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Thursday, March 10, 2016


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Jennie MC Elror

I have enjoyed this journey so much. I am fairly new to the quilting arena and have so enjoyed learning something new with each block. I decided to use scraps from my stash but I am not sure how I am going to pull them all together.

I love your new line of fabric, Hometown Girl, and cannot wait to get my order this week, and start another project.

Thank you and Jane so much for bringing so many people together. I am overwhelmed by the talent of both the designers and the participants!


Hi Pat, I'm loving each and every block we receive from such a talented group of dedicated quilters. My only problem is that since I work on a table in the dining room, I now have fabric colorways started in three different rooms!! Having Splended Fun!

Beth LaMotte

These sweet blocks have brought such wonderful memories. From teaching my granddaughter the joy of watching pinwheels spinning happily in the wind reflected in my first block to suddenly finding myself humming an old Girl Scout song when I saw the 8th block 3 days ago. In fact that song describes what we are all experiencing with this splendid adventure. It is so simple, sweet, and true. "Make new fiends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." Here is to friendships old and new.

Ruth Sunday

I used to do a lot of embroidery, loved it. Since this block came out, I've kind of agonized over it because an injury to my right arm makes fine motor skills like hand sewing extremely difficult and painful. So, I took another route... I drew the design out, added the back end of "the dog" who always managed to snuggle into bed or in for a nap with me or my sister and did it in colored Sharpies. I'm happy with it. Overall I'm enjoying the sampler. Makes me practice some skills I don't necessarily use all that much and opens my mind to new things.

Kerry Kelso

THANK YOU! For #TheSplendidJourney journey. I am digging into fabrics, notions, and techniques long unused or forgotten. The inspiration is borderless! The patterns, directions, support & kindness truly warm my soul on a daily basis! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Wonderful thoughts Pat! I do have one question...has your brother ever asked about his wayward Bunny? I love the Idea of Keeping a "Quilt Journal". I hope we will all remember this event for many years to come, but going the step further, telling the "Story" and making it all come to life, will be something Our Families and Loved ones will Cherish. One never knows what might be important in future years and generations to come! This event could be in a textbook a 100 years from now, "Looking Back on the Social Structure of the Early 2000's and the Rituals that Brought a World of Women Together"! That actually doesn't sound half bad...lol!!!


I still have "Jeffy", a little stuffed orange and white (sort of now) dog, I got when I was in first grade.

Lisa Spicer

Having things like tattered rabbits from our childhood are good reminders that life doesn't have to be so complicated. I think this block design is so darn cute and yours is lovely. I have seen the many and varied interpretations of it and there some really talented people out there. I chose to keep mine true to Amy's original and do black on white because I liked the simplicity (not complicated) of the design. Not that hand work is simple and it did take me some time. I had fun doing it.

Kelly Lea

Love the red work ‼️❤️


do you think your brother remembers?

Anita Jackson

I'm laughing. I'm sure you've loved the rabbit more than your brother ever could.

Cheryl Brock

Love this can't wait to start.

Pat Oster

Love your little block. It is so sweet, as is your rabbit story! Thanks for sharing both.

Rosalie Roberts

This block had so many ways of doing it that it would make a fun quilt on it's own. I love your Redwork with the blue cover. I had a hard time trying to decided which way to go and am happy with my choice but love so many of the options. It would make a fun doll quilt or even baby quilt. I love embroidery.

Patricia Cash

So cute!

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