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Saturday, January 25, 2014


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Julie N

I would use black. The blocks are fantastic! When I look at them I see sort of an amish look so I think black would be the color that sets them off.

Merritt Crawford

Hi, Pat,
Is it too late to send in my block? I'm so sorry for being late. I'll put it the mail tomorrow.
Happy Birthday!
Hope you like the block.

ErmaMae Deutsch

I would use black as it will make all the brilliant colors pop. I would then bind it with amixture of all colors in the blocks. I love multi-colored binding. Alongside the black it will be outstanding! Let us know what happens!

Carol in Oregon

How about a grey that has bits of red and aqua? It would be great with any of the blocks.

Janet Green

I can see my block!!! I'm not even gonna suggest a color because it's yours to do with as you please. Just promise to show us how it looks finished! And I have 3 ufos done and hopefully will have 4 more by the end of February woo hoo!!!

Elizabeth King

Pat, a aqua , a batik with varying depth of the colour.

Lydia from PA

I think a very fine light gray/medium gray pattern, or a blender that has blotchy shades of those grays, but very subtle in either case, and if you find in piecing some blocks together that your block "mortar" is a bit thick or wide against a smaller block, add a strip of aqua here & there, but not too much. I like the pops of aqua scattered in the blocks, but with all the blocks' variety, and the strength of black, red and white that predominates, I believe soft grey would both calm the overall quilt, given its size, and frame the individual blocks. A little more aqua, maybe in pale shades, could add interest, without adding too much busyness, in my opinion.


I would use gray. 100 x100 is a big quilt. What about downsizing and putting a wide swath of blocks on the back?


I am loving all the options! I will share this coming week how it is going and which fabric I decided would work!


Wow!! What a wonderful collection of amazing blocks!! Your quilt is going to be stunning!! As for spacer fabrics I'd stick to solids, and use a mix of aqua and white and red, because there'll be times where aqua will blend with an aqua block so a white spacer will be more suitable, or red will set off a white block better.

dianna eickhorn

I was wondering what the grey would look like as sashing.


what about a surprise color: butter yellow...soft, creamy, sugar cookie dough yellow


I would choose an aqua fabric to tie things together. It's going to be terrific! I found my block! Have fun!

Valerie Reynolds

I love to use black for scrappy quilts like this...as soon as I saw this post I thought: How fun!!!!!

Brenda Iwami

Maybe I'm being too simple, but I'd go with white. Clean, crisp, simple...ultimately, use what makes you happy and we will love it too!

Shirley in Canada

Black or charcoal grey. Then again I would almost be tempted to use a fine black and white stripe if the sashing was going to be too large


Black would always work. Polka dots would make it hyper, as would stripes. I would use the stripes and dots on the outer borders though.

Definitely not grey. No.


wow - this is going to be one fun quilt top to put together - I love the idea of aqua as spacers :)

joan Kruse

I would use aqua or a light gray.

Pam G

I really like group one. The colors are bright and funky and the typewriters would really add some punch to any quilt!

Michelle Melara



I think gray or grey would dull the look. I would go for a red for sashing, and a darker aqua for the border, both solids, not patterns, but maybe a quieter batik. Or aqua for the sashing, and a darker red for the border, yeah! Don't dull the bright, wild colors with a creme or grey............
I like the idea of two quilts together, back to back. I did a very large (114 x 114) log cabin and it will cover a wall nicely, or a king size bed, or a gorilla or elephant, maybe!

Perhaps put four of the smaller blocks in the corners of the border, or even more to make them part of the border. Then you have to have a substantial inner border, hmmm.............
Can't wait to see what you do!


I think that black would make it all pop. Of course I just love black or cream accents in just about everything.


Bright aqua to bring it all together!

Sharon Hughson

I can't even find my two. I forgot what they look like. I like the portrait block! Hey how about red or black for the sashing? Do you not like one less than the other? If you add that color it will make the other pop. I learned that.

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