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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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Shirley in Canada

more freezing rain yesterday today to be followed by 8 - 10 inches of snow! Wanting the real winter to please stand up!


You were so lucky to get that 70 degree treat. It never got that warm here on Long Island. But it was a funny thing. After all that freezing cold, single digit weather, 40 degrees felt warm! And, the sun finally came out in the afternoon, so it wasn't too bad.


the NC weather was amazing yesterday also and I just couldn't bring myself to stay in the house after I got off work. Today it's supposed ot be in the mid 70's with thunderstormes and a threat of severe weather. But as they say in the south this time of year -- if you don't like the weather give it 5 minutes and it will change. Happy Quilting


Send some of that weather to CT!! Please!

joan reichart

We now have lived in Fl for several yrs and had in the low 80s yesterday.
But when we lived in Maryland, those kind of days were referred to as the "January Thaw". On those weekends we would go the far end of our lot and trim our fruit trees. Good Memories!

Julia P

Sigh, I really wish my day had been like yours. Instead I was given the news that our rodent problem has not gone away. Any chance you can send some bliss my way?


we're supposed to get up into the 50s here in New England, which certainly beats the -4 we had last week! The day did start with freezing rain, but at least it will be nice tonight - only I have no idea how to dress today! Enjoy your day


I hate to break it to you, but it is supposed to be warm again today.... I have a day of outside work planned again.

pat sloan

40 degrees does feel totally blissful after lots of cold!!!

Amy Matthias

Sounds wonderful! I hope we have warm, sunny skies for you in Houston in March. My bee gets to take you to dinner before our meeting...SO EXCITED! Can't wait to meet you.

Logan O'Bier

The weather here is nuts! I turned the air conditioner on yesterday...it was stuffy with the windows open!

Kathy Howard

In VT we are also having a heat wave.It is in the 30's right now and maybe warmer later, but cloudy and rainy. This is some different than -25 last week!


How coulds you not celebrate the warmth in the middle of winter? Looks yucky here today.

Missy Shay

I did the same thing here in TX! I took my phone outside and sat in the sun while talking to a friend and enjoying the sunshine! While I was on the phone I literally watched a bad storm blow in and nearly knock me over! LOL, needless to say I had to go back in then! Today it is cold again, sigh.

Wendy T.

Pat - send some of that warmth up north to Cape Cod. I am so sick of winter!! I remember when you made your awesome chair - glad you were able to use it to soak up some sun.

Sandi A.

I can hardly wait for some warm temps. We are heading into the deep freeze tonight and tomorrow it will barely rise above zero. Got lots of fabric and projects to keep me busy so as long as the wind doesn't cause a power outage, I'm good!

joanie schwarzbeck

Chicago is getting colder by the second!! The windy city!! Wish I could stay home and sew but I gotta go to work: (


Wow--Wow- and Wow--we are currently one below in Mn--heading to -18 tonight---I can feel the sun on your porch---if it was 70 outside I would be just like you---only with shorts on.....who said that life was fair.....enjoy that amazing weather....

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