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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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Karen A

I'm a procrastinator, so I work better with a deadline. I am planning on taking the challenge for August. I will be away for a week, but I always have a hand project to take along.

Barbie Smith

I hate clutter so the best motivation to me is just to leave it out. That usually gets me moving.

I already won some lovely fabric from one of your giveaways so please don't include me in the giveaway.


Gale Lavers

I use Bonnie Hunter method of Leaders and Enders, so I am always working on at least two projects. I find I don't get bored sewing this way and before I know it my second project is done as well. Love your new fabric line. Great give-away, Candy with zero calories!!!


I get bored easy so I always need something new and fun - like sew for 10 min! Thanks!

Teresa Stanulis

I stay motivated by keeping the project out, so it's hard to work on other things because I have to move stuff around too much!


I love the thrill of the finish. I've been on a sewing binge this year and completed over 10 quilts so far! I like to write a list too. I've been setting monthly goals on my blog too and that helps. Www.ozzypipquilts.blogspot.com


I've made a list in January and for me it did' nt work the way I wanted. I have so many other projects, not only quilting, but crochet too. I hope to start in September again. :-) Love your fabric! Thanks for the chance!


I start planning my next project midway through the current one so that I have something to look forward too. And I try to keep things in line of sight so that they don't get stuffed in a drawer and forgotten.

Sharon Lauch

Love the fabric! Fingers crossed that I win! I always spend a little time sewing in the early morning, and sometimes at 1 PM, I find myself still sitting at the sewing machine.

Joyce Griffiths

I keep motivated by having deadlines.

Cindy Lucas

I love doing my projects because every one is different


I have quiet a few projects in various stages. I've been in a sewing low for a couple of weeks now, so this challenge will be great for me. Thank you Pat for the motivation! I do have a list, so I think I will now put it in priority order. Oh and thanks for a chance to win your beautiful fabric.


Making a list and setting deadlines is how I get things done. I try to sew a little every day. A few minutes here and there really adds up. Welcome to Ohio!!!

Gail Smith

We moved from the house we built and lived in since 1966 into a condo. Of course, everything in my sewing room was moved. I have spent the last 5 days organizing my new sewing room. Just today, I decided instead of buying more project boxes and stacking up my UFOs, I needed to finish them. Your challenge came at a perfect time!

Andrea Hanlon

I stay motivated by putting my projects up on my various "design" walls in the hallway so I have to pass by them as I enter my sewing room! And there are always more than two projects going at once to keep the creative vibes strong!! It also helps that I try to complete the projects to keep my UFO basket from overflowing, yeah right, but I try!! LOL


I took pictures of projects in work with my ipad so I can be reminded I have lots of different things to work on. 10 minutes a day might be just what ai need to finish up some of these quilts. Thanks.

Teresa Van de Castle

Well... I sit and look at it, fiddle with it, pet the fabric some more and then zip zap, I'm ready for a new project! Gotta get this one finished first... that motivates me.

Jill McLauchlin

I stay motivated by keeping my sewing in sight at all times when at home, that way when I have a few minutes here or there I can sit down and sew or get some of the pressing done on the completed blocks, makes my day go more quickly, and suddenly the quilt reaches proportions of near completion!


I joined an online group at the beginning of the year to finish up projects and post our results. I did great up until June and this month. My daughter moved from here (Florida) to Alabama and I was involved in every step so not mush sewing went on for the past 7 weeks or so. I plan on getting back on track in August. Going to rearrange my sewing room in the meantime.

Paula Zidel

I have a list and it's getting longer!

"One for you and one for me", is the perfect compliment fabric for a baby quilt I need to make. I didn't get behind, the baby got ahead - he was delivered yesterday, 2 weeks early, and weighed in at 9 lbs. 9 oz!! Fingers crossed :D


Hi Pat ... I stay motivated by watching all the beautiful creations that quilter post on your FB page ... and your 10-minute /day challenge helps me to focus better on 'finishing' .. okay, and STARTING new projects! As of right now, I've been quilting on my long-arm, Vern, just took a break to see what's new and inspirational!! thanks, Pat!

Michelle M

A picture of the receiver of my project helps...often. ;) Also, I have discovered I like small projects because 'the finish' comes sooner. It keeps me motivated.

Jocelyn Bouvier

I'm in. So many projects that have gone unfinished for too long! I have three baby quilts to make in the next six months and my son would like me to replace the quilt I made for him 13 years ago!


I have always been motivated by the next project that I want to make. Course once it is a top I am off to the next project. :) I really have to find a way to motivate myself to finish finish because I have been doing nothing lately.

Beverly McKnight

I'm in...I told my 3 daughters, three sons-in-law and 3 grand kids that they could each pick out a quilt from the ones that I have done or almost done for their birthdays...it's halfway thru the birthdays and I feel like there aren't many left to pick from. I need to get busy finishing up some of the many projects that I have started and never finished!

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