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Friday, January 06, 2017


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Mary Barbara Hoge

I want to LIST FINISHED projects! I would need a big roll of butcher paper to list my UFOs!

I must FINISH SOME projects. I am doing Mother Goose in 30's fabric for a king sized bed!

Barbara Hoge

Jeanette Silvey

How do I get started?

Ginny D Kinison

Yes I do, thank-you! I just finished my first quilt of 2017!

Nancy OBrien

I am with you....and all of the other cyber friends!!!!

Pat Olivier

Would you like me to share with you my tracking sheet? I have been using it for about 10 years. It might be a good starting point for you.


Yes, please

Brenda Krigner-Himmelrick

How can I track my progress. Could you please tell me where I need to go to find this.



Laura LaFromboise

We're in the middle of moving. Once I start to unpack my sewing room, I'd like to log my UFO's and get organized in a new space. I would like the organizing Genie to show up and set my room to rights before I start my 2017 sewing season! XO

Philipa (Ozzypip )

I am one of those crazy people who track fabric in and fabric out ie finishes. Pam Cobb from Hip to be a Square podcast and The Stitch TV Show (on YouTube ) worked out a formula for a spreadsheet and it makes calculating usage so easy. This will be my 4th year of tracking and it's great. It curbs that impulse buying for me. I gotta track it and each week I want my output greater than input. I had a UFO busting year one year too. No new projects and only buying fabric to finish existing projects. I kept to it pretty well apart from one baby quilt

Tiffanee Noack

YES PLEASE... I've already started going through my 16 years of UFO's and I NEED all the motivation this gal can get!!!

Eileen Macri

Yes please. Thanks Pat so much


Yes, it's a great idea. I've ordered my fabric for Solstice and Children and I can't wait to get started. This will be a great way to track both projects. Thank you Pat!

Kathy Thomas

Such a great idea!!! It is so easy to lose track of the quilts I make and I need to do some UFO busting!


It's a great idea. But my leg and foot are bad and swollen with a lot of pain and to top it off I've been sciatica from the waist. I'm going to be a time out of service! I'm going to be very late in the patchwork blocks and in your sewing. Some days I will not be able to answer the email of the pain I feel right now. But I'm getting ready. Greetings from Spain of Margarita. Perdón por el otro comentario.


Christina had three wonderful vases. The strong and cheerful colors of the Anemones makes it look like we are in January. The Daffodils are beautiful or not. And I like the contrast with the Eryngium: it gives a special text. I hope that the cold wave that sweeps Italy is not causing much discomfort. Greetings from Margarita. Me apunto.

Barb Reynolds

That would be a good motivator... plus a way to catalogue, document planned projects/UFO's. That way I might just "pull" a project to start instead of "sorting through" all the different piles and fabrics to remind me every time of all the projects on the ToDo list!

Rosalie Roberts

I think yes! I am with you on the spread sheet. But made progress on two projects this week and felt a need for a structured way to note that. SO....... Guess I am kind of there but would rather sew that write stuff down. Thanks for your motivating me.

Verna Kay

I have tried to keep a notebook but usually give up after 2-3 months. Need help in what it should include. There is one being sold on internet but $40 seems overpriced to me. I'd rather spend that kind of money on fabric or batting.

Kelly Jacobsz

Yes please.

Donna J Forrest

YES! I need the motivation to help me finish up about 20+ UFO's. That way I can start something new in 2018 ;-)

Tinneke Vanden Plas

I would like to finish a few quilted quilts, that I made by hands! One is white, I know it would be the present for my parents, serenely, my mom, she's loving that quilt! I made the quilt, 15 years ago! Her anniversary is end of the month, when see that the quilt is for them, she love it! It's in withe on withe...
But I've more quilts that I should end, they are quilted. Thanks, for the help!


I also need to get Organized and would appreciate your help, thanks.


Right on track with what I want to do this year. I am in!


Yes! Yes! Please sign me up!

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