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Friday, December 16, 2016


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carol garcia

Anne of Greengables!!! loved that series...and love how the same block can turn out so differently from each other by simply changing the fabric...that is the beauty of quilting...there is no "right" way, only "your"way...thanks again Pat.

Rosalie Roberts

I sewed my Block today! Just love I Think! Forgot how to post a photo. Tired and time for bed so will do it later. Love the ones I am seeing.

Katherine Arehart

Soooo I found this really cute mother goose fabric only problem was in needed to cut blocks at 41/2" . My blocks is now 24 inches. Lol

Victoria Steel

I was a huge fan of the "Wizard of Earthsea" books. I was in boarding school (parents overseas) and read under the covers by torch/flashlight.

Charlotte Divers

Favorite book? Which ever I am reading at the Time! Still read kid's books. Still have all I bought for our 3 kids. Am now reading them to our grandson. Reading and sewing. Does it get any better?

Lori Mackie

My parents bought many books for my brothers and me. I too was a book nerd from a very young age. My favourite was a huge orange book that mom bought from Readers Digest. It was full of poems; riddles and short stories. I still remember sneaking out of bed to grab a flashlight so I could read under the covers.

Wendy Zick

I loved to read as a child. My favorite books were "Heidi" (I had a beautiful antique copy), "Bobsey Twins" (I had shelves full of them), and another book that I can't remember the title about a little girl that had a black cat with a white "ermine" collar.

Beverly Judeikis

My favorite childrens' books were and still are Dr. Suess books. I also read Honey Bunch, The Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew. I love to read to my grandsons.

Diane Emanuelson

My favorite book was Dick & Jane. :)

Donna Fellows

What a fun theme for a quilt!
My favorite books growing up were The Bobsey Twins and Make way For Ducklings (which I try to buy for children's gifts).
Oh...and the Dorrie the Witch series (mostly because I love the illustrations!).


This will be my first Mystery other than The Splendid Sampler, which I've really enjoyed.
Wasn't much of a reader as a child, but I do remember checking out all the Beatrix Potter books from the city library as a child, they were quite small and easy to read. And we have an entire collection of Golden Books that are from my husbands childhood; he will be 72 next month.

April Ritter

I was an avid reader when I was young and still am! I loved reading all the Nancy Drew books, I loved the mysteries!
My favorite books that I read to my children were, Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, Harold and the Purple Crayon and The Velveteen Rabbit. I now read these to my granddaughter!
The love of books and reading is very special in my family.

Glenna Haley

The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck was one of my favorites written by Nathaniel Benchley.

Lynne T.

I loved two books when I was young. The first one had a character rabbit in it called Uncle Wiggley. Cannot remember the name of the book. And the same is for the second one which had a character of Uncle Billy Possum. They were so much fun to read and get lost in on rainy afternoons. One of my siblings maybe have these old books. I would love to revisit them again. Thanks for letting us do this wonderful time of remembering.

Jo ButterZ

I owned the whole set of Enid Blyton's Folk of the Faraway Tree series. I read, read an re-read them. When I left home my mum put them in the garage and they all got water damaged... I am looking forward to this mystery...

Teje Karjalainen

Hi! I'm new to the mystery bom and want to join the fun! I looove books and miss so much the Finnish library! I have lived in Greece now over 20 years and still prefer to read in Finnish. Library is not commone here. I remember old days we had even library at every school. I remember also from my childhood those little golden books! I read so much that can't remember favourites but one time I read all the 'horse' books and can still remember well the feeling in the books! Thank you for lovely memories! x Teje

Michelle B

I was an only child who learned to read at a very early age. I had almost a complete set of the Little Golden Books. My mother gave them all away when I was 10 to a younger cousin. I threw such a fit she did relent and let me go pick my favorite 10 from my huge stack. I still miss them LOL

Gloria Boutin

This really shows my age, but I remember reading the Bobsey Twins! My daughters' favorite was 'Where the Wild Things Are"

Kimalie Portalupi

This is soooo exciting! Besides quilting, reading is one of my most favorite things to do - which is a good thing since I'm an elementary school reading teacher! :). My very favorite books as a child were the Nancy Drew Mystery books - and mystery books are still my favorite to this day! Thank you for providing this mystery BOM Pat, I'm really look forward to it!

Rosalinda Lucero

Always enjoyed reading Winnie the Pooh and read it to my kiddos


I love the idea! The Velveteen Rabbit is a favorite story of mine from childhood. There are MANY others, but this is the first one that came to mind. Now I am thinking of stories I read to my children, nieces and nephews. So many possibilities!

Michele Cais

"A Mouse and a Motorcycle" was only one of my favorites my Grandmother used to read to me. Another favorite was about a little tiger that goes to a Brthday party. I don't remember the name of it but I remember they had a pink cake that at the time I thought was the most beautiful cake in the world. Just about any Beverly Cleary book worked for me!

Michele Cais

"A Mouse and a Motorcycle" was only one of my favorites my Grandmother used to read to me. Another favorite was about a little tiger that goes to a Brthday party. I don't remember the name of it but I remember they had a pink cake that at the time I thought was the most beautiful cake in the world. Just about any Beverly Cleary book worked for me!


I don't know if I had a favorite book as a small child but I remeber that my parents read Grimms tales to me and my brother when we were little.

Sandy Long

My Fannie child's book was a gorgeous pop-up book called Thumbalina. When I was a little older on of my favorites was Flash the Fire Horse. I was an avoid reader from a very young age, and those books were my friends. My favorite daddy of each month was when the book orders would come in, the smell of the brand new books and the order form with all new books for next month. It was printed on the thinnest paper over ever seen & I protected it with my life! LOL I can't wait to start my first mystery BOM with you, Pat!

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