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Saturday, July 05, 2014


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I love your "Life With Pat." Good to get to know you better. Chocolate paint sounds awfully pretty but, the blue will be calming.
I love scents. Candles, Scentsy, Perfumes. LOL
We are in the process of building a new sewing/quilting studio on the back of our home. Balance will be a good thing for me to focus on. Thanks Pat for all you do.
Janet Monnett

Cindy in tn

Love it. Looking forward to more.

Robynn Peterson

Balance is a great word to live by!! Mine that I have picked is Breathe. I have a lung disease and asthma and I live on oxygen 24/7 so that's why I picked that word, but also at stressful times one tends to not breathe regular breaths. But it also helps calm and relax. It helps get into the "zen" of sitting down with my stitching and let the rest of the world and my problems on the back burner. When I can't control my life I can at least control my stitches and my points to match perfectly!!


Fun -- I'm a big foodie and I love to cook. Thank goodness the mister will eat anything. One of my favorite things to do is to go to grocery stores, especially in other states! One of my favorite on line foodie blogs is The View from Great Island. I could live in her blog. I'd get very fat though. I've made lots of amazing dishes that Sue has shared. If you want to get wax out of your candles jars put it in the freezer for a while. Then you should be able to easily remove the wax. Is this too much information?


i am LOVING this!! I just looked up your fav food site Stephanie.. http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/ thank you! and no.. NOT too much info aT ALL....

Linda P

A great post, Pat, yes I want to read more.
I see Stephanie told you about putting your candle container in the freezer, I just did that with a spicy one from Thanksgiving, only when I took it out I put it in a bowl of temped water and was able to use a butter knife to pop it out.
What's on my mind right now?? Why do I live so far from my only daughter, my best friend in the whole world, and she has called me about 5 times today for sewing questions..... I've always made things for her, but glad she is venturing to do them on her own, but...............


Fabulous idea Pat I love the idea of chocolate paint. Scents are one thing I love
But am very careful because of others in my home.
I have a ton going on here at Sallys Quilting Corner. Working on my
First quilting book. Selling patterns and teaching workshops. Something I
Never thought I would do. Balance is totally what I need to keep
Myself from going crazy. Thank you Pat for this I always feel better
About myself and what I'm aiming for on life after trading your posts.


My first word for this year was "Margaritas" but Himself said that was not really cricket (he's a Brit) so I had to choose another word to live by - it is Acceptance - that I will never fit into my size 2 dresses again, that my hair is really gray, and that my points do not have to match perfectly every time. So far, so good.

My sewing room is a disaster - my word should have been Neatness but I know myself too well. I am busy sewing up a storm for a teeny tiny perfect quilt show I vend at every year on an island in Lake Huron. I love this show and try to go every year.

This is fun, Pat. I love to gab, and share. Let's do it again soon!

Barbie Smith

Wonderful idea and that lamp is just too cute! Did you cover the shade?

Interior design was my first major in college and while it has taken a back seat to functional/survival of the toddler years, I still love to flip through design books and websites and dream of days of crayon free living. I do need to have someone come and do something about these light tan walls. I'm thinking a lovely, soft, creamy butter color. And the little ones bathroom upstairs needs a makeover. Goodbye beachy blues. Hello melon tones and bright whites.


This will be fun to get to know you better. Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself with us.


Barbie the lamp is from Target and so is the shade, about a year ago now. I am excited to meet all of YOU on a different level. We are ALL more than our quilts... and the word of the year being Margarita? Why I see nothing wrong with that Joan!


Looking forward to your "Other Life" Having balance is such a wonderful goal.

Shirley in Canada

Love the post!!! Keep 'em coming!! ;-)


I love 'Life with Pat'. We all would be boring if we didn't have other interests, but lately I think I have too many interests (cooking, blogging, sewing, scrapbooking, house decorating, etc). I am starting to wonder if I should plan one week a month and just focus on one interest.

Diane Sinclair Meigs

I love your "Life with Pat.." You have mastered more than most of us and yet you find time to have balance in your life.I love that your transparent and real and so very motivated.I can harldy wait to see your chocolate and blue room. Many of us varry in our talents and abilities but you always find time to encourage and challenge us.Thank you for being such a great role model.You rock Pat

Judy gilliland

I love quilt blogs, food blogs and reading about others lives. No free time for me, guess that's good. I plan all these fabulous recipes to try, then come home tired from work, and it goes out the window. Trying to get back in quilting again, so far no time, too tired to hold the needle, that's bad. So, guess I will read of others projects and dream. :)

Mary Ann

Such fun! I am happy to know that lots of others have so many interests besides quilting. I love to cook but my husband is steak and potato kind of guy...well really ribs and bacon, it's all about the pig for him. We have a blended family so I have 7 granddaughters in a big age spread next year my youngest three will be in the weddings of the oldest 2! How fun is that, I think we have done a good job!!! And I see several folks have share the hint of putting your spent candles in the freezer, most of the time it works a treat!!!


Diane what a sweet note... I am a work in progress! I love getting to know all of you!

Suzy Alexander

I have to laugh at you changing the chocolate paint to a blue.... I'm still trying to acquire the chocolate in other parts of my house however lately I have sort of coveted the grey tones! Like you Pat, food and recipes and decorating are my other loves. I am a big fan of Pinterest. Get lots of ideas for decorating, quilts and food from that site.
Just wanted to pay you a compliment..... Of all the quilt designers that are "famous" you are the most generous and have the most likable personality.... It's always a joy to read your posts! Keep up the good work!
Suzy Alexander


I enjoyed your "other side" of Pat. Yes, I have cleaned candle jars and re-used them. One is holding old spools of thread, another buttons, and I put a tiny terrarium of moss and stones in another. Thanks again for sharing all of your ideas, quilty and otherwise!

Sharon Hughson

I love this idea, Pat. Keep it up. As to getting out old wax. Either melt it in a double boiler and pour it off or put it in the freezer and scrap it out then maybe the double boiler. HIH


Hi Pat,
I love your blog, quilts, ideas and colors. Thanks to you... I now notice needlecases EVERYWHERE, love the aqua/red combo,and have taken on the overdue task of conquering all my UFOs! As for used up candle containers, yes, I've reused them! I just put in my sink and fill w/hot water and the wax just floats to the top. And a personal chef? Would love it as I've grown weary of cooking. I also scrapbook and stamp cards. And Pinterest is fab for all kinds of ideas. I am in the process of removing a wallpaper border and will also be painting over my "chocolate" -- have decided containers, Longaberger, are the perfect decoy for hidden chocolate!

Eva Marie Roberts

Pat when the candle is done place it in the freezer. The wax will shrink and it should slide out easily after running a knife between the was and the container.

Eva Marie Roberts

Should say wax not was in previous comment.


I really loved this article & I look forward to reading and learning more about you! Quilting is my passion, and for so long I've been trying to fit it in between work and other commitments,that I haven't really had time to think or focus on other interests. This article came at such a good time for me because this summer is the 1st time in 24 years (!) that I've had any time to myself... This article got me think about things (other than quilting) that I used to like to do - I hope you'll keep these articles coming! :). Thank you for sharing with us!

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