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Thursday, November 29, 2012


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Mary Ann Harpe

My best time to sew is the morning. I get moving and get it all done quick!


Any time during the day when I have time, really, but if I have to pick a favorite it will be morning.


I like to sew in the evening and late at night( because I am most alert then after a long work day. It helps me relax. Especially if I am doing some mindless sewing just fitter the sake of sewing!


My best time is after work. put the dinner on and off I go to my sewing room, but if Im busy finishing a quilt I will do some prior to going to work in the morning.

Christine Bryant

I have to squeeze it in after dinner in the evenings...wish I could sew all day long!


My best time to sew is afternoon. I can get a lot done between lunch and supper.
Thank you for sharing ALL that you do.


I do my chores in the morning so I can have the afternoon to sew. I like to embroider, hand sew, or crochet in the evenings.


I am a teacher by day, so I sew at night during the week.


Evening works best for me. I work during the day and have kids to shuttle around in the late afternoon.


I am a night owl but I get more done on Saturdays and Sundays. My real job is teaching Kindergarten and I am pretty tired at the end of the day!

Gene Black

My best time is morning, but most mornings I have to go to work, so after work is when I really do the majority of my sewing. (say 6-10 pm)


I usually sew in the afternoons. I try to get some housework and exercise in the morning and then have the afternoon to play. "Thanks for the chance to win this book. I love it!!

Linda P

GREAT interview, Pat, I didn't want it to end - loved seeing Victoria in different hair dos too - lol! I've only been to NY once and it was very quick. Some friendships are just meant to be and just waiting to happen.
My best time is around 9am. I am up early but not always dressed - by this time I'm ready to get things done, done, done. I don't sleep much, and by night I'm ready to read or veg out.


My best time is around noon to four - but I often procrastinate and end up sewing later, lol


I like to sew while the kids are at school! Usually, in the afternoon.

Amy Gay @ Butterfly Angels

Im a stay at home mom, so about 8-12. The bigs are on the bus, my coffee is drunk, and the toddler is playing. Then again at naptime. I get a lot done some days!!

Patricia Hersl

While the sun is up. I like being able to see everything easily 'cause usually whne the sun is down, I'm ready to snuggle into bed.

Cinzia allocca

In the morning after 8:30 am and evryone's gone to school or work. I can be there all day

Marilyn Ruvolo

Great interview......my best time is early morning and evening.

Pamela S

I like to sew 12:00 - 5:00 as the sun is the best for my sewing room, chores and errands are accomplished and I can get in the zone! Thanks for hosting this giveaway - Victoria's creativity is awesome and I'd love to win this great book!

Margaret Elliott

Early, Early morning when everyone else is asleep especially the weekends.

Linda Ashcraft

My favorite time to sew is all day and night!


Well I just won a give away from you last week but I am going to try again :) I love Victoria's work and have followed her for some time and would love to win her book. The time of day I get the most done is in the evening - from about 7 to 10 I do a lot of hand sewing or quilting - machine sewing gets done off and on during the day.


My best time to sew is either early morning or late nights but I grab 15 minutes whenever I can. This book looks like it's right up my alley.

Sharon Hughson

I'm best sewing in the a.m. sometimes early a.m. like 5, and I can sew well into the afternoon, but rarely at night. I start making mistakes around 5 p.m. or 6 and that's my signal to quit BEFORE I really mess up. LOL

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