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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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Sharon S.

This is GREAT info! Would also love to see this on your "round-up" side bar ;) Thanks so much!

Beverly Aguilar

Pat, I've used Micron pens for years and the labels have held up very well. I have used a dark, fine line Sharpie to mark lines on the paper side of freezer paper then iron it to my label fabric. It is very stable for writing and the lines help keep it neat. I heat set also.


I used Uniball Signo gel pens for a signature quilt. Heat set. Seemed to work very well, easy to use, ink shows up nicely.

I usually print my labels on an ink-jet printer. You can get very creative with these labels.


I use the micron archival pens and heat set. So far so good but I don't wash quilts very often.

Marcia Krebs

I love to PRINT my labels! But it's mainly b/c I use a QR Code... Most people now days have a smart phone, so this QR code is a live link to my Facebook page... This link was my original label - I have since modified it so I can also use it as a corner label and around the edge of the QR code, I tell people to "Scan me with your smartphone"...



Great info. I have tried to print on fabric but have not washed the result so not sure if my heat setting procedures are accurate. I have used the gel pen to write a label and have had really good luck with those. Thanks for this info in one place.

Janet Green

i too have used many ways and i like embroidery the best it just always seems to stay nice!!! Pens never last long enough. I gave a friend a quilt and after convincing her it was ok to wash it gets washed once a week. She watches a lot of little monsters. the label i printed is gone (less than a year) I have now embroidered one she can sew on!


I always appreciate a pen/fabric review. I have yet to find one that works consistently. The micron pens absolutely do not last -- they dry out so quickly. Sharpie fades after many washings. I've botched enough computer labels putting fabric through my printer than I no longer "go there." I have done a simple monogram but my machine isn't an embroidery one. I never thought of starching the label fabric. Thanks for the info and links.


lots of useful hints here , thanks for sharing. Your book Redwork with a twist arrived yesterday so there is not much stitching going on now as bust browsing.
How do I get notified when you have posted on your blog, it does not tell me at the moment?


Wow, I love research, especially when I don't have to do it myself! Thanks for all of these tips. Whatever the method, I'm convinced that I WILL label every quilt I make.

Mary Deeter

Such a great compilation of "making label" information. Thanks


Every time I use Sharpies they bleed. I have tried Zig but found they didn't last even with heat setting. I stick with Microns. Once heat set they have lasted on autograph quilts not just labels! Just my opinion!

Lee Ann

Ms. Pat, You Rock! This is such a great post! Even though not all of my quilts have a label, I do know how important it is to document who, when, where, and maybe why and who the quilt was made for. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information!
Hugs in Quilting


I would not recommend using Sharpies. They look fine but do not last. I used them on many labels for my own quilts and after 10 to 15 years the ink separates and you get a yellow oily shadowing around the letters. I had to go back and redo all the labels using Pigma pens. They work great. It's best to use a pen designed for fabric not one that just happens to write on fabric. Just my two cents worth.

Marilyn Woolson

Thanks so much Pat for sharing this information. It was very helpful. I make labels but never really knew how well they held up because they were quilts I gave away. Now I know that the pen that I have been using is the best one to use.

D. Kelly

Awesome information Pat so useful thanks for sharing!

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