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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


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Janet Hoonard

Large dots make the pattern pop/ Small dots make a muddier look to me. In the end it will be your choice. Have fun!


I'm just the opposite. The large dots fight with the star and say I'm more important than you. The small dots work better with the star but maybe a different color would make it pop more. She is right about the small dots not popping the star. I really like your design.


Love those large dots! Of course, I've also never met a red I didn't love....

melissa miller

This really caught my eye. I find it hard to resist red and white.


The large dots made the star pop! Imho.

Sally Fester

Love the large dots.. the star just pops out!! Love all the reds...

Fern Marie

I'm with Melissa M. Big dots and I never met a red I didn't like :). I think small dots are a traditional look and large dots are a more modern look. Either way it is going to look like a happy quilt. Did I tell you I love red? Lol!


I am no help. I like both. The large dots do fight with the block maybe a tad for me. At the same time I like how they pop out. To me the large dots look bold and much more modern/cutting edge. Basic problem, I adore both of them. I have a love affair with dots and with the red and white combination so I'm going to love this quilt. I love Crush, too. The Aqua and red is stunning! I have the problem that I adore all the pretty pattern fabrics so much that I am always wanting to sew scrappy to show them off. At the same time, I walk by two color quilts and I swoon, knowing I will probably never make one. Oh well, I will just admire others, like yours!
Ok. I decided, the large dots, that's my vote. You don't need to read the rambling above. Shoo, picking a fabríc is hard even for someone else!


The large dots. If you use the small ones they get lost against the other dark red fabric

Brenda E.

Large dots have more fun!

Dee D

I love the reds! I think the small dots make it more cohesive.

Beth in AZ

I like the change in scale of the large dots...but then again, I am just DOTTY! lolol

Sharon Hughson


Jeanne Frey

Just a hint. When cutting, meAsure twice, but also after you sew the parts, meAsure again with a squAre ruler. Line center point to point. To make sure you cut both sides equal. I just had to recut three 2.5" squares.

Sandra B

Initially, I was going to say the small dots, but I was looking back at your little block stacks, and I think I like how you have used both small and large dots....I really like the variety...adds an interesting dimension...cannot wait to see your finished quilt!

Heather J

Love, love the large red dots. Very striking.


I can't choose, but if I HAD to I would say large red dots. No, small. No...


I like the look of the large dots best.

Marisa Adams

The large dots look much happier! I am making a quilt with "Boathouse", just need to sandwich, quilt and bind. Will post when completed. Love their fabrics!


Love this fabric. I'm for the small dots!


Large dots! I usually don't like the background to fight with the focus fabric in the block, but this fabric really makes this block come alive!


I like the small dots. Then the star shines!

beverley Baggett

I like the blue fabic on the one done already. or is it teal? Is that a picture of the antique one or is it a picture of the pattern?

Melody DeGraziano

I like both the small and the large dots; however, if the center block in your star provides an important focal point, I would choose the small dots. The large dots tend to take over. Love the way the blocks sparkle.


Crush is my pattern that I'm remaking with the red/white fabrics

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