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Thursday, December 29, 2016


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Marg s.

Finished my table quilt binding so did binding on three more! A good feeling to get them done! Thanks for the push...

J. Warner

Weekly would be great. It is nice to know so many others are also working on UFO's!

Arlene Froeich

I really need to retire from nursing so I can have more time to quilt. This year I plan to do the Splendid Sampler have been printing all the patterns, have my fabric but have not started it yet. I am also going to do the Solstice Challenge, The Children's Library quilt and I have several kits from 2016 Row By Row that I have to put together. Then of course our local quilt shop is going to start a Saturday Sampler hopefully in Feb, but suppose to start this Sat. but had to be postponed. I am still trying to get 14 Christmas Quilts made to give to my nieces and nephews on my husband side of the family. I have to have them all done to give at once so no one feels left out. I could just sew all the time if I could retire. But I plan to work 4 more years as a nurse I would be 67 then, so will be ready to just do things at home.

Liz Dyer

Although, I will be UFO busting, I will not be part of the Challenge. I finished alot of them in 2016 and only have five left, one of which I have decided I really hate and am giving it to my neighbor who loves it to complete. Two are ready to be quilted, one needs one more block and borders, and the forth one has about a thousand HST'S to be trimmed and sewn together. I will finish them in 2017 and go into 2018 with a clean slate.

Sue Nelson

Weekly is probably a good idea for me.


Twice a month is what I like ...but I probably need a reminder once a week LOL 😂

Pati Cook

Still need to fill in my lists. And get holiday/family stuff over with.
Weekly may keep me on track better.
Happy New Year, and remember to do on New Year's Day the things you want to do all year, not the things you don't want to. (A friend used to say "no laundry on Jan. 1."

Lucinda Pierce

Weekly please so I don't get off track or distracted!!!!

Teresa Brooks

It would be nice to have a weekly ufo ptompt. Then It would keep me focused on actually finishing the project.

Janet Green

weekly is perfect as i get together with friends and sew all day on Thursdays so that would be perfect
i also am not sure what number six is because it is upstairs and i am downstairs but I will work on it this week to its completion (I hope?)

Patricia Peters

I would choose bi-weekly. I have my list completed and noticed they had chosen #6 for Jan. so I started on it yesterday. It is something I started for my youngest son in the early 90s and in the mid 90s I got my first computer. Sewing took a back burner for awhile. When emptying out a storage room I found it and brought it back to possibly finish up. I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday, it is one of those that has streets and buildings on it that you can use your little cars on. He was around 4 when I started it, he'll be 27 in March. I have a grandson now who will be 5 in Feb. My plan is to give it to him on his birthday. I will complete it. Your Secret Garden is on the list also. 3 blocks left to complete, I can't wait til they draw that #

Serena Kim

Weekly for me hope I can finish and be done for this year.. :)

Beth Friend

My sheet is filled out and I hope to get a few more done along with the ones on the sheet. 2017 has to say bye to some UFOs.

Joanne Moore

I would also like to receive a weekly prompt. I will download the form today and clip it to the front of my new Quilter's Planner 2017 that my sweet husband gifted me at Christmas.

Betty Anne Jansen

I would love to be able to do the UFO challenge but unfortunately all of my stash/longarm/retreat ready and grab and go kits I have cut out are up in a storage facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 5 weeks ago after several years of long distance dating I married an American and am living in Pennsylvania, he had an old Necchi and I brought my "sew together bag" with basic tools down with me. We went on a fabric shop hop to Lancaster County (awesome shops and people). Until all the paper work is finished my things will stay in Calgary. But all is not bad, I have ordered the Lucy Boston project and will learn English Paper Piecing, I am doing the Solstice project and En Provence mystery, and yes starting to build a stash, so thank you for feeding my addiction and all the wonderful ideas, projects and quilts I see here.


Weekly would be great

Janet S

I've got a form filled out. Right now, there's over 30 items that just have one part left to finish. It could be done in a month. Where to start??

Sandie Kowalchuk

Filled out the form. Let's see what I can do in 2017. Thanks for the inspiration. Weekly reminders would be just fine.


I filled out my sheet today. I put one knitting ufo and 4 sewing ufos on it in addition to the quilting ufos. I have some quilting ufos that I absolutely know will not be finished in 2017, so they did not go on the list. I will have to do some thinking and playing around with the Splendid Sampler blocks before I decide what I will do with them. I don't want to rush that. I see many photo layouts in the future before I reach a decision. The number 1 quilt ufo is to finish my Hollis Turnbow whole cloth quilt in time for the 4-H fair in late July 2017. I have been hand quilting that for over 10 years.

Deb F

Bi-weekly prompts would be helpful. I have at least ten UFOs.


I think weekly is best for me! And committing to do this with friends, should help.


I finished 3 this year and have 6 to go. I would like to get two at least finished by June of this next year.

Karyn Low

OK so weekly would be good and I am going to aim to stick to the task at hand.
Living on my own I should be able to get to each monthly UFO on a nightly basis...famous last words I know....
My UFO #6 is a log cabin quilt that I brought fabric for the top about 2 or 3 years ago, its only a small-ish prject so I should get it finished right???
So looking forward to this.

Pat Limburg

I have more UFOs than I care to admit. 12 would be a welcome drop in the bucket. Progress report prompts weekly would be nice. Thanks for the support.

Audrey Johnson

I only have about 4 UFO's but I do have 3 quilts I want to start and finish before Christmas next year. I started to late this year and things got messy. A list will help me remember them and a gentle nudge from Pat a couple times a month would not hurt me one bit! I am excited about the Word for the year, I really could use a good word to motivate me. Hope you feel better soon Pat, thanks for all you do for everyone!

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