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Thursday, April 23, 2015


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Bobbie Jedinak

I want to start quilting. What is the best book you have, for beginner quilter. Do you also have a video for beginners to watch, along with reading? I think you may have posted the name of the book, but I can't find the name ok it is now.
Thank you,

Gaila C

Thanks for posting this. I had forgotten all about buying the ruler. Just got through doing several HSTs after they were opened and pressed. Maybe I will remember next time.

Shirley Howell

When you over size, how much to you add to a cut so that your HST come out to the desired measurement? I have seen Eleanor do this as well and have always been unsure.

Rebecca Schmitt

I have a question - if you trim before pressing open, do you have dog ears at the corners? If so, don't you have to trim them off?


I love HST so much, everything becomes simple and precise. Thank's for share

Jeanne Frey

Great lesson. We all keep doing it the way we first learned and the grumble about it. This is so much easier and true to size. Thank you.

Dianna Sides

I have this ruler, but just started using it ALOT.


Gracias por este tutorial !!!!


Ism sure I have that ruler! Going to look for it and thank you Pat!

Sue Munn

I LOVE that ruler! Eleanor has some really neat tools!

Myra Sattler

I have one I love and used it so much that the numbers are wore off on one side. I just love it.

Susan Best

I have been using that ruler for a couple of years now, don't know how I lived without it before! It's my favorite ruler!

Evelyn Wonner

I just finished squaring up a lot of HSTs after I ironed them open, wish I would have seen this before, looks like it would have saved me a bunch of time. Will have to try this on my next project.

Mary Abbott

I have the ruler so now I know how to use it.


I have this ruler and never used it. Thank you for the tip. It will be
my favorite tool now. What a time saver.


I love this ruler. I make MANY HSTs and this saves soooo much time.

Michele Fetter

Love this ruler. Thanks for sharing with everyone this tutorial Pat. It's a must have for the HST's. I use mine over and over for accuracy and ease.

Mary Ann

Wow, this does look easier and quicker than pressing first! Thanks!


Thanks for the tip, Pat! I usually open it up and then trim but this little ruler looks like it would make things much quicker and easier!

Kaye Tufton

I just found you a few days ago. glad I did...Happy sewing all.

Office cleaners London

Thank you for this tutorial! Great post!


I've been using this ruler for years! Just love it! It is the one ruler I'd go out and pay full price for immediately if I lost the one I have.

Kerri Hunter

I too square mine up after they are opened and pressed! Now I am going to give this a try it looks like a much easier way to trim. Thanks Pat you always seem to come up with great ideas.

diane motley

I just purchased this ruler when I was at a trunk show given by Eleanor's sister Patty. I cannot wait to use it, and thank you Pat for this tutorial. I think it's going to help many of us get our HSTs squared up.


Thank you Pat! I have always squared mine up after opening and pressing, the way I was tought, but this is so much easier.

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