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Friday, December 30, 2016


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My words for 2017will be FOCUS and FINISH. Both because I want to finish many projects in various stages and I want to focus on improving my machine quilting. I enjoy doing it and want to get better at it.

Sally Freeman

What an inspiration everyone has been, and I thank Pat for challenging us to think! My first thought for a word was ADVENTURE....but I've always said that "Life's an adventure" so that's cheating, right? So I thought deeper and realized with changes coming up this year.... the hubs &I retiring together in June, a better word for me is EXPLORE...as in exploring our changing our daily life, exploring more of the country in our trailer, and exploring all the quilting classes and events I can get into!

Trudy Double

My word for this new year is "STUDY'. There are so many things that I want to learn - not just in the field of quilting, but also knitting, crochet and other crafts. I want to study more books and read more, especially the classics that I have never found time - no, that I have never taken time to include in my reading list. I want to volunteer more, perhaps using the skills that I have to help others. I look forward to the completion of my sewing loft so that I will be able to have my own space to work, organize and to 'study'. I do look forward to all that is coming in 2017. Happy New Year to all.


My word for 2017 is EMBRACE, where I am right now, my creativity, the process, everything about me and my life. I want to be involved, inclusive and create some amazing memories for me and those around me. This time next year we will be able to see how well I have done.


FINISH has to be my goal in 2017.. I have a string quilt that is all ready to quilt and I am at a total loss as how to quilt all those diagonals in each block. I am just using an ordinary sewing machine, so I will take a stab at it again and YES I will finish hopefully by February.
Pat you are an amazing person, I look forward to all your "letters".
Good luck with your Story.


My word for 2017 has to be FINISH - during last year particularly I've struggled to actually finish anything and so I'm going to try to be strong with myself this year and finish one project before I allow myself to start something new. Wish me luck !

A second goal for this year is to get back to posting on my Blog which has been sadly neglected during last year.

Karen B.

My word this year is "Focus". By focusing, I hope to get more projects done; be a focused Mom, Wife, friend, person. I hope not to be as distracted, so I will learn more, and can apply more.

Eileey Wery

My word for this year is learn. I have a long arm that intimidates me and I want to overcome that feeling. I also have a machine that does embroidery and I want to learn how to use it. Quilting is my relaxation and I need to organize my special place of calmness. I guess I have two words, learn and calm

Jo P.

Faith is my word for the year. I have Faith that the world will be a better place in 2017 & that I can make a difference no matter how small with random acts of kindness, creating, and sharing a smile!


Last year's word was "proactive", and since I still need to work on that, I am keeping it, while adding the word "attentive".This year I want to be attentive to my world, to what is happening with friends and family, to be useful. Retiring and then moving to another state has shrunk my circle of contacts, opportunities, and awareness. I have a plan now, with goals for every month.

Jeanne Frey

My word is the same as every year. Share


My word for 2017 is quilt. So I can make up for lost time over last year.

Karen Veldhouse

Determination is my word. To be determined to sew each. To be determined to finish some projects that I have one go. To be determined to exercise each day either walking,basic exercises, water arobics, or lift weights.


I have been thinking about this word most of the day. My word will be "Happy".
I will be happy using my stash and sewing sewing sewing.
I will be happy doing nice things for others!
I will be happy spending time with family and friends.
I will be happy even when things don't go my way.
I will be happy moving things I don't need out of my house.
I will be happy enjoying my flowers.
I will be happy sharing my plants.
I will be happy cleaning my toilets...(yea this one will be hard).
I will be happy reading my books.
I will be happy sewing every day that I can.
I will be happy donating my sewing projects to good causes.
I will be happy finishing my UFO's.
I will be happy sharing my sewing skills to encourage others.
I will be happy in 2017.

Thanks Pat for making me think so positive.

Tracey Bradshaw

My word for 2017 is Enjoy. To find something in each day to enjoy. Even if only for a brief moment. I want to take time each day to "stop and smell the roses" as they say.

Mary Green

FOCUS...I've been so busy this past year but feel I have actually accomplished so little. I believe that by focusing on what is important, and seeing it thru to completion will make me feel happier and get more important tasks done.
I've never done this before so it will be interesting to see how it goes. Thanks, Pat.
God bless you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Marti Parsons

DISCOVER! I have walked around it for 7 years after I lost my husband to cancer. I am now ready to find ME and what I want to do!! I want my creating to reflect ME, not someone else. I want to DISCOVER what this gift that God has given to me is to be used for.


My word for 2017 is EXPLORE. Looking to expand my vision and horizons and I am ready for the challenge!

Betty Anne Jansen

I have decided on "Be". I have worked full time since I was 16, sometimes two jobs. Up every day by 4:30. I raised two wonderful sons, mostly as a single Mom, and loved being dedicated to their growth through life. They are grown now and have moved into their own wonderful lives. Recently I got married and moved to my husbands hometown in America. I knew that the immigration process would take a few months and worried that I would be lost not working full time, not contributing financially to our home and lives due to being unable to work until paperwork is finalized. But I have learned (not always easily) that actually having time for me is wonderful. To create, to listen, to see, to feel all the wonderful things that we can miss when our lives get so busy. Even painting our house is different now, housework is different now. For the first time in a very long time I am a human being not a human doing.

Debbie Clarke

This year...it is Be Legendary! Be legendary is to take a chance on something new, inspire others to be better, and in general to be the best me I can by laughter, love and sharing it. Have a happy and healthy new year.

Alesia Smallwood

My word for this year 2017 is Time. When I sew I need the proper amount of time to get it, and do it right. Sewing helps me keep my sanity so I need the time for my projects.

Tonie Peterson

for me personally I have been thinking and I have finally come up with a set of words for my hopes for 2017... goals/finishes ... I hope to reach many goals and set new ones and I hope to finish many ufo's, but also beating myself up over the little things, and negativity in my life ... other finishes I hope for are my stagnate health/weight issues and productivity. Goals well my goal is finishes ...lol... and to take time to smell the roses as they say ... so I too am happy with my words for 2017, now to put them to work in a positive fashion!!! Whoooo hoooo!

Ruth Sunday

Is "getter-done" a word? After losing 3 years of the past 5 to recovering from being broken or ill, I have built up a bunch of UFOs. As of the moment, I am free from cancer and not broken. So I want to take 2017 to finish up some projects important to me, to have fun getting my dog trained so he can accompany us on trips and, to spend time with close friends and loved ones. We just bought three fairly large trees to put in the back yard and provide shade. They get planted 1/19/2017. DH, Big Doggy and I along with friends and visitors should have an outside space we can enjoy by April or May. So looking forward to beginning the "getter-done" phase of my life.

Karen Braaten

Honesty. I have always stayed back with my opinion and basically gone with the crowd (family). I can no longer live this way; so my family (especially my husband's family) are going to meet the new me. They want to force us to take my husband's mother into our home again. She was 94 to 96 years old then. (We have already done this for two years.) She is currently with another brother and they are done. For my sanity I cannot do this again. So I am going to be honest with them and just say 'No'. Mom is 97 1/2. I could not lift her up when she fell when she did live with us and now I am two years older & I still can't get her up. So Honesty with myself, my husband, our four adult children, brothers-in-law & wives, sister-in-law ... No. No is a complete sentence this year. I am looking forward to our first grandchild next summer.

Sherrie Conover

I have chosen the word "STRETCH" for this year. I need to "STRETCH" myself and do projects that I would normally consider out of my wheel house. I started my "STRETCH" process in the last couple of months and am enjoying my rejuvenated creativity.

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