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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


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My daughter posted me a saying that says, "Don't think about it .... JUST DO IT!!" The Splendid Sampler book looks fabulous.

Barbara Olm

I sew out my life's frustations. Anytime I am feeling overwhelmed with things I run to my sewing room (I have one now for the first time in 40+ years of marraige!) and sew something. I use to just sew clothes for my children and now grandchildren but I have fallen in love with quilting and find that much more soothing for my emotions. Right now I am staying on task simply because I don't want to keep changing thread! I have finished a few UFO's recently by looking around to see what else I need to sew with that thread before I change it out. Silly but it's working for now!

Penny M

Yes!!! I would love to win these. :D Thank you for the opportunity.

Janet Green

I have to prioritize because I live for chaos. I probably have 50 WIP/UFOs so i need to make sure I do the first thing first. Then it begins to flow and be organic and I find my rhythm and run with it

Jeanne Frey

When I put awy a project, I pack it all in one see through contaner. I then try to put it in my way, so I have keep moving it untill its finished.


The best way for me to get back to a project is have a plan for it and try to finish it as soon as it possible.Those fabrics are yummiest.

Chris G.

You're way more organized than me, Pat! I have to leave my current project out if I have any hope of grabbing a few minutes here and there...

Cindy S.

The best way for me to get back to a project is to make a plan for the day, including allowing time for my love of crafting. My children are grown, so I know this is easier for me than someone still raising a family. Having a craft room is both a blessing and a curse for me. While it is a wonderful place to be in, unless I go upstairs and enter the room, my projects are out of sight, out of mind. I need the discipline of a plan for the day to keep me on track.

Kathy Biggs

Life is all inclusive of what we have to do and what we love to do. That's just the way it is. Not being able to "play" with what I want when I want isn't bad thing. It forces me to organize and prioritize. Perseverance is my key. My problem is wanting to participate in almost ALL the wonderful projects that come along. I am trying to use restraint...note the work TRYING...but not succeeding very well. LOL And NOW, I'm off to take the dog to the vet this morning. But I love my dog as much as sewing/quilting/crafting, so all is relevant. That's life! :-) Hugs to you Pat and I hope your day is filled with wonderful fun things to do.

Nancy R

Projects in the works- there are many! I sign up to attend our quilt guild 3-day retreat each year. It's there that my projects get moved along a little farther and I get excited about them again. I like the idea of making a list of them in order to prioritize projects as noted by Sandy A. above.

Anita Jackson

If I am stumped~ I choose one of my favorite people that I must make a quilt for and tell myself to work, work, work to get started back on something that is set aside so I can start a new project (and to purchase more fabric....wink!). This usually gives me the motivation, PLUS Christmas is right around the corner. My gifts must be done in enough time to send to the long armer!

Sheila Burgess

What a great set of colors, I would like to win them. I know just the right quilt project to make, if not two.


I use alot of binders and plastic sleeves. I also use scrapbooking plastic cases and totes. I use alot of plastic. Wish I had your sewing room!


I try to keep each of my projects, large and small, in a separate bag or box. I keep bags when I purchase pillows etc. they are see- through and great for this. So when I have to change a project I make sure the one I want to return to is next on the pile. I can't do just one thing at time, i flit from one to another and end up at the end of the year with most (well nearly all) finished. So see-through bags are a must and I can say yes or no if something further down the pile looks more interesting on the day. 'Chaos' is what I think the name is for my methods, but it keeps me happy.

Stacey Martin

Because we are on the road a lot, my projects often get derailed due to upcoming events or things that need to be repaired or modified or whatever. I use a free list on my phone which lists all my design ideas, quilts I want to make (with images of fabric choices and pattern if that is decided). The wanderlust is nice because I can star my projects to let me see which ones are started and priority as well. If I start a project and have to "pause" I generally put it in a plastic crate (around $5 @walmart) so all the pieces stay together as well as the part I started. If I have a pattern I put a post it under the section where I stopped so it is easy to pick up. I can also make notes like "3 done, need one more to complete this block" on the post it. My goal is to never have more than 10 projects "in the works" and the list helps me stay on target with that...and I get more projects done because I stay on target with my list keeping me in line. My projects run from cross stitch, crochet and quilting.


I have not completed a lot of the splendid sampler blocks but when it's time to stop I have an oblong box which holds my folded fabric and three binders. One has each pattern in a plastic sleeve with the completed block. One has the numbered patterns in plastic sleeves. The last one has the pattern and cut-out material in plastic sleeves. When I have time to sew I take out the last binder and I'm ready to get busy. Thank you for always posting a new block the emails remind me to get busy.

Cynthia Sandberg

I put projects in priority piles. That way I can focus on the ones that need to be done first. But I keep a pile I call my break pile that are simple and give me time to just sew while I think of how I can solve an issue on one of my priority quilts. Taking breaks like that keep my creativity going.

Sandy A in St. Louis

When I get sidetracked, I sit and make a list of all the projects I have started and number them in order of most importance. I don't start a new project until at least one project is off the list completely.

Pam palmer

Wow, love your fabrics and website etc!


When I get sidetracked I have to put the project in clear view on my cutting table so I am reminded to get back at it. Thanks for all you do .

Roseanne Atkinson

I have been so sidetracked from any Sewing this past month or so (if you haven't noticed I've missed putting out the last 2 Aurifil blocks) I've been getting my home ready and showable to put it on the market. The 1st week and a half there were so many people coming to check it out. Now it's under contract and I've been searching like crazy to find a new home to move into. I would love one that I can have my Sewing studio set up and have more room to grow. All this time I keep looking back at my Sewing room. I need, really need a de-stresser. Lol. What better way to de-stress than go back to what I love doing, Sewing and quilting. Thanks for being you, you always find things to say and do that gives me confidence and encouragement to continue on and grow.


Deb that is what is needed! My projects for the trade show don't need the wall now so I can move onto this again.. (so she says!)

Deb Fox

Happens to me all the time. Lol! To get back on track I try to completely put away everything else and get my project back out and laid out on an empty table.

Sue H

All I can say, Pat, is that you are amazing!!!! Thanks for all the tips you pass along!

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