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Thursday, August 21, 2014


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Gale Lavers

Here are the classes I have signed up for: Simple fresh quilts, Playful piecing techniques, Pre-cut piecing made simple, Big techniques from small scraps, Pieced hexies, Dot to dot quilting, Machine Quilting negative space and two (free) block of the months. I love the classes, the free patterns included with the classes make the price worth it, especially if you get it on sale and they run some great sales. Being able to watch the class over and over once you buy it is great. I love that these classes open our world to great instructors for those of us living in small towns. I highly recommend all of the classes I have listed above.


Thanks Gale! Great to know you also enjoy the Craftsy classes! i hope you take a look at this free one, Gail did a great job and has lots of tips sprinkled through!


I'm looking forward to watching all the way through. I've been quilting only about three years and I know there are lots of things to learn.


I enjoyed Weeks Ringle's class, Designing Modern Quilts.


wonderful Janet and Betsy!! Thanks for reading my review!

Cindy in TN

I signed up for this class! Thanks for the great review. I love the Craftsy classes. I've signed up for about 15, but I haven't had the chance to watch all of them yet. I've loved the ones I have watched.

Kathryn M

I have watched so many classes. My favorite is Magical Jelly Roll with Kimberly Einmo. Listen to your podcasts and learn so much. Thanks.


I have signed up for a few of Craftsy classes. I haven't watched them all yet, but I have really liked the ones I've watched. I have signed up for Gail's class, but sadly it's one I haven't watched yet. Thank you for the review. Humm maybe while I'm cleaning my sewing area today I will have it on.

Janet Green

I have almost all of the quilting classes and I have completed most of them. I first found it after I moved back to the states. But since then I have been online pretty much all of the time. I have to say my favorite class has been Sarah Fielke's love her tips and patterns! If you ever decide to teach on Craftsy I will be first in line!!!

Bobby Craddock

Yes I have taken a couple of classes. Camille Roskelley and one on quilt as you go. Each are terrific.

Paula Zidel

Wonderful news Pat!!!

I have signed up and taken/finished several Craftsy classes. I like all the classes I signed up for but my favorite, to date, is Anita Grossman Solomon's "Traditional Blocks Made Simple." I also enjoyed watching Kristin Link's "Bag-Making Basics," and her video inspired me to make Bags for "Beads of Courage."

So, Pat, when are you going to have a Craftsy class?

Looking forward to more reviews, from you :D

Gail Kessler

Thanks so much for the great review, Pat! I enjoy teaching on the Craftsy platform and look forward to doing more classes with them. Isn't it great that as of now, well over 86,000 students, mostly new to quilting, have enrolled in Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills. I am thrilled!


I have taken several Craftsy classes, some free and some I paid for. My favorite so far is the Carol Doak "Mastering Paper Piecing" class. I had paper-pieced for quite a while before I took it but I still learned things I didn't know that made it easier. I have also taken the Leah Day class on FMQ. All Craftsy classes are awesome in my estimation, especially since you can re-watch when you want and you can leave markers where you want to go back to read again.


Hi, Pat,
I have signed up for several Craftsy classes and just signed up for this FREE class with Gail Kessler. Thanks for the review! I've followed Leah Day in her free motion quilting class and I've made the 2012 BOM with Amy Gibson. I have lots more classes I haven't watched yet! I think it's great to be able to watch classes over and over again. Very helpful!


I recently signed up for my first, a workshop by Amy Gibson starting in September.Looking forward to it!

Melinda Meehan

Looking forward to taking this class, it sounds great and getting other peoples opinions is always a plus..great review.

Ann Courtney

Love Craftsy classes. Just signed up for more during their 50% off sale! So glad to read above that Carol Doak's paper poecing class is good, because that's one I signed up for!!


I have 15 Craftsy classes, 9 of which are for quilting. Have never been disappointed with any of the classes. No matter how experienced you think you are, you always learn something new.


Hi Pat. I have signed up for many of the Craftsy classes. The one I'm busy doing at the moment is quilting with a walking foot with Jacquie Gering. It's great and I'm learning so many great tips.


I just signed up for the class. I am looking forward to watching it! Than you again Pat!

Susan Boyd

I'm signing up for this right now. I always want to take classes, but with a busy family schedule it's hard to get there or have the energy to go at night! This way I can go to class when I feel like it! Thanks!

Jo Cypher

I have taken Craftsy classes since 2011 and have almost all the quilting. Yes, a lot. Through the classes I have found I much prefer traditional methods rather than the modern. Craftsy does a tremendous job of customer service and recommend the site to all I know. I even have a Craftsy t-shirt which I wear proudly. Which is my favorite, whatever one I am currently viewing. Quilting big quilts on a small machine and quilting with a walking foot have really come in handy lately. I find I purchase more classes than fabric the last few years. When I don't feel like crafting, I still want to learn something new.


Hi Pat, when I got interested in quilting last year I was so pleased to find Craftsy! I watched Gail's free quilting class to learn the basics and she does such a great job explaining how to do something. I found her so easy to learn from & she seems so genuine. I then went onto the free block of the month class from Amy Gibson who showed so many different techniques each month. I had enough courage to start quilting armed with the knowledge provided by these two wonderful teachers! I've taken several more quilting classes from Craftsy & I'm participating in Aurifil DOM hosted by none other than Pat Sloan.

Elizabeth Tornblom

Love, love, love Craftsy! I've taken a number of their quilting related classes over the years, have signed up for even more, and have even signed up for some of the free classes for things I've never done before .. like cake decorating. While my favorite place to be is in front of my sewing machine, there are times when I just can't be there. Those are the times when I turn to Craftsy to busy my mind and to continue my education. There is always something new to learn, and Craftsy makes it easy.


I have enjoyed several craftsy classes. LOVE Gail Kessler! her shop in Oley,PA is one of my favorites! signed up for the freebie! thanks for your review Pat. I have taken several paid classes. Craftsy frequently has promotions and sales that are a great value for the budget quilter:)There is an excellant paper piecing class,by Carol Doak that is helpful for people like me who struggle with this technique.

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