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Monday, September 05, 2016


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Kathy E.

For many years, I taught school with an older woman who had a passion for quilting. With each finished quilt, she'd bring it in to school to show everyone. I was always amazed and in awe of her skills. She encouraged me to try since I already enjoyed sewing. My first project was a set of placemats, then a table runner and she would help me improve on each. She was my inspiration!

Susan Y.

My Mom sewed all her daughters' clothes so she was my sewing example but when it comes to quilting I'm kind of a loner. My daughters and sibs and friends don't quilt so the local Shop Hops and these online blogs offer a camaraderie and chance to chat with quilty people.

Julie B

I learned to sew and quilt from my grandmother and mother. It was part of the farm lifestyle. I worked for a national chain fabric and craft store many years ago and purchased my first Singer sewing machine. Over the years, I made clothes for my family, drapes and curtains, pilow covers, table runners and toppers, bed quilts, and wall hangings. The past 20 years my focus has been more on quilts and I taught myself to free motion quilt. The internet has been an important tool/source of knowledge and inspiration. I feel quilting is like painting with fabric and thread. Each quilt is a work of (he)art.

Beth LaMotte

My grandmother who was an immigrant from Italy, thought that the art of quilting in America was simply charming. I still have one of her quilts which continues to inspire me. She and my grandfather came through Ellis Island and settled in Georgia, where he had a job as a chemist. How I would love to go to Manhattan for the quilting celebration and to celebrate my quilting heritage!

Debbie Rhodes

Pbs television quilt shows Eleanor burns, Kaye woods and all the rest. Alex Anderson and simply quilts from hgtv. Watching those shows gave me the confidence that I could do it too. Those ladies made the idea of making a quilt doable.

Quilting Tangent

A Tv show got me into quilting.

Sandra DeMers

I finally began my own quilting journey in earnest when I stumbled upon your Splendid Sampler. Although I am far behind on that one, I have made two baby quilts and a large throw this year. I love the way you encourage and help new quilters with your tutorials and blog, Pat. Yours is my go-to group when I need help. I also have enjoyed watching the Missouri Star videos by Jenny on you tube and Eleanor Burns on PBS. Thank you for this chance to win a gift bag!

Kathie L

My mom and her sister were quilters, and made me want to be one too.


My grandma is my greatest influence. She made quilts for us to use not be show quilts. I still have mine and they are filled with fond memories.

Cynthia Brunz

As a small child, I would sit with my grandmother and sew fabric scraps on her old treadle machine. I guess she instilled the love of scraps in me!

Amy Milne

Thank you, Pat, for being part of this hop and for always sharing and supporting the mission of the Quilt Alliance!

Cindy in TN

My first influence was my husband. We walked into his grandmother's home the first Thanksgiving we were married, and there was this huge quilt frame in the den. I asked about it, and he starts telling me all about it, and how he would sit under the frame when he was little, and thread all the needles for his grandmother and her friends. I didn't even know what a quilt was at this point. When we got home, I immediately started searching for a quilt shop, took a class and here I am 30 years later still quilting!


My mother in law as inspired the quilting passion in me! She is a lovely lady who is very generous. Thank you!


It was a class on precision piecing by Sally Collins - her tips improved my quilt making tremendously and also helped me decide where it mattered (to me) to be picky and where it didn't.


My Mom was my sewing inspiration I remember her sewing for home dec or making clothes.

Peggy Mlynek

I suppose my quilting was most influenced by Lois Rawlngs who operated Quilt Heaven. She became my mentor and very good friend.


I have learned about quiltmaking from all of my customers. It is so fun to see how different quilters use fabric combinations, alter patterns, and generally just have fun with their compositions.


I can't point to any one person who has influenced my quiltmaking. I have learned from many quilters and am still learning even after quilting for 41 years. But, I never would have started quilting if my grandmother hadn't taught me to sew and was always proud of what I did.

Linda Van Det Werf

I cannot say that one person has influenced my quilting, but many as I began to attend quilting retreats and joined a quilt club. So many ideas and encouragement come from them!

Clara Chandler

Several individuals have been instrumental in my quilting years. My grandmother and my mother-in-law always had a quilting project in progress. But it wasn't until one of my co-workers took me to a quilting event that the "bug" caught me and I've been quilting ever since (21 years). Love all the ideas from following your posts, Pat.

Sherry Miller

I have had many people that inspired me. But as a child my grandmother made quilt tops and the church ladies hand quilting them. I got to go sometimes and they let me quilt with them.

Betty Liehr

No one in my family was a quilter so I pretty much graduated from sewing clothes to quilting on my own. My biggest influences have been my quilting buddies along the way - the shop personnel and friends that have shared their knowledge with me.

Maryellen McAuliffe

I think Eleanor Burns has been the primary influence on my quilting, but I also love Bonnie Hunter, Wendy Sheppard, Edyta Sitar, and some fabric designers.

Joan Unruh

My Mother was my greatest inspiration to take up quilting. She started quilting about 1980 and was still going strong until 2014. Unfortunately she had to move to a nursing home at that time. She make quilts for all of her children and grandchildren. I have two that she made for me. From the first one to the last, it is very noticeable how her technique and accuracy improved. Plus, the quilts became more and more complex. Mother in Heaven, I love you and I treasure your quilts.


My mother nor her mother were quilters or sewers for that matter. I started to get interested in quilting from my mother in law who did a bit of it. I took a few classes at our local museum and science center and then joined a guild where several of the members were master quilters and from them I learned more and more. It is amazing how willing quilters are to help other learn to quilt.

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