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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


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Ann Marie

This is the reason I am looking forward to doing this quilt - I want to learn new things - and can't wait to try. Like you say, there are many different ways to do things and even if I have tried something in the past, I can't wait to try it again and learn a new way of doing it. Thanks so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to learn!


I love to learn new things and improve the skills I already have so bring it on !

Cindy Gamnis

I'm going to try paper piecing. It looks hard when I tried to read on it in the past. I don't understand how to figure out hope big the pieces of fabric should be. I think it's time to learn and maybe it won't be as scary as I think. Lol

Elizabeth Dickey

I hope to try reverse applique :)


I am a firm believer of trying new things. Don't listen to others too much, it can be off putting,
Very inspirational post, it should be a rule of the group to read this.


I just made my first table runner, the 3-D pinwheel. I want so much to learn more! Thank you for adding me!


I'm pretty new to quilting, so there will be many things is this sampler that I haven't done. I plan to enjoy being exposed to those new things. Everything you've ever done in life was done the first time at some point and the first time is the most difficult. When I began sewing, I chose patterns with things like an invisible zipper, button holes, lace trim, etc. I didn't know that some of these are feared by people and that people avoid them until I found sewing groups (I started alone). I'm so glad though! I ignore the fear now and try anything at least once and encourage those I hear say they don't want to try because of fear to do the same. Do a scrap first to try and then the real one if you want. But never be so afraid of something that you never at least try it once. If you felt that way about everything, you might never have begun sewing and that would be sad.

Sonia Jones

I am not afraid of a good challenge. Always up for learning new things or even new ways to do things. Very excited to sew along.


I love a challenge! Yes, my poor learning curve has been quite bruised in the past. BUT I am ready to accept the challenges you are going to provide. Bring it on!!!


I am looking forward to the sampler! My biggest challenge is selecting the fabrics....how can I have so much and STILL not seem to have what I need to make this!? LOL I love the sneaks of your new collection-that is going on my wishlist.

Susan Kiefer

Hi Pat,
Well, since I am just learning to quilt, everything has a challenge for me. Just a few weeks ago I was afraid to cut into the beautiful material, now I have just about finished my first quilt Rail Fence, I quilted it stitch in a ditch just have to bind it. I have your book Teach Me to Sew Triangles and I have read your directions to bind a quilt several times, so I am anxious to try. Everything is a challenge but it is exciting to try new things and I am looking forward to learning. Thanks for the chance to learn new things!


I am excited to be learning new things in this challenge! The thought of paper piecing scares the daylights out of me, but I can't wait to give it a whirl. Thanks for providing this unique learning opportunity for us!

Karen Murphy

How funny that you mentioned the blocks some have thought about avoiding Mine is applique. I already had in my mind to skip that one but you have called me out on that excuse. OK, I will try the applique but will need some help because the last time I tried it, I did not do so well.

Pam Fields

Isn't this the fun in a sampler, to try new techniques? I'm super excited to start. My quilt won't be perfect and that's ok. However, it will be mine! Thank you for the encouraging words and for such wonderful organization. Let's get sewing!

Brenda george

I'm excited to start this journey into 6" blocks. I'm not a stranger to hand piecing ,or hand appliqué or even paper piecing . I'm just hopeful I can keep up. Didn't you girls know appliqué was for basketball season following the celtics( hey that's my team) however little I watch anymore since they trade all my favorites to other teams so much. But yes we are talking quilting here. I hand quilt ,I love the feel of thread and fabric between my fingers. And that feeling right there is what fills the shelves in my sewing room . Well that and my love of really old singer sewing machines,I feel the need to save everyone. Yes I'm excited to get it going ! And learn some new moves and use up lots of fabric toooo!

Natalie Barber

I do want to learn new things and ways to sew/quilt! Thank you for reminding me of something I used to know so well, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I also have been inspired by you on the UFO's to work on for 2016. It is great to begin a planning notebook and see possibilities instead of groaning at my 'should of' 'could of' 'would of' projects and feeling defeated. I took one to my quilting bee, we call ourselves 'Hearts and Hands' of Mandeville, and show them a UFO that is 22 years old. Now they expect me to have it close to finished by next month. I will post a pic soon on your blog site.


This is EXACTLY why I am joining. I don't DO needle turn appliqué, I don't LIKE paper piecing. But I see so many pretty needle turn & paper piecing patterns, I want to LEARN and try again. Thanks for the uplifting words, I can't wait to start. I am going to do blues, yellows, and wow.


Karen have no fear, we will help you learn!


Before Pat Sloan, applique was the "A" word. Since following Pat Sloan method of applique! I love it! Can't believe I said that, bit, its true. Now, I'm wanting to add applique to all my quilts.

Rhonda Joy Panas

Looking forward to learning some new skills - half square triangles are not my favourites.
And a new Quilt at the end of it.
Thank you for allowing me "In"
Rhonda Joy


I'm new to quilting but my dear friend encouraged me to try this with her. I'm in FL and she is in MI
Excited to start!!!


I can't wait to try whatever you throw at me. I know there is so much out there that I am not even aware of !!

My challenge will be setting aside the time to do this. I plan on making this a priority and if there's a little dust behind the sofa, then so be it!

Donna Fellows

Every year I chose a word or two to focus on.This year.. Try.Again. That is the reason I decided to do this adventure. I love quilting and have tried a couple techniques (applique, paper piecing) but left them by the wayside.. who knows why!? I'm excited to spread my quilting wings and learn/relearn techniques to move from simple to more detailed blocks. If at first I don't suceed...I'll Try...Try..again!!


"How hard can it be?(!) I can think my way through anything!" Has gotten me into as well as out of all sorts of adventures! It's the only way for me! With affection, B


"How hard can it be?(!) I can think my way through anything!" Has gotten me into as well as out of all sorts of adventures! It's the only way for me! With affection, B

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