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Friday, December 13, 2013


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This makes so much sense. Quilts for others do get done. I have an unbelievable number of flimsies waiting to be quilted and a closet full of started projects. The ones really bugging me are draped on an extra ironing board or pinned to my wall. I have a squirrel brain that thinks of many new projects a day. I listen to your show in the car and that is not helping with me being over inspired , I am going to attempt at least 1 finish a month. Right now I am piecing blocks that have lived on my design wall for 2 years -under a piece of flannel. It sure feels good to actually see it coming together.


You are so right! And timely! My LQS is once again hosting its Wall of Fame. Get your picture taken with your UFO in the store by the end of the year. Bring it back it, quilted and bound, by March 31 and get 40% off an item; by June 30, 30%, etc. I wonder: if I finish 3 UFOs by March 31, will they pay me to take an item? LOL! I wish!


Thanks for all the great tips for 2013, here's to another year of UFO busting :)


I have 35 finishes for 2013: 15 of them were made prior to 2013. There are now 10 flimsies in the box.

In 2014 I want to finish those 10. I will make more, but I want to get those 10 out of the way.

I also have sets of blocks that I want to make into something. I haven't determined a specific goal for those yet.


I want to join 2014's UFO Buster group. I didn't join this year but did manage to finish 2 UFOs. The problem is I took some classes and added 6 more projects to the more than 30 that have built up over the last 14 years since I start having time to quilt at least weekly. Still haven't gotten to quilting daily because I spend too much time shopping for fabric of course, dreaming up ideas about quilts to make, and procrastinating.

Abby West

I made my list for next year. I have 11 quilts that I need quilted and 1 quilt as I go to finish up. Plus I joined 2 BOM's for next year. These are on top of my goals for designing some quilts. I plan on making my husband a quilt based on beer! Crazy right? He has giving me some crazy ideas for quilts and I hope to make some them into actual quilts in 2014. Love the UFO challenges it really helps keep me on track.


No need to make a kist, what needs to be done are all hanging on hangers in my sewing room closet. Must be about 30 quilt tops and we're not talking lap size, twin or larger! So my goal is to finish one a month.I am in the process of cleaning, sorting, giving away anything I know I have outgrown or will never use. It's been liberating the past few days finding fabric I have no memory of buying! A lot of What was I thinking? Thanks for the inspiration!

helenmarie in tn

My UFO to finish by year end is our Christmas Swap from last year. The top is done, I just need to get it quilted and bound. I'm working on my last customer quilt for the year, so I may even have it done for.... wait for it..... Christmas!!! LOL Once I finish that I want to finish my Orca Bay. I have the center made and am thinking that rather than struggle with the pieced border I will just put a solid black border on and call it done. If I do that I may have that one done for ... wait for it... New Years! WOO WOO!! I have to go down and sort through to make my list for next year.


Karen that only works for me if you buy MY stuff.. LOL! You can save up.. wink!

Karen Lieberman

This works really well for me, since my theme for 2014 is finishing UFOs and not buying ANY new fabric. I really want to finish my Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts I've started for the last 3 years. Easy Street, Orca Bay and Roll, Roll Cotton Boll. :-)

Tammy V

I'm excited to join in on the ufo finishing for 2014. Thanks for all your inspiration.


I made a list. I know, surprise! I plan to start getting some tops quilted and slowly work on those other UFOs...the ones that have not reached topsville yet. I need to get some so I can move on to other projects.


I'm working on this years ufo & working like a crazed quilter to get 'er done. Hand quilting a king size cross stitch quilt. I CAN do it. I have already picked 3 projects to finish in January. I sure hope it doesn't take me 3 months to finish them :( I have a bunch more ufo's just waiting their turn & yes, they are all for me. LOL I may give some of them away after they are done though. Thanks Pat, we are so ready for this challenge. At least I know I am. These confounded ufo's are really hounding me to get done, done, & done

Janet Green

I have 2 deadlines for ufos they are for Oct and the quilt show I have only been a part of this guild for a year and have never shown a quilt I have no interest in that. All of my quilts are given away. But this year I created a charity quilt and the girls told me I have to enter my "Jane". So that and my 12 days of christmas are my ufos to complete everything else must wait. For the next quarter will not be possible but if I manage my time well I WILL finish and send you pictures!!!!

pat sloan

Pick one Shirley... no reason to wait until Sept...wink!

Shirley in Canada

for me??? You mean we are allowed to do that??? LOL
I guess first up on my list would be to quilt the Christmas tops I have in TopVille. But I give myself until October to have those done.
An earlier finish for my PHD's would be to quilt one of the 5 quilts I have sandwiched and just waiting. Think I will make that one a month for the next little while - but that is not set in stone yet!!

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