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Sunday, January 04, 2015


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I vote for option 8. Some of the others with larger more prominent pattern are competing with the piecing. It's looking wonderful!


I am glad that I don't have all those choices to make. LOL The setting is so cute.

Gale Lavers

My choice would be 7 or 8, but I think the one you used as your light background would also look great. Good luck making your choice, I hope we can help you :)

Happy New Year to you and the shipping dept.


Option 9, it makes everything pop!

Judith Hogan

I like option 9, as I'm very partial to green. Also like option 3 with the gray. Either way, it's going to be a fabulous quilt when finished.


"I have 9 options, because I can!"

That totally made me laugh! :D

The setting is SO cute. My vote is #9 for fun.


I'm really liking #9. I noticed that your examples of 5-9 did not have the angle of the spool. Were they supposed to be spools too?


Leicamom I got tired of folding under the corners for each audition, i know YOU know they are spools.. right?

Tracey M

number 9 really showcases the block. Its cheery!

Peggy Wagner

My choice would be option # 1. LOVE that green!!! So bright and cheery!!


Number 9 all the way!


Number 9


I'd have to go with the large green dots. Since the cross
is so bright it seems like that is the only choice
that keeps it in balance. At least that's what I see from
here... Lol. I love ALL of the fabric choices, though. Gorgeous picks!

Tina Boyce

Number nine seems to be boldest. More vibrant with the colors.


I like option 6! This is going to look awesome Pat.

Betty B

Wow, Pat, that's a great choice....I think I like 8 if you want a more laid back calm block, but I do like 9 with the green balls that match gray in your star. For a funkier look, I liked 6...I loved that dandelion type flower.
NOW, I Was a lot of help, wasn't I? Lol...
Bright, happy colorful...I like 9,,,

How a block can change with a change of the print on the fabric! I love it.

Deb Ward

#9 seems to go with the colors the best.

Tracey Hindman

I like option 2 but then I like bright colors.


I like option 1. It makes the spool pop out.


Option 1 or 7. Seven if all the blocks will be bordered with the green print.

Sharon Brooks

I like Option 1 and 2 best.

Mary Abbott

1 it is.

Pat Osborne

I vote option 1.... It pops the design, and adds color. There is already enough white!

Janice Corriher

I vote for 9.

Michele Fetter

6 or 8. Love them. They are just too kissy.

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