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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


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Paula S. Pike


I work form home and typically put in an 8 to 10 hour day and a bit on the weekend. I often take time during my breaks to go to my studio and either press, collect for the next block or sew for 10 or 15 minutes. I try to have applique projects prepped for cutting when I'm on conference calls.

I don't' do much TV as I find it mainly insulting and a waste of brain cells so I go to my studio in the evenings after dinner and dishes. Ray just likes to relax and it gives him his space.

I might be 60 but I plan on creating and completing a lot of quilts this year as well as some other projects.

Happy New Year to All


Excellent article! Living life and loving my time to relax. Today is Costa Ruca!


I do like to watch TV but I will work with my dogs on some heeling or stays, I will sew as I watch. I have tried reading a book but found I confused the TV program with the book as they were of a similar Genre.
I listen to books on tape as I drive-even too and from work, so I get my "reading" in.
I have a job outside my house but take my breaks to read the blogs and quilting emails.
But sometimes I just want mindlessness and will play games on the computer. But I know I am taking this me time away from creative time, away from work time, away from having to think or do. It does help me to later have productive hours, kind of clears my brain for other thoughts/plans and creations.

Melanie Belisle

Excellent. This is something my husband has said to me and our kids time and again (haha see what I did there?). Whenever I thought about doing something like say, become a Creative Memories consultant when I had 2 kids at home and continued for 10 years and 2 more kids. If it's important enough to you, you will "find the time" to do it; your task will expand to fill the available time. Between kids, dogs, a husband who travels and caregiving for my mom I know I need to make "me time" a priority. Doesn't always go as planned but I'm flexible. We can "waste" or lose our time for a variety of reasons: some good, some bad, some valid and some not so much. You are worth taking time for you; you deserve it and need it so you can fill up your "bucket" in order to have something to be able to give to all those other demands on your time.

Beth LaMotte

I totally enjoyed her talk. She is quite entertaining while helping you honestly face how you fritter away your precious time, but also pointing out how you can use it more effectively In achieving your goals. Take sewing for instance, it is my sanity saver, creative moment, meditation time where I regroup and am much better to be around once I take my sewing break if you will. Thank you for bringing her talk to my attention.


Really good Ted talk, thanks for sharing! Made some lists and I'm going to look at how I can change some things.

I've already cut down on surfing time by downloading the Pocket app and saving articles I want to read for another time. Looks like I'm going to be looking for mindfulness about what I do as the next step :-)

Susan Y.

Great topic. I want to embroider a pillow with "Live a Deliberate Life" or "Live With Intent"--there's always something to do and, I suspect others, especially women, agree with me and find it difficult to give a few hours to something we do for us. New year, new resolution: embrace without guilt that which we love, relax into and be fully present for it. Quell the nagging voice in my head, multi-tasking can wait. Quit frittering away time. My UFOs await!! Happy sewing to all.


Thanks for sharing this, it surely gives thought to what I
need to change!

Debby Brown

Her book was a game changer for me. I can't (don't want to) pay someone to do my laundry like she does, but I can definitely eliminate, batch, or outsource other tasks to make time for what is important -- QUILTING!!!

Mary Green

Thanks, Pat. That was inspirational. I'm gonna implement some of her suggestions.

Barbara Precht

I want to spend some of the 168 hours sleeping. I do not function very well without sleep. So I will take 56 hours for sleep and another 10 hours (give or take) for some naps. I do need to spend more time walking, so I figure if I have 100 hours left in the week I should spend at least 7 of them walking. I have an elderly father who lives 20 minutes away in another town. Caring for him easily takes at least 10 hours of my week. Then there are the normal day to day household upkeep requirements for another 20 hours. I still have 65 hours every week to do my thing. Believe me, I use those 65 hours for sewing, and reading, and internet. I do think that I need to revisit the walking piece. I have to focus there this year. Just itemizing my time makes me see that I can walk and still have time to sew. Grocery shopping probably occupies too much time. With traffic to negotiate, and lines at the store, and finding all the list items, it is at least a 90 minute project every week. I want to cut that in half. Goal set---walk and speed shop.

Eleanor (Ellie) Baughman

The three things that I plan to do this coming year:

1) Walk everyday and hike at least once a week. I'm planning on returning to the Appalachian Trail in 2018 to complete a thru hike. I went in 2014 and had to leave the trail at 650 miles due to a fall that messed up my leg for awhile. Walking and hiking gives me energy that carries over thru the week. Sitting on the couch watching television/movies, drains my energy.

2) Volunteer at the Bolton Hall museum here in town at least once a month. They ask for four hours at a time and that is well worth the effort. I'm learning so much about this town that I live in, meet people and enjoy the special guest presentations they have there.

3) Watch less television and do more sewing and crafting. I have cleaned up my workroom/sewing room and have so many planned projects that never got finished. I'm married to a movie addict and it's difficult not watching a movie with him when he's telling to come watch it with him. Ha.

Therese Ann Hinson

sew cook and go get my physical.

Eileen Macri

I love to take my dogs for a walk every afternoon, and yes I would like to sew for a good half a day or more, I would love stop making silly mistake when I do sew.
I love to go at the reef fishing with my husband to relax and have a good fresh air


Just don't feel like doing much sometimes when I don't feel well. Then I do distract myself with TV or internet so I'm not thinking about it so much, but then I don't get anything done. Hopefully things will get better soon as the doctors help me with these health problems, so I can get my energy back up to do some fun stuff like sewing again. :D

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