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Monday, November 19, 2018


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WOW, hat a lot out of information on how these ladies got started, I think Donna has it right, make it a challenge and keep learning to do more. Mary talked about it’s ok to make a error, just keep learning. My goal would be to learn how to do angles along with miter corners. Hank Pat for our 400th pod cast enjoyed listening to it. Congratulations and I’ll need you o pass on the cake

Annette Ackley

I enjoyed your podcast. Learned a lot from each of your guests. I love learning new skills, and applique with the needle turn method is one of them. It is one of my goals in the near future to master. I think it is awesome that you got to interview an Astronaut. That would be so awesome. Congratulations on your 400th podcast.

Sharon Scheidt

Love your Podcast, You talked about what the differences are in the quilt world today from what they were like maybe like 10 years ago. And new things to learn. Congratulations on the 400 and keep up the good work. You are in my sewing room every week!!

Deanne Corrie

Good podcast! It was really fun when the table was turned and you ended up being the interviewee.

Susan Glynn

Oh lord where do I begin! Everyone was very insightful and great. You are lucky to have these ladies as friends/colleagues. I took a little bit of info from all three. Yes a challenge is always scary but the results can be magnificent. Always try something new - you will never get bored with what you are doing.i related to Roseanne the most. Lol. She talked about being apprehensive using a rotary cutter. I didnt really get into using one until about 6-7yrs ago. I'm a self taught quilter. Made my first quilt by hand -- all of it piecing and Quilting. I didn't own a machine yet. I was 26 yrs old married and raising a family. I traced and cut out all pieces. Sewing them together by hand. I was hooked!!!! Boy looking back now... lol. I've come a long way and I continue to try new things. Keeps me fresh! Thanks Miss Pat for sharing your knowledge of quilting with us! As Sally Fields quoted after winning her Oscar. "We like you, we really really like you!" Lol. Happy 400th!! Here's to 400 more.

Chris Steadman

First of all, Congratulations on your 400th show! What a milestone!!! I enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallow cream while I listened.( no cake available.) I enjoyed listening to you and all of your guests. As I listened to Mary Abreu tell her knitting story it reminded me of how, when I was learning to knit how challenged I felt and thought I would never get there. Since then I have made a pair of wool socks for my hubby and a pair of wool slipper for myself. I appreciated her mentioning how it is OK to fail if you just keep trying. I also got a kick out of the question that Roseann Mermes asked you about if there were no more red in the fabric world what would you substitute it with and you mentioned yellow but you just could not comprehend there being no more red. Haha! I feel that way about blue! Especially turquoise. Thank you Pat for all that you are and all that you do for your quilting groups and again Congratulations!


Hi Pat, I think for me Mary was an interesting guest. I have really struggled with the perfection thing,At one time in my life because of that I felt like giving up on quilting.Then I started classes and found out that I could do it a better way,life got much better.Also learning to never give up,people around you that support you helped a great deal.Watching You has helped me a lot. I really love quilting even with the challenges.It was what I was meant to do. I loved you being interviewed,keep doing that it makes it a more human aspect to the show.Thanks for being here!


I am sorry I meant to congratulate you!Well done!


I liked the segment about learning. I enjoyed hearing the story you told about your young neighbor.

Jace Stroud

Congratulations on your 400th podcast! I enjoyed listening. I liked when you were interviewed and I learned more about you!

Corey Tibbs

Congratulations on your 400th podcast! This was a fun podcast. I think Donnas Elvis stories were interesting. I hope Donna makes it to the Cornbread festival next year. Until then, Viva Las Vegas! Mary reminds us that it’s ok to make a mistake... just keep learning and learn new things. Roseanne is a total delight. What a great twist having her interview you, Pat. It was a very enjoyable show.

Cynthia Cruff

It was my first time listening to your pod cast. It was so full of new info I can't even pick one thing. I learned so much, you pod cast is my new favorite way to learn about quilting, well, that and your books. 🤣

cindy zielke

Thank you for 400 podcasts. I enjoy listening while I make dinner. Donna Desoto's book about Elvis was interesting. Who doesn't love Elvis! I hope you do 400 more podcasts.


Congrats, Pat!! Here's to 400 more! I definitely agree with participating in challenges and trying new things!

Mary Kjersten

Thank you for your podcasts. I enjoyed your interview and learning about you

Esther Grimes

I was encouraged by the segment on learning with Mary. This fall I started taking piano lessons after quitting 20+ years ago. I’ve been discouraged by how slow I am to pick it up and how much I have to learn. Your interview helped me to see that maybe I am learning humility and finding grace to offer to others, giving more meaning and value to my lessons than just the surface content. Thank you!

Ray J.

I really enjoyed listening to Mary describing how she is learning/working on applique. I'm also learning a hand working skill. I'm practicing hand quilting. I'm still not very good, but I'm determined this time.

Carol Nelms

Great information, I would also like to learn needle turn applique. Thanks!

nancy lewis

Really enjoyed your podcast. I like the part about learning. We are never too old to learn something. I went back to college at 61, and loved it!! I also started quilting at that age, and I'm learning something everyday.

Jan Altomare

Congratulations on 400! Hoping for 400 more. This podcast was packed with information. I need to listen again to really appreciate and pick up on the pieces that work for me. Thanks for putting me on information overload.

Shirley Vanderwerff

Loved hearing about your life in computers! Also how many books you have published. Love the splendid samplers!


I share Mary's love of learning new things!! I must be a kindred spirit with her mom too! Driven! And I am not hung up on perfection! You have to be brave to try new things and sometimes it's a disaster! haha! But that curiosity drives you along! Thanks Mary for sharing!

Susanne Frailey

This is first podcast I’ve heard, enjoyed it and will look forward to going back over the older ones.
Have been quilting a long time, have made several of your series.
Congrats on your 400 episode!

Karla Berg Walker

Congrats on #400, Pat! I would like to learn more about applique. I am so inspired to hear other quilters talk about their journey and projects. It's so inspiring!

Linda Kay Smith

I really enjoy the discussion about learning. One of the best things about quilting for me is that there is always something new to learn. maybe a new technique some new tool to use a different way to do things etc. I love the idea of continuing to learn even as I grow older.

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