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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


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Cindy in TN

The clips are perfect! I'm so glad that you found some more. I love this quilt more every time I see it. This is a GREAT line of fabric!!!:)

Stephanie in MI

Those clips are so cute and perfect for hanging quilts. I would use them for closing up my chip bags (as if chips last that long). LOL. But I like your idea much better! haha!

Pat D

Such a cute idea...just don't let those birds fly away with that quilt!


I love the clips. I would use them to clip the linens I use as curtains on to my curtain rod. I am using some tiny little birds to do that now.


They would also be well served keeping your binding strips with your quilt until you can sew them on. They are sew cute and cheerful.

Carole Sullivan

I have not heard of these...they are adorable. Not sure what I would do with them but I might have to find some of my own and then figure out what to do with them :-) . I might just keep them in my sewing room with my hummingbird wind chimes ;-)


not sure what I'd use them for.....project pieces clipped together, strips hanging onto curtain in my sewing room...
I want some !! please tell us where they can be found!!! I ♥♥♥ birds.


sew excited about the birdies, I forgot to say I love the quilt :)


I am in quilty love. The fabric, the pattern, everything.
I would use those clips to hold my papers together, I am sure I could find other uses.


The clips are great! I need some. Love the quilt. I am thinking I will have to make this one. Looks like one that is fast and easy to put together and we all love quilts that are fast and easy.


They would look so much better hanging my quilts up with instead of the old wooden clothespins I'm using now. Why I could even hang up a banner in my quilt room. I've been meaning to make one. Love quilting and love your new Stitched.

Karen Mc

Love the birdies and the quilt! I looked in 3 different Targets - no luck - what section are/were they in? I use simple chip clips to hold my pattern and the pieces.

So looking forward to the new fabrics and pattern.

Mary Val

I love the quilt! The colors, the design, the quilting. I google Birdie Clips and found youtube clips of Bye Bye Birdie, which was entertaining.


Lovely quilt and the birdie clips look so cute!


Super cute quilt Pat. Those birdie clips are adorable too!!!

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Allison Bird

I have to say that I would have them on my name plate here in the office because I am Mrs. Bird.....:)

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Love the quilt and the birdie clips are cute. Not sure what I would use them for, but know if I had some I would find a use for them.


I know that if I had some birdie clips, my hubby might use one as a chip clip. I, however, will use it to clip the blocks together by row. And, I would put a sticky note on each clip to indicate the row number.

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