chat. I love the idea making squares out of scraps and adding them to patches. I have done some string piecing but I never thought of just putting them into nine patches. The luncheonette fabric will go nicely with your peach fabric.

Molly Patterson

Yes the orange sherbet goes with the layer cake. Normally I don’t care for peaches and oranges, but I really think these fabrics work well together. And I liked the other one with the yellow.

Debra Lyster

I would need to see more of the layer cake. The peach was a little bold for my taste. I probably would steer towards a pale gold, yellow or almond color background fabric. I’m a wimp when it comes to bright colors!

Pat Roof

Had fun watching your chat ..always learn something and want to try something new after watching them. I like the peach fabric with the 10" inch squares! Now I'm going to get a piece of peach pie that I brought home from Lancaster today!

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