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Sunday, September 27, 2015


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Oh yeah, I do this too! BUT, you have inspired me, Pat ... I am sewing today and it's with fabric that has been gathering wrinkles for a couple years. Thank goodness I still like it, lol!

Othella Wells

I agree. Now I need to start using some of it up!

Kimberly Norman

I have one piece I have been saving bwcsuse I am still sesrching for the fabric to go with it in a quilt. I still love the fabric but am now actively searching for my vision of what should go with it. Already know which pattern I am using so half the battle is already conquered. Lol

Marilynn Lawler

Agree with you Pat I just spent time making dog beds with fleece that I've been saving for that purpose for two years now, so yesterday sewed up 6 blankets/beds and now have an EMPTY bin. Next up looking at old fabric and finding that perfect pattern to use it up. I do have fabric that I no longer like so will be donating that soon.


So much fabric...so little time.


Common on Pat! We will all continue to hoard those little treasures. :) I must admit that I did use a "special" little darling from 1979 the other day. - that odd piece from Kaufman that needed the right project. :)

Anne Rauchenstein

I agree that we have some fabric that we save but me I just like buying fabric. It pretty. I do lots of projects. I like using leftover or saved fabric to make donation kid quilts. Or a present for a friend.l

Cindy King

I recently inherited my sister in laws stash. She and I had an agreement to each sew one baby quilt a month to donate. That has now increased for me to a quilt for hospice and a baby quilt to pick up her sewing promise now that she is no longer with us. Set goals, set aside sewing time and by all means if you have a piece of fabric that has nothing to go with it, carry it with you when you go to the fabric store. I travel four days a week and have a five lb. machine that travels with me.

Lois Hicks

Somewhere, I have silk fabric that my mother bought in Japan after World War II. she was saving it for the perfect blouse or ??? I don't know, every so often she would take it out and look at it and tell the story about buying that fabric. So I come by fabric saving naturally! Just maybe that is what saved fabric is for, to be story starters and history lessons!
I have fabric that I have bought for wonderful patterns that have long been forgotten, but still I save that fabric.
In 2016 I resolve to shop my saved fabrics first!


Mostly bought fabric with a project in mind. Now, still love the fabric but the project has changed. We do love to buy and just as with our diet ours eyes are sometimes bigger than our "stomachs" (time for projects)! I do love fabric, and patterns, and rulers and books and thread and magazines and, and.....oh my!

Mary Deeter

I have actually cut into 2 pieces of bobbins & bits fabric! I was a hoarder! Love this Christmas collection!

Elaine Serra

I do this too! I agree with you--we need to use it!

Sarah Doty

My husband collects all kinds of things - 1939 NY World's fair stuff, 1930's stream line electric irons, Batman the Animated Series action figures -- I collect yarn and fabric!! LOL

Beth LaMotte

SEW much fabric, SEW little time! Trying to find balance in my family life, work life, and quilting life requires quite a bit of planning and ENERGY. I still work 4 ten hour shifts a week, so I stay behind on sewing and chores. After seeing such beautiful work on this site, I have decided I am a slow quilter! I am also my own worst enemy in that I am easily distracted by all the fabulous ideas I see on this site and elsewhere. I am really trying to BEHAVE and complete some UFOs. It does not help when I win the block lottery at our guild meeting and have "new toys" to play with!


Yes, I am quilty of this too. I think it is okay though because sometimes it's fabric that inspires us and sometimes it's other things that inspire us and we need some stash for that. I have practiced waiting for the right pattern and it usually pays off. But not always. Some fabric may never become something, and some work for projects for unexpected projects. It's all good.

Rebecca Ruch

I think it is time we all found a use for our fabric or let it go to someone that will. I want to be remembered for the quilts I leave behind. Not the pile of fabric I never bothered to use.

Patty Hepburn

I just bought a line of fabric without a pattern. Reading all these wonderful comments I am going to look for a pattern to use my new fabric😊


I do the same thing. I think that I'll never find that perfect pattern and so it sits and waits. We need to change our thinking for sure. Help us out Pat.

Linda Wachel

I have Christmas fabric I bought that I still love but I didn't get enough for a quilt and could never find any fabric to go with it. You have inspired me to use it..maybe a wall hanging, table topper or tree skirt, oh my, maybe quilted Christmas cards? My excitement for that fabric is back! Thank you Pat!

Beth McConnell

I was in that North Carolina shop and heard your comments about "what are you waiting for?" I agree, I need to reorganize so I can "SEE" all of my fabric, keep it in color groups (not pattern and color groups)and enjoy making beautiful useful things NOW instead if waiting. Pay...you are the BEST!!

Linda Edwards

My fabric is a "collection" of odds and ends. Much of it came from other people - my mom, my sister, moderate size stashes from deceased loved ones (twice), etc. I also love surprises so I purchase and eagerly await the arrival of those mystery boxes from Craftsy, which, although it is great quality and great price, usually contains more pieces that I won't use than what I will. With all of this, one would think I could make quilts and other items with no problem. But there IS a problem - some pieces that I really like are not big enough, not much of it actually coordinates with anything else, and some of it I just don't like but I keep because I know other people have different tastes and, I just might need to make something for a man who would absolutely love that dastardly looking fish fabric that I fold toward the inside so I don't have to look at those ugly fish. LOL!


I see a fabric that I love...I buy it. I see a quilt/pattern I want to make....I don't have the right fabric or not enough! Perhaps I need to have a pattern before I audition the fabric? LOL! That's why my stash grows.


I think we need a 'use it to enjoy' challenge!

Pris Phillips

My grandmother made beautiful hand embroidered pillowcases ~ a set for each grandchild's wedding gift. The lace was beautiful and handmade too. For years I kept mine in a box, lovingly protected by tissue paper. Then one day I thought... "What am I saving these for??" So now I use them on my guest bed and they made me happy just looking at them!!

My fabric stash is kinda the same idea. I have fabrics for future projects but if I no longer like the fabric, before it gets used... I will share it with someone who will love it! Grandma would be proud of me, I think!!


I just looked at a quilt I did a few years ago. It is king sized and I didn't think I could quilt it myself. I realized the only fabric I liked on the entire quilt was the backing. I should have taken a shot at quilting it when it was finished. Maybe I will quilt it myself and enjoy the practice.

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