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Wednesday, February 05, 2014


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Karen L.

If I remember right, my first sewing project was a skirt made in the Home Ec glass in school. I don't even think they have that class anymore, do they? What a shame! Well, at least we still have Sewing with Nancy to help us out.

Carol Kussart

I used to make doll clothes when I was little, and after I joined 4-H, I started making my own clothes. Now I love quilting. Nancy Z. is great--I am going to have to read her book! Thanks for the give-away!


my first sewing project was a skirt that looked like it was made from a david jones bag!!!!!!!!!


For the first day of first grade, I made an a-line skirt. It was bonded polyester plaid - an uneven plaid of course! - in very bright (!) primary colors, with a waistband, darts, and an invisible zipper. I loved it, and I think my mom might still have it hidden away somewhere. Only looking back can I see what patience mom must have had! But she never told me it was hard, and to this day the ONLY kind of zipper I can install is an invisible! Thank goodness quilts don't have zippers..... I have watched ans admired Nancy as long as I can remember.
-Maria in Tucson


My first sewing project I chose was a blouse for my younger sister made from feedsack material. It had short puffy sleeves and a Peter Pan Collar.


My first sewing project was a aqua a-line dress with purple color bands near the bustline and hemline. I thought i was stylin'! Makes me think of my mom when i remember sewing that dress. She helped me all along the way; she was a multi-talented seamstress. Just like Nancy, whom i have learned so much from.

Carole Sullivan

good grief--I have to remember that far back! my first project was a doll that resembles a *dammit* doll! that is the best way to describe her. for clothing, I was in the 6th grade and made a dress/gown for our Civil War-colonial style *reenactment play*. will never forgot that as it was the first time I had sewn through my finger twice. :-)

Anna Marie Houck

My first sewing project was a pair of pot holders and a matching apron. I made it in 7th grade Home Ec class. I would love to win the book. I have followed Nancy for a long time!

Allison Schaeffer

My first sewing project was a funky doll and clothes when I was 14 years old. Had alot of fun and still have the two dolls I made today. And they make me laugh.


My first sewing project was a jumper in Junior High School...blek!!!


First project was an orange polyester skirt. Loved that thing.

Jennifer Waltz

My first memory of sewing was hand sewing doll clothes from scraps from my mother's sewing box. (Circa 1956 and I was 8 !)

Ruth Ann Henderer

My first sewing project was an apron! Yup when I was young people actually made them and wore them too! Things do come around don't they? They are now back in style. Shows how old I am. Would love to have a copy of Nancy's book. Thanks for the chance to win one.

Tracy DVR

First thing I ever made was a corduroy vest for the Girl Scout Sewing Badge...yikes it was a hot mess.

Melva Campbell

My first sewing project was a broomstick skirt made when I was 12 years old when my mother was away shopping. I always watched her sew my clothing. She never sewed for me after that. She said I was ready to sew for myself.
I have watched The Sewing With Nancy tv show for many years.
From Melva in OH

Dianne Fitch

My 1st sewing project was an apron, then a stuffed animal. Nancy is simply an amazing person!

Glenna Al

My first sewing project was an apron in home economics in the 7th grade way back in the late 50's, then a gathered skirt in that class.
Love watching Sewing with Nancy. So inspiring.
And Pat, I have just discovered you and am loving following all your projects, etc.!

rachelle pare

My first sewing project was a dinosaur quilt for my grandson Hunter

Linda Hiatt

I started sewing at an early age, learning from family members and 4-H leaders. I honestly can't remember what the first project was since its been over 55 years! I admired Nancy when I took a class from her at a sewing machine dealers convention years ago and look forward to reading her book.


My first sewing project was in home ec in high school. I chose a double breasted jacket with a box pleated dress. The dress material was navy blue checks and the jacket was solid navy with white buttons. It was quite a challenge but it came out great and I even wore it!


Wow, to remember way back when I first sewed, that is a hard question!! I remember to embordiary work but I think I sewed a nice pair of elastic waist pants!!! Times sure have changed! In the early 80's I remember attending workshops of Nancy techniques. I have been a fan of her's for years. It would be so fun to read her book.

Holly fitzpatrick

I think my first sewing project was an apron. I was in 4-h in Alaska. It consisted of one of our neighbors as the leader and her daughter as the other member. This was in the 60's so a little hard to remember but this woman instilled the love of sewing in me,

Jennifer Collard

My first sewing project was a jumper. # facings, patchj pockets, one front and 2 back panels to accomodate a zipper. Easy right? WRONG! I botched it so badly I nearly failed Home Ec. and the jumper went to my grandma after my mom had tried to redo it and also failed. Grandma got it to look like a garment and I wore that thing until it was a rag. Great beginning for a person who wound up sewing the rest of her life, right? Why not! Seriously, I would dearly love to win this book and learn Nancy's story.

Michelle Durand

I loved watching Nancy's show and could wait for the next show. But unfortunately it's not broadcast here anymore '-(. I did have an opportunity to meet Nancy in person at one of the events at AQS Paducah


My first project was an aporn that I made over 40 yrs ago that I still have, I was so excited I wouldn't use it, I wanted to keep it for a souvenir.

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