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Saturday, December 05, 2015


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Amen!!! It's not about "having" the time but "making" the time!!! One excuse left out was the giganto black hole called Facebook!!!!!! I think that it, along with some other techno stuff, sucks our time (with our permission, of course!) in huge gulps!!!! My schedule: quilt/stitch every day from 9:30 to 4:00 (wine time around here!). Or course, there are days when "life" happens but that's ok cuz I've "made time" on the other days. For me, this works. I, also, advocate the 10 to 15 min/day idea to everyone (especially if learning the fmq technique!!!!). "If you aim at nothing you're sure to hit it!!!"

Paulette Doyle

I have the opposite problem...how to fit life into my quilting day!! Ah yes indeed, life is good!!! :o))


So many good points here. I like Have a Project Out always! I think I waste time deciding what I want to work on.

Cindy F

Great advice Pat!

Sheila Craft

Absolutely! If I make something a priority, I'll find the time to do it. With that being said, some days are just way too packed. I tend to go a day or two and then spend an hour at the sewing machine. So, it's not "technically" 10 minutes PER day but, it's way more than 70 minutes per week! I can live with that.


No more excuses everyone. Time to get stitching and make a dent in our projects. Great advice Pat I have been surprised what I have been able to get done in my 10 minutes a day this year. Not always the same project as sometimes sitting down at the machine has been impossible. On those days I have done some hand work. A great stress reliever for me.

Linda P in IL

I do best if I have a specific goal, i.e. Christmas gifts, upcoming quilt show, etc...otherwise I end up on pinterest. A good handwork project is great for TV ballgames. Yikes, I better get supper finished, so I can get a binding on tonight. Thanks Pat for all you do for the quilting world!


Thanks for all the ideas, instructions, support, encouragement, and online friends.

Martha Cook

Well stated Pat! It is my happy place. A haven. It brings me joy and yes it is a gift to myself. Thank you. Love sewing in the mornings . Love the light

Deb Doyon

You said it pat!


As you've said ...it's all about making the time'. I've found if I leave the project out I can grab time..quilting is me, it's who I am and if the rest of my life 'time' interferes there's that little friend called 'Cranky' who rears it's head. So I've found even those 10-20 minutes make all the difference! Thanx for sharing/prodding us again!!


Pat, you said that quilting is a joy and a blessing...you, truly, are the joy and blessing!!! Thank you for your support and encouragement.

nancy in IN

I do sew each day--sometimes, many times, it is hand sewing which I do at night watching TV with hubby. It is surprising how much I can get done by sewing 10-15 minutes a day. I have been doing this for several years. Somewhere I got permission to sew only 10 minutes and then stop--sew in a sleeve.
Thank you.

Dondi Murdock

What a wonderful reminder! All of us have a 24 hour given day. I find it so relaxing to sew. I was having lots of quirky back pains for a couple of weeks. I finally sat down to sew. Voila! My back felt much better. There is no medical explanation for this. Sewing is healthy to those who love it. It is massage to the soul of sewists. That time was literally a therapy for me.

Jeanne Frey

Had to smile while reading this. All the way through. I can always find time to sew.Everyone in my family knows I sew because it makes me happy and finding time to do everything else is my problem.

Kelly Bunyon

could not agree more! when i find that i am frantic, flustered and feeling low...i reflect, and 100% of the time I have not allowed time for sewing. just 10 minutes a day and it energises me to face the rest of my life with a happy heart :) definitely make time for it ladies, it is worth it!
Thanks Pat!


Major problem is not having a clean, good place to sew. I have 10 minutes all the time but by the time I find fabric, then the cutter, blah blah blah I have wasted it! I need Clean work space and MOST IMPORTANTLY, having my stuff organized!

Penny M

Imagine how much our grandmother's got done before they had television and internet! Wanda of Exuberant Color SEWS WHILE SHE WATCHES TV. (I probably wouldn't get much out of a TV show that way, but do you really need to get much out of it?)

Janet Green

I will always make time to quilt it's my sanity keeper my only problem is pain. It stops my sewing dead in the water. When I feel better you have to drag me out of the sewing room.

Linda P

I'm with Paulette - I have to make myself stop, hee heee!! I am also lucky enough to be able to keep my things out in one space (not the dining room) and sew when I want and leave it and go back without putting it away. Saying all that, I was grumpy going to bed last night that I didn't sew. It is a good idea to set a timer if you are limited tho, I even set a timer to get things out of the dryer, as my unit is downstairs and I don't like them dried completely, I've set a timer when I know I have to leave the house at a certain time while I'm sewing or I get engrossed. A timer is a great sewing tool!! I have a nice RED one!!


I find hand sewing is my 'go to' quick calming project, not only quilting but embroidery or, if I really need to 'veg out' tapestry as the sound of needle and thread of any kind rhythmically going through fabric is very soothing. Not only for the one doing it, but I've found others become mesmerised too 😃

Elaine Serra

I agree with you Pat. Amazing what one can accomplish in just 10 minutes! My plan for my 10+ today is to work on some folded Christmas ornaments for gifts for the ladies at my table at our annual Christmas tea at church. I will be working on that this afternoon after lunch. the last couple of days I made double-sided napkins for our table. Our theme this year for tables is Americana and what is more Americana than quilts, and other handmade items? Thusly my tablecloth will be a Christmas quilt! and yes the napkins match it! will post a picture of the table once it is set up.


Can't argue that! We all do a lot of "time wasting" ...poor time management. I do know my limitations so will not sew, or do any sewing stuff when I'm tired or feeling blechy as that's when I make mistakes which means ripping...and then frustration. BUT I do always leave out my project/s ready to go, with my machine out, ready to go, so I can just do a fly by when the moment strikes. It's not unlike what I used to do...and need to start again...the "fly by 10 minute power workout" when I had an exercise bike. I also plan out several projects and get them cut out, bag/basket up each project with label so I know what to look up for directions on putting together. It's the cutting and the pressing that does not get to stay out, but if I reduce the need to pull out cutting on a whim, I've eliminated 2/3rds of the issue of putting off sewing something (cut projects...sewing machines in the ready...no excuse). I don't turn off the TV ;) it's the only time I sit down long enough to watch a show through as I'm always bouncing around doing things typically.

So yep, because of you, Pat, I stopped making excuses, and found I'm a lot calmer person when I fit in sewing daily, or most every day, and my family thanks you for that ;) 10 Min. Challenge.

Julie aDeBower

Your statement above that sewing calms you, centers you, makes you feel so much better each day is exactly what sewing does for me. Yet I struggle to sew 10 minutes everyday becaus of the excuse that my area is too messy. So today that changes!!!! I'll work to clean my sewing room and make a serene place to create!!! I am committed to sew 10 minutes everyday as soon as I get home from my job as a family and consumer sciences teacher where I just probably helped young people how to sew for part of my day!! I need to fuel my creativity and find that inner peace!!! Thanks Pat Sloan for reminding me that you can always find 10 minutes in part of your day to sew!!!

Mary Ann

Yes, it's about better time management for me. I do watch tv while sewing and try to have something ready to go. My best time is right after dinner. I cook and my DH cleans up so there is my 10 minutes. It usually stretches to an hour or more. Thanks for the reminder Pat! Still a few Christmas things to go so I will be sewing more than 10 minutes today!

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