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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


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Flor Chavarria


Deborah Walters

Thank You for sharing ! :)


one of these years I will go. Designs made to sell and it will be AWESOME!

Welsher Julia

Oh i so want to go next year and my bank account too.. Very very nice


Looks like a good option to me Pat.
That's a great pic of you and SD


Thanks for sharing! Your booth looked great. That was a funny shot of Joanna F. too. I love her designs too, have a few of her patterns, plus her Craftsy class. Maybe one of these days I'll actually make one of her quilts!

Diane Sinclair Meigs

Looks like a great time with good friends and beautiful colored quilts and lots of new stuff to buy and use.Looking foward to see what you have aviable this year and how creative you will be as you do such a great job keeking us busy.Enjoy you so much.

Sarah Vee

Love the flickr slideshow in the post! Great pic of you and the shipping dept. :)


Makes ya want to be a shop owner,,,Loved the pictures,,,,by the way I have one of those little green Singer machines,,,,she is noisy but sews very well...I call her Miss Green Jean the sewing machine,

Shirley in Canada

Shipping dept is one good looking dude, Pat!!
Great pic of the two of you

Amanda in KY

That is such a cute picture of you and Gregg!

I love the slideshow. How fun to see everything that went on at market. I can't wait to get my hands on your sewing machine pattern. It seems as though I saw a lot of sewing machines (your's was the cutest, of course!)in patterns, and little quilts.

Karen Mc

Your photos are great and really enjoy reading your blogs.

Brigitte Heitland

It's always such an inspiring event, isn't it. thank you so much for sharing the pictures and the fun we had!

Cindy Durbin

It must have been an exciting time. Thank you for sharing.

Carole S.

LOVE the flickr photo thing. That makes it so much easier to view photos. I hate it when i click on a photo and it takes me to another site altogether.


Awesome pictures.Thanks for the take along....Oh, BTW, shipping dept guy is a looker...... ;-)

Julie Beber

Love, love, love looking at all of your pictures, thank you for sharing. As far as to what pictures to take the next time, I say if it's not broke don't fix it, keep snapping pictures of EVERYTHING! LOL


Pat, I Love, Love, Love that you share everything, even Hubby pictures too. They are Awesome. Can you bring newer notions like Quilt Smart Zip Zaps, and new ones like those or new notions that you recommend.

Betty Gracie

Awesome pictures!

Markettys Dailey

Love all the pic, even more of your entertainment after hours would be nice also


I love when you share the Quilt Market photos. It's the closest that I have gotten to really being there. Next time perhaps you could take a picture of all the quilting stars, like you, together.

Mary Lynn Hughes

I enjoy your pics .Everyone seems to truly love what they do in the world of quilts.

Judy Coombs

LOVE your blue and white "nothing but Chocolate" quilt. The Quilt Market photos were so inspiring, I headed to my quilting space as soon as I looked at them.

Judy Coombs

Short term memory!!! I meant, I love your blue and white "Never Enough Chocolate" quilt. Maybe I will make one and call it... nothing but chocolate lol.

Bonnie Chasin Mason

I am just starting to get serious about quilting! So I am not sure what pictures I would like to see. I would like to use the hot fix crystals on my quilts so maybe some picture with the crystals.

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