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Monday, February 11, 2019


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Cathie Lanier

Hi, Pat! Sometime during a Fireside Chat would you demo the clip-on lights for us, please? I don't quite see where they go and how they work. Thanks!


Hi Cathie!! They are sold out but Kimberly told me more are on the way. She did a video clipping them on and using them .. go to http://shrsl.com/1fozv and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Melissa Jefferys

Pat, i enjoyed your fireside chat. Like you, I am not a great cross stitcher but have found some items that i like. I do them in small doses as the make me sleepy. LOL

Janet Ward

I have been doing cross stitch for years, approximately 39 to 40 years. The year before my husband & I got married, I was making things for our wedding, and gifts for my hubby to be. I just have a tiny story to tell about my cross stitch. I have always taken my cross stitch to a local processional framer to have him stretch & frame my pieces, the one So i wantsd as gifts or on walls... one time I did a fix, and it was very detailed, like a real fox in the fields outside. I took painstaking time on it, as it was for a very special friend. I washed it and pressed it, then a couple days later took it to him to be framed. I always date them & stitch my name in them too. About 4 days late, he calls & said it was ready to pick up, so I go & get it, it was about 1:30 in the afternoon. I took my piece home & looked at it, but something wasn’t quite right with it... so I didn’t wrap it . I kept going back to it, looking, staring and trying to figure it out...
So, I ended up going to get the book I had worked the piece from, and kept looking at it... but then it hit me... why was the fox on the pattern facing right, and the one framed was facing left??? So I grabbed the book & the framed piece & headed back to the framing studio, and I said RL, you have framed my fox backwards... it took me 10 minutes to convince him that he did in fact frame it backwards. HIS REPLY... your pieces are always so good and so neat, that the back is as good as the front. What a joy to hear that and an honor!!! I was overwhelmed!! I showed him my name & date, and then one or two tiny ends that didn’t get tucked in, then he said, ok... I’ll re-for it, & have it for you in a couple of days! I’m not telling this to brag, but to say, when you do your cross stitch, make sure your back is neat, no knots and keep your ends weaves under. It takes a while, but like quilting , it’s an art.


Thanks Pat! I just beginning the cross-stitch project as well. My word for the year was joyful.
I’ve been putting off starting because I didn’t know how to start! Thanks

Rosalie Roberts

Fun story about the fox needing to be reframed! I used to do all kinds of cross stitch. Samplers and etc. But now I have too much trouble keeping track of my place on the pattern and the work. I have a niece Wendy Peatross, who designs cross stitch. She is so good and is going to the show in Tennessee again this year in March, (I think.) She does One for each Month every year. Samplers. pin cushions. little wall hanging for new babies. She works on very fine linens with wonderful vintage colors. Her work is in Magazines and some companies sell her kits. So proud of her.

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