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Tuesday, January 06, 2015


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Jeanenne Nielsen

It is a good lesson. I have a quarter inch foot and the angler on my machine, and both help for me to get the quarter inch seam right.


Great info to have.

Just a little fyi...in case anyone wants to try to find the handy little 4" Omnigrid ruler that Pat Sloan is using above, here's a little info on it: I have the little (4") Omnigrid ruler - mine came as part of a 3-pc set (4", 6", & 12") and is called "Marking Ruler Trio". If I remember correctly I think I got mine on sale at Joann's awhile back, and I just now checked and they are on sale for $9.99 on Amazon. Package says they are great for marking 1/4" sewing or quilting lines, and adding or checking 1/4" seam allowances.

Jacqueline Bencomo

Very good review. The smallest details most often gives the greatest results. Thanks for the reminder.

Karin Vail

I bought a foot like that one for my Pfaff - and it turned out to be a FAT 1/4'' - I was very sad that I couldn't use it for quilting!


Thank You! I found my 1/4"mark on my machine. Before I was assuming where it was.

Anne McKenzie

I have a question. I see you have the Babylock Crescendo. What is your favorite feature on it? I want one so bad.
I have a Janome right now and the 1/4 inch foot is way off:( Thanks for the tutorial, now I can see why my measurements are off.

Ellen B Rousseau

Thanks.. Always have that problem.

Mary Ann

Great photos and really helps to show why that scant seam is important and how the finished units should look! The final measurement is what's most important and this show us how to get it.


Awesome tut. Thanks.


Cathy the outer 2 squares STILL have a 1/4" on each end, which is the seam allowance.

Left - 2 1/4"
center - 2"
Right - 2 1/4"

2 1/4" + 2 + 2 1/4" = 6 1/2"

sharon lawson

I am new to your site and I am loving it.

Donna Smith

Thanks for the tutorial. A new idea helps everyone.

Donna Smith

I'm taking on my first challenge. Never did a BOM before. Going to try your vacation 2015.

Beth Klobusnik

I use a 1/4in foot! I'm going to measure to be sure it is sewing at a 1/4 in :)

Kelly Faulconer

I do pretty well with the quarter inch seam if I use my 1/4 inch foot. If I use a different foot but follow the markings on the machine, it is off.

Beth Gabel

I teach quilting classes and this is an excellent, quick and easy way to demonstrate to my students the proper way to make sure they are sewing an exact quarter inch seam allowance. I love it! And it's always fun for the students in a class to see what a difference it makes when one of the students is off by "just a little bit", and how that little bit makes a huge difference! Thanks for this post!

Billye Douglas Watson

Cathy Ball, the outside edges of the outside blocks have not been sewn yet, so they both have an additional 1/4".

Cathy Ball

I don't understand why if the middle square is 2" then why is the total 3 squares 6.5"?

Barbara Berthiaume

Thanks for the tutorial. Now I would like to know how to accurately draw a line from Connor to Connor? Some times it's a smidgen off?


I would also say check your block when you have made one block. A 9" block that should finish 9-1/2" and is made of strip sets of 1" squares will need to be stitched with a scant 1/4" seam or it will turn out too small bc of the threads lost to the seam fold over. The correct seam allowance is the one that lets me end up with the correct finished block size.

Where applicable, I make units oversize and trim to exact measurements (half-square triangles, hourglass blocks, etc.). I have taught quilting for decades and students love it when their quilt turns out the right size bc the blocks are exactly right!

Thanks for the tutorials, Pat. I love scrappy quilts. You inspire me!


Yep.... Finally, understand ... When I started quilting (over 7 years ago) ....no one took the time to help me ... Just shook their heads and alienated me because I didn't understand that I was doing something wrong ... Had to learn on my own... That's why I participate more in online groups ... Because I feel accepted.


Just purchased a new machine and a new 1/4inch walking foot. Is the straight stitch sole plate necessary? Love your tutorials. I am a new quilter and an old person, so I feel I need to catch up Quickly. Thanks.

Diana coll

Great idea! Will definitely look at that!

Michele Fetter

My quarter inch seam needs checked so I'm going to try this. Thanks. Now what's your advice for sewing a straight line from start to finish? I seem to wander to the left and the end of my seam. Maybe I'm just warped. Lol

Shirley in Canada

great way to test! Thank you.

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