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Monday, January 02, 2017


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I know exactly what you mean, I got my first box in October, and I completely fell in love with it. And I continue my subscription ever since!!! and I just posted about it on my blog too!!!


I saw the November box and wanted it so much, I signed up! December was my first box! I don't really appliqué, but would like to learn some day. I have your kit and appliqué book from last year, which I love ❤️, but haven't started yet. It's with my pile of "some days". Can't wait to see what January brings! I also gifted my DIL a 6 month supply of the Sew Sampler Boxes! FQS is her favorite online quilt shop!


I wish that someone in Canada would do this...by the time I pay the exchange and the shipping the reasonable box becomes a very expensive box. But it looks so cool to get that kind of a surprise in the mail each month.

rachelle pare

my girlfriend just gave me the cutest pattern, for embroidery, to make a pillow, as a birthday gift. its of a camper that says gone camping. its made using of all things 30's fabrics. couldn't have come at a better time. as you can tell by my wording I was a little excited. sorta got ahead of myself when explaining what I wanted to say lol thanks for listening

Janice  King

I love my Sew Sampler boxes each month! It's my gift to myself each month, because I'm worth it! Lol! So far, each one has been a wonderful surprise and I have been completely satisfied! We also need a little "special" just for ourselves (and yes, I pet each item when I remove it from the box!).

Michelle B

I am fortunate to have an Orange Peel quilt that my Grandma made for me back in the 60s. She did the peels all in red on a white background. Wish I could afford the box, all the comments are so positive. Oh well, trying to organize my fabric better I have discovered I will need to be VERY busy to use it all before I can't sew any longer LOL

Evelyn Wonner

Loved seeing your box openings so decided to take the jump and subscribed yesterday. Can hardly wait to receive my first box.

Denise Parish

The freight to Australia is a bit but it is the exchange rate that is the killer. It would be absolutely fantastic if a cheaper rate could be organised for us down under as I love these boxes and have bought all except the first two which I didn't know about until it was too late to get them. The first couple arrived very promptly, but since then I am paying for the next one before the previous months arrives. That is a but of a deterrent. Maybe they could send express without the additional costs. It would be a great help. The discount vouchers are of no use to us either. Denise

Anne McKenzie

I have gotten 2 so far and regret that I didn't sign up when it started. So much fun to anticipate what is coming up. It is like Christmas each month. Good value too.

Lynette Wallace

I also live at the end of the world. (Hint: 'down under'). Maybe they should consider a quarterly despatch for us as the freight is a deterrent. I would be happy to wait for the first two boxes. Comments?

Pamela McDonald

Wow, ok, this is a must have for a couple months at least!! Today is my Birthday month, I need to treat myself :)


I love love love this, I must sign up!!!


I hugged the Birds of Liberty fabric and petted it for awhile! It had been on my Wishlist just hadn't been able to get it with Christmas buying. I love the Sew Sampler boxes! My family all gathers around to see what the goodies are for the month. My grandson put the magnets on the fridge right away. I have been wanting to do an orange peel quilt too, but may start with a table runner; maybe matching pot holders using a smaller size template!


Shame I live at the end of the world, shipping costs horrendous!


This was my first sampler box and I love everything in it. So glad that I subscribed. 😊

Anita Barton

I really I like the idea of a hand sewn project. I'm excited about the orange peel too. Love getting the box!


Kimberly somethings the items all work together, often..like the word sampler, they do not meant to use together. In this case I will use the orange peels with another set of fabric I already collected.

Kimberly Dickinson

Do you make a single project from the box, or use it toward another project.


I am really loving mine! Such a great and wonderful sampler. My quilting is even improving! Can't get over what a difference it makes. I go hide somewhere and open my treasure box!!!

Lucinda Pierce

Got mine before Christmas but decided to open it Christmas morning🎄🎄🎄🎄Sweet surprises!!

Roxanna Owen--QuiddityRox

GIRL...I kiss the box after i take it out of the mailbox. This box was delightful!

Sherry Redowl

I subscribe to the Sew Sampler box and it's like getting a Christmas present every month.

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