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Saturday, April 19, 2014


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Janet Green

I think my oldest UFO is actually only 10. I started a quilt to go on my bed. Then I bought a new bed and the quilt doesn't fit. I was in the middle of hand quilting it. So it hangs there staring at me with its accusations of abandonment. I stare right back then close the door. It doesn't yet know that I have found a home for it but not until my niece graduates in 2 1/5 years. Ahh sweet time.

Carmen N

My oldest quilting/sewing UFO only goes back to the beginning of this year as I'm still a beginner. But I have at least one crochet UFO goes back 3 years.


Love your encouragement Pat. You might enjoy this post http://thegirlfriendgap.blogspot.com/2014/04/operation-move-it-on-monday.html
So much guilt from unfinished projects ..... I needed a plan. Happy to say I am moving things forward!
It all started with your encouragement. Thank you for all you do . Janita


I can honestly say I don't have any quilt UFOs at the moment. I do have one knitting UFO but that will be taken care of now that I have found a new finishing technique that gives me the look I want.

Carol in Oregon

I got tired of doing Dear Jane blocks. I decided this quilt just wasn't for me. So I picked out the finished blocks I liked and made a miniature quilt. And I like it. Now I am happy. Project done.
Carol in Oregon


I am not a one at a time kinda gal. In fact the more I think about it the more it impedes my creativity. When I feel the creative juices I just need to go with it. With that said I'm gonna pull out my oldest UFO and get to work. Thanks for the push Pat!

Nina Schwerdtfeger

I have two that are my oldest. They are vintage grandmother flower gardens. They are not mine but I am trying to make decisions on techniques for finishing as they are two different patterns. Been in the thinking stage for awhile but it will happen. Have finished two other vintage tops..their previous owners are happy for sure!

Nina Taylor

Oh my! I would have to go look in my sewing room and dig around to find the oldest. I have way too many UFOs, but they are all in individual craft boxes and labeled. However, I can proudly say that last Sunday I gave away a bunch of Dresden plate pieces in 30s repros that just didn't do it for me anymore.


I must admit I have a really hard time starting something new before I've finished my last project. Trying to get over that. Maybe I'll finally complete the unfinished quilt my mother-in-law left behind when she passed in 1992. All it needs is binding. Then there are the BOM kits I was given when I retired in 2000.....


I used to be one those "one quilt at a time" quilters while I worked. But now I've gone to the opposite extreme and have about 6 going at once of my own - plus tops to quilt for customers. Had to put up a white board to help me keep track of all that's going on :)


Just keep us on track Pat. This year I am trying to finish a number of projects and do some stash busting. So far 3 UFO have been finished but have started a number of new projects as my spirit to work at the sewing machine has returned. For me luckily none of my UFO are more than 10 years. My next UFO is my oldest at 8 years I think maybe 9 years it was started during a short stay in hospital. It may take 2-3 months to complete this one.


I have got to a point with my UFO's that I feel overwhelmed by them but it still does mot stop me from starting new ones. However, I did pick up one and have started to continue with the quilting. There is far more to do than I imagined but ignoring it will not do it. Hopefully it will be one to cross off the list year.

Cornelia Niebur

My oldest UFO is a Round Robin Quilt. I sewed the centre block in 1999 and then it went on a 1-year trip from Germany to Switzerland, Mexico, United States and back to Germany. Now it is waiting for hand quilting.


My oldest UFO is a cathedral window that I in 1979! It may just have to move on! Thanks for helping me make that decision!

Mary Ann

Oldest one is 15-16 yrs ols...maybe older. A Quilt in a Day log cabin in very soft pastels. It's even quilted and just needs binding....maybe never, not at all my current fabric choices!


Uh oh! I've got ufo quilt guilt!! I have a stack that's been waiting for me to quilt. Another stack just waiting for binding and labels. A couple of hidden kits. A dear Jane started but in no hurry to ever finish it. So now I'll probably finish it beings I said that. Bunch of new ufo's šŸ˜

Susan k

I pulled out two UFO's this week from who knows how long ago. I finished the top on one - a small patriotic wall hanging from a kit and started the second. The second is a foundation paper pieced pattern from Eileen Sullivan of Hollyhocks. I've done 3 or 4 of her patterns before and enjoyed them. They're challenging but fun and the results are wonderful. I also finished quilting two very old UFO's earlier in the week.
Got all this finished or pulled out of the closet due to throwing my back out in January. Bad news - can't cook, clean, walk or stand long. Good news - sitting at the sewing machine doesn't hurt at all!

Pat Allen

Not sure just how many projects there may be... on hold... in bags, boxes or totes, waiting for completion! I was diagnosed with Parkinson's last fall... have dopamine loss. I now have a better understanding of what happened to my ability to remain focused, to have energy and motivation for creating. Will not be returning to work in Human Services. I am looking forward to, and praying for having much better days... and being Joyful. Thank you Pat for all you share to inform,motivate, encourage, keep us on task, and amuse us! Have an awesome weekend!

Donna Cook

My oldest UFO is a pattern called Deck of Cards. Have the whole thing put together and just need to quilt the top and add a binding.

Geraldine Walter

My oldest UFO is a WIF but you cant do Dear Jane quickly. I bought the book about 15 years ago when I was on holiday and it stayed on my coffee table for 11 years before a Dear Jane group was started at Guild. It took me 4 years to complete the centre and then a friend pointed out to me that I had made the sashing too wide, so I unsewed it and cut back the sashing. I have been working on the wedges for over a year and I have completed almost half. It seems like a long time but from April to November each year I sew costumes for the local sports club where I coach. It's called calisthenics. (It's an Australian thing.)

Debbie Painter

My oldest is 36 plus years old! Started learning from my daughters great grand mother and great aunt. We divorced and so my quilt stopped! I cleaned out all of my sewing totes and found them a couple of weeks ago. I would love to finish it! Problem is two of the blocks have a rodent urine spot on them and I'm not sure how to remove it! Any one out there in cyber land know ?


My oldest UFO was started by my mom in 1938. It's a Bible story applique. She finished 7 of the 12 blocks and I've got parts of 4 more underway. That makes it 76 years old and counting.

Nancy of IN

The oldest that I have been working on was started in 1998 when I hand pieced blocks from neckties--starting with my father's which I am now putting together for all his great grands--9 of them. I have one top together.
I haven't figured out when some of the others were started.


My oldest is probably from 2006. A BOM (surprise!!!)the center is all applique and I haven't gotten the hand stitching done yet. Then it gets more borders and more applique. It will get done eventually. I will not even discuss all the tops waiting quilting. Oh my
they do call to me.

Linda Ferguson

My oldest UFO is sitting. Here waiting for me to put it's borders on it. It's between19 and 20 years old. I'll take it to retreat in a couple weeks and finish it before I move on to more fun stuff.

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