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Thursday, April 14, 2016


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Alice Gatto

Hello Pat,
I am enjoying the blocks and the stories that you and the other designers share. It is so nice to have this on line group to interact with on a daily basis. Most of the women I know do not sew, much less quilt or craft. I am hoping to find someone near to me that loves sewing as much as I do, but in the meantime this group is heaven.

Alice G.

Mildred Plaskett

Great story Pat. Thank you for doing this project. Love all the blocks and the stories. I'm learning and relearning a lot of techniques. Have to get busy! Thanks again.

Cheryl Buchanan

I loved your story Pat. Thank you for sharing and for being that person who gives with a loving heart. You have given so much of yourself to us and it is appreciated. My first experience with quilting was in the Middle East. We were stationed in Bahrain and a group of ladies formed a sewing circle that met at someone's house each week. I cherish those memories and the lady who was working on a quilt. She inspired me to quilt and each time she brought it my giant solid white cat would come out of nowhere to lay on her quilt. Precious memories will always be treasured and I hope each time someone looks at a quilt I've given, they think of me.


My favorite part of this journey is hearing everyone's stories. Whether it is about a certain block or how they went all day thinking it was a "block day" when it wasn't, we all are writing a few more lines in OUR story. Thank you so much for being a part of mine.


I am enjoying the surprise each week of what is the new challenge. I'm learning new skills and love everyone's stories! Thank you so much for this great experience!


Thank you, Pat for the latest block! I didn't even have to trim mine! Yeah!


My favorite part of the Splenda Sampler is the group dynamics. I am thrilled to be part of a world-wide quilting group. Quilters are such nice, friendly and encouraging people. I never imagined how much I would enjoy this experience. It is absolutely wonderful. I thank you and Jane for the work you do keeping us going. Other top favorites -- the unveiling of the next block, reading all about it and then viewing the end-product from my fellow quilters.
Maybe I should have just said everything is my favorite!

Penny M

I love your colors and that bee is wonderful. Can't beat red and white and aqua or red and white and turquoise for happy colors.

Rosalie Roberts

I love doing quilt baskets blocks and this one is great. Also love baskets and have always related to you and your Longabergers as I have a large collection and have been there a couple of times and actually made a couple of baskets as well. Your circle of completed blocks is great! Love them! Am going to go display mine that way right now and take a photo. Having so much fun with this project. Thanks so much for your inspiration. You have given me new energy and a longer life!

Corinne in Forks, WA

Pat, I love the community of quilters The Splendid Sampler has created! There are so many creative, talented, visionary sewists out there, and so many of them are showing us what they are doing! I love seeing all the creations, all the fabric combinations, reading all the stories, from all of these wonderful people, and feeling a part of this worldwide community.
My only problem is I spend so much time seeing and reading that I'm not always getting my blocks done! I feel I have plenty of time for that, though. The posts have given me new ideas and inspired me to do better.
Through The Splendid Sampler I have also "met" so many talented designers, my bookmarks are starting to overflow. Thank you for introducing us!

Fran Courson

Oops! I meant to say "Sunday."

Fran Courson

My favorite part of the Splendid Sampler project is opening the post on Thursday and Saturday. I am always so excited to see the instructions for the new block. I love the fact that each block is so different and enjoy reading the story behind the block. The blocks are such fun to make! I am so happy that you two worked so hard to develop this project for quilters. Thanks!


I love, love your story and of course the block. I especially love the little heart, just finishes the block to make it extra special !

Thanks again for all the hard work you do!

Lovin the "Splendid Sampler". It will indeed be SPLENDID !!


Beautiful blog and love the story behind it.


Oh my dearest Pat.... I am so touched! You're the sweetest!!!! Love you my dear friend!

Kim Davison

I'm enjoying The Splendid Sampler so much. I decided to be a student and have this group be my classroom experience. I read everything...so much good advice! I'm not planning on making a large quilt so each block I choose whichever fabric I creatively want to use. This also takes away the pressure of perfection for me and each block I have learnt something. I write down what I learn and move on to the next block. I treat the blocks as my homework and plan to do each one. I plan on buying your book at the end of this incredible experience and I will cherish it. Thank you Pat, Jane and all the contributing quilters for this year of quilting fun.

Carrie P

I have read all the stories behind the blocks. It just makes the blocks more special. Thanks for sharing. I am having so much fun and this QAL has brought my sewing mojo back!


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Ann Marie

I love learning to do new things and learning to do old things differently. Working on small blocks has been somewhat of a challenge and I am enjoying it more all the time. Seeing how everyone's blocks come out in so many pretty colors is great and making new friends along the way - what more could anyone ask for - thanks Pat for letting me be a part of this wonderful journey!


Thank you, really enjoying the splendid sample challenge and such a fab block design with week.


I started Splendid Sampler as I thought it would be a challenge for me! I am not disappointed. Block 15 was my undoing, however. By making two of each block, I will have a larger quilt, but 15 got me. It is made but looks awful. Also, the small pieces are very much a stretch for me. However, Thank you! I will do this, if I live long enough!

Beth LaMotte

Having never participated in creating a sampler, my expectations were vague at best. I actually have 2 favorites for this splendid adventure. The first encompasses the quilters and their stories. Every time I read one, I find myself being drawn to their part of the world. Secondly, my blocks are my journal. While making the blocks, I find find myself expressing my memories thru the colors I choose and my interpretations of the blocks' design. My last block reminded me of scalloping in St. Joe bay when our girls were small. The sea life in that shallow bay is extraordinary. Have you ever opened a scallop and found a baby octopus inside? It was a magical moment. In fact that will be the name of my S4 ( Scraps and Stash Splendid Sampler)-
Magical Moments.


So glad I took the time to read the story of your friends and how they have impacted your life , we all have memories like this and it is nice to be reminded of this from time to time . I love baskets and basket blocks to thanks for adding this to our growing collection , can't wait to get started :-)

Deb Fox

Great story Pat! I love the basket block. I have started letting the starched fabric dry by itself too and love that.

Cher Ann Hamilton

Love your story Pat. You truly are amazing and I am so proud to be part of your global circle of quilting friends. Sincere thank you for all you do. Hugs,

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