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Thursday, May 30, 2013


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I ordered up a 50-box package a few weeks ago from Amazon. Haven't given them a try yet. Am curious to see if the markings on the clips help or if they aren't useful for me. I hand bind all quilts.


I bought the 50-pack after I bought the 10-pack. I love them!


I bought two 10 packs recently but have not tried them yet. They look like a great way to do hand binding.

Sandi H.

I haven't tried them yet, I like the silver hair clips that yu can get at the dollar store. I probably spacing about 4" apart when hand stitching a binding, I don't machine sew my binding so.

I also have a few decorative one I use on bigger piece and will scatter them through the project, why you ask? They are my stretch break clips. I get up and walk around and then start stitching again.

I keep mine in a Singer sewing machine tin and I love the price of them and don't worry if I loose them

Linda P

OK, I forgot I had them .... I'm sewing on a binding by hand so will run get them, but don't think I'll be using that many - hee hee!!! I do think you are sewing that clock-wise *wink!!! I love them because they are RED!!

Joanne H.

I love these clips! Did you happen to notice that there are markings on the flat side? The first is the 1/4" marking and if you look closely you can see a similar mark on the red side. These help keep the pieces aligned properly.

I use these clips when I'm working with youngsters who have a bit of a fear of working with pins. They can use the clips to hold their pieces together and not get stuck. They seem to sew straighter and with much more confidence.

The also help keep things organized when moving pieces from the design wall or pressing station to the sewing machine. I really don't know how it happens, but it is a common occurrence for pieces to get turned around and a wrong side gets sewn. The kids clip the "sew side" and it seems to help reduce seam ripping, which makes everyone happy. :-)


I only have one pack of 10 of the Clover clips. I sew my binding down by hand, and like you I clip all around except I use the hair-clips which I have a lot of. Like you, I sew down the binding with a ladder stitch, hence the need to sew right to left. I learned this technique when I started piecing my hexagons together and found that it works on sewing down the binding too. The stitches are hidden! I use the Clover clips only when I'm sewing hexagons the english paper-piecing method. It prevents my template from sliding off the edge.

Bonnie Alexander

I absolutely, positively love them! But, what is the ladder stitch?

Anne Wiens

I bought a 10-pack when they first came out to test them as a replacement for the little applique pins I used when hand-sewing binding. The clips hold very well, and to be honest, ten is really all you need for the job....twenty tops if you clip them more closely. If you clip farther ahead than that, they can easily pull off as you reposition the quilt in your lap.


The difference between these and the silver hair clips is that these allow your work to remain flat,. the hair clips curve your piece ....it's just the nature of the clip. I love the fact that there is no distortion. also, they hold
the corners are held bee-utifully!

Charlotte Thompson

Very nice tutorial, Pat. I was just teasing you cause it looked like a sculpture at first.

Hilda Krebs

I absolutely love them I bought a 10 pack just to try them, and went back to buy 10 more, I just move the clips ahead as I get to them


Thank you for this review. I don't have any clips yet. I haven't bound any quilts yet as I'm still piecing the tops.


I never use anything when hand sewing binding to the back. I just hold it down as I go and never have had a problem. What am I doing wrong?!

Pat Templin

I always just pinned. Then I had a chance to try both the "hair clip" type and these clips. I hated the hair clips, but fell in love with these. I had to go right out an by a package! I had a coupon, so I got the package of 50. I love the way they hold the fabric straight with no distortion. I just finished hand binding a quilt that the school kids did to raffle for charity, and it made doing it a breeze. I think they are well worth the price!


I received some of these as a gift. Don't know that I would make a special purchase,I do appreciate the gift though!! I find that if I move them ahead as I go on small projects or use then when hand stitching hexagons( to hold a side down while I stitch/baste another side that they work great. Since watching your tutorial a few years ago on machine binding I like that so much better for large quilts. Ironically I DO like to finish the binding by hand, but I also want to become one who FINISHES things ;)

Ann Davis

I bought a box of 50 as I like to bind my big quilts by hand...I pin one side at a time. Love them but I do have to share them with my dear husband as he found them to work great for holding things together when he is working on his radio controlled airplanes. He even asked me to buy him a box of 50..LOL!


Love them but, I only use 3 when I am binding. They are great for bags and purses too, and when my Granddaughters little hands help me pin!


I bought the pack of 10 and quickly wished I'd bought a lot more.
It may have mentioned it on the packaging, but I didn't see it or know until I watched a video which touched on the subject very quickly. On the back of the clips in the clear part there are lines that are markings for a 1/4inch or 1/2 inch seam allowance so you can clip them onto your binding and mark them to allow you to stitch the bindings on using your sewing machine without running over the clips and because they are flat they glide past the presser foot. I have not tried it yet but I love the fact they're marked like that.
This is the video I had seen mention those markings on the back of the Wonder Clips


OH yay! Pat ~ here is the original video I'd seen about the Wonder Clips and using them to do machine binding. I knew it was a video from Market but couldn't remember who it was that had done it. I just found it using other search words.

This video shows much better how to use them

and here is the blog entry with more info too.

Four dogs and one quilter

I love the Wonder Clips. I use them for EPP and to do my binding. They are also great for bag making.


I bought these as soon as they came out!I have both sizes, and use them on larger quilts too...not as heavy as you might think. Wonder clips are in my kitchen too!Great for holding the teabag string out of the cup, clipping small packages closed. Use them to "pin" on my name tag at guild so don't make holes in my shirts. All my close quilty friends got them as gifts last Christmas. And, I am planning on using them to clip my lights on the Christmas tree this year...then they will stay where I want them!

Mary Deeter

I have a 10 pack, but think I need the 50 pack!!! I would use them instead of pins if I had more. I "machine bind" all the time, and nothing like pins scraping your arms and legs as you are working on a big quilt. I only pin /clip one side at time. After I get my binding on the back, I like to use my iron and press the front side near the stitching and kind of PRESS/PUSH that batting and backing and top back in place. Plus the press helps the quilt binding on the back of the quilt to be really flat. I give it a little pull OUT as I press.

Sandy D

I love these clips too.I hand sew my binding and I use them for all size of quilts.Recently I turned up pants and used them instead of pins.


I love them too!. I use them on bindings. I use them for English Paper Piecing. I made some of the clamshell cases from Clover and I used them for them too. I also like to use them for clipping together blocks of parts of blocks.

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