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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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Dawn Suzette

The thing that has helped me to most is being able to keep my projects & machine up. Then I can take full advantage of those little moment I steal away during the day. Oh... And holding on to the idea that little moments do add up to finished projects.

Lesa Matthes

Since I have a space devoted to my sewing, machine is always out. I try to leave my spot so that I have something I can just pick up and work on,even if all Ihave is 5 or 10 minutes. I am a nicer person. If I take time to stick pins I something every day. It held, too, to have a buddy that you report your progress to.


I have also problems with time ... But, I think it is because I still feel guilty for taking time for me, leaving others out ...
I should think, "I am a very important persons in this family, and I need "my peace and quiet time" and sew and quilt give it to me ....

Jan @ Another Hatchett Job

We moved about a year ago and since then, I don't have TV to watch. Oh, there is one in the house, but my parents live with us and they are very particular about what they watch and it is seldom anything I am interested in. That has opened up lots of time for me to read, quilt, etc. It was really surprising how much time that opened up!

Plus, even though I am working on quilting on the frame downstairs, I try to keep some hand work upstairs in my bedroom to work on of an evening in front of a rented movie or netflix. Sometimes it is quilting in a hoop. Other times it is EPP work. I like to have something to "piddle" with and all those little bits of time do add up!


Oh wow! Just the other day I was telling my hubby I haven't been quilting like I used to and that I noticed it all began when I subscribed to blogs. I take time to read and respond to blogs if I have something to say, like now, for example. But seriously, I find blogs helpful. It is amazing the amount of tips and tricks I learned from reading blogs. So that's not going away anytime soon. I just have to learn to quilt first then read/respond to blogs afterwards starting tomorrow. I just got a new phone and setting it up/syncing with my iPad is taking all my time today. I love your topics; therefore, I love reading your blog.

Mary Val

I totally agree having a dedicated space where the projects are ready and waiting is a huge timesaver. You can run into the room, sew for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, it makes such a difference. Being a little better organized and having a plan of attack is a time saver. If your space is organized and ready, you can find the right pattern, fabric, thread, ruler, new blades for your rotary cutter - whatever - without tearing apart your sewing area and then putting it back together again (or not.) Working on one project at a time really is also. If you put it away and take it out again 6 months later, you lose all your momentum. You have to figure out where you left off, what comes next, before you can start. If you work on 10 projects at the same time, nothing gets finished, you get discouraged. Pick one, and concentrate on it. And housework, bleh. Only when necessary, lol!

Angie in SoCal

The computer and family are my biggest competitors for time to quilt. For computer - I'm just going to try hard to be on it less. And for family - I'm going to continue to fill the few minutes in-between demands to sneak into my sewing room. It's very helpful to have it set up and ready to continue on a project. I always have a hand project going and it helps me to get a quilt done - ie hexagons, applique, embroidery, etc.


I am going to track my time. I know I need less time in front of the TV


I am retired and it is hard to find time. My husband knows that every Friday is open sew at my LQS and I will be there unless there is 6 feet of snow on the ground and the roads haven't been plowed. I think that it is important to schedule time for quilting AND put it on the calendar just like you would an appointment. Leaving things set up also helps.

When I was still working, there was generally no one in the staff room at the same time and I was lucky enough to have a boss who let me leave my spare sewing machine there. Also, when both of us were still working (DH retired before I did), I got up when he left for work (about 5 or 530 am) and got dressed, ate and sewed until it was time for me to leave for work.

Biggest time trap - the computer. The TV not so much, there really isn't a lot I watch. And I try to have hand projects.

Mary Maxwell

I find that now I am working from home, everyone assumes I am available 24/7 for their needs, including my kids. I get guilted into not sewing by family or my inner voice saying I should be doing a thousand things other than sewing. Sadly I sew for my family. Haven't made anything for myself in years, yet I feel guilty doing it. I also suck at time management because I get distracted and unfocused. I will be following Pat's plan!


The internet I think is my downfall. Sometimes I'll set the timer for 15 minutes and make myself stop reading blogs after that time has elapsed. Sometimes.

Shirley Sherratt

No excuses other than not being disciplined enough to just get on with it. I see blogging and Pinterest as quilt education. So much to see and learn about. Just need to do it, full stop.

Kelly Wood

My day job is necessary for now, so is my commute= 11 hours/day, M-F. Dinner&walk dogs=1.5 hrs/day. Laundry can be tossed in machine on my way to my studio, I rarely watch TV so I spend from 8-10:30 each night in my studio. I also like to have 1.5-2 hours on Saturday and Sundays, but I teach quilting on Saturdays, so most of those are taken. All this accounting being done, I would still like to have MORE time. But I do have a hubby I love, our son, my parents and 2 great dogs. Giving up the TV was not really a sacrifice as the joy I get from sewing and quilting far outweighs the crap on TV.

online timesheet

I'm sure freelancers who are serious about their business will appreciate this

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