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Friday, May 17, 2013


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Yay! I won your fabric bundle, ear buds, and thread sampler pack! Thank you for giving this away to a participant...I'm an uber nerd fan and thread junkie so I'm super super excited! :) Yay!

Wendy T.

Hi Pat-
My first quilt was started as a baby gift for a friend. It was almost 30 years ago and I was sewing it by hand. I wonder where it is tucked away as I never did finish it!


My first quilt I made was in 1990. I had a coworker at work that showed me how. The quilt has different color appliqued hearts on squares and put in a rainbow layout. Believe it or not, I made most of the appliqued blocks, actually the whole quilt at work, the airport, in between flights. On Saturdays when we had a huge break between flights, I'd bring my machine and sew in the checkout room. Ahhhh good times, hehe.

Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


carol craven

I made my first quilt, a lopsided log cabin in bright colors for our online group of QUilters Who Care, as the prject was 80 quilts for a nursing home , their residents needed them. The lady in charge somehow fixed my top and it was given to a resident. I 98% do charity quilts.

Marge Barlow

My first attempt at making a quilt was in 1974 after the loss of my baby boy that lived for 40 minutes. I took the class at my local junior college and learned to cut fabric by way of templates that we made. Everything was hand-pieced, hand-applique etc. I never could quite get the urge to finish the quilt and somewhere along the path of life everything got thrown out. In 1995 one of my son-in-laws was hurt badly and spent several months in the hospital recovering. While he was in there, my oldest daughter (his wife) and I heard of a free class at Wal-Mart of all places. We took the class where we learned to foundation-piece and we loved it. It was just a strip pieced quilt but I was so excited just to learn it. Now all these years later and after some classes at the local quilt shop, I am hooked big time. My project of the day is Bali Crossroads by Charlotte Humphrey. It looked so complicated but it is going together beautifully. I cant wait to get it done so I can hang it on my living room wall. I think all the beautiful batiks are so hard to choose from and I cant get enough of them.

Gretchen Barclay

Made a trip around the world in 1982-- the quilt , not the actual trip. It in poly cotton solids and it was intended to cover the 1950's sectional sofa at my boyfriend's apartment. It was hand quilted and I have a photo of me proudly displaying my handiwork. I probably should have been studying for grad. school finals. Parted ways 30 years ago and have no wish to see the guy or the quilt again.


My first quilt happened after showing a quilt lady a few of my quilted vest that I was making and selling in 1996. She was so impressed with the vest and handbags and inquired, "Where are your quilts?" Quilts? I asked, confused. No, I don't make bed quilts...that would take up way too much time. And it would have at the time...working full time swing shifts as a police officer and loving 3 little kids just didn't leave anytime for big projects. So as sort of a challenge, I enrolled in a class to make a quilt. It was an 8 hour class; however, sadly, I didn't just didn't "get" it. I called the teacher and told her that I was completely lost and she said whenever I got the time, to just come on by and she would explain it to me again. The following week, she was prepared to spend some time (an hour) to work with me and my block...got it in 15 minutes...somehow it all made sense. I went home and spent the next 22 hours making a quilt ... completed the top. Boy, was I proud. Lol...it was 12 years later that the quilt was quilted and bound and finished. So that is my first quilt story.

barbara woods

I just thought I would try to make one sence my sis made them all the time and I did

Karen Mc

Don't remember if I entered the day you posted this or not so here goes! I made my first quilt in 1996 because I wanted to become a quilter. I still have it on the quilt stand and hang it up this time of year - it is red/white/blue! I love it.


I made my first quilt because I wanted to make one for my little son. I took a quilting class but actually never finished that first quilt. I used scissors and templates. Once I learned how to cut with a rotary, well, the quilting bug really got me. So Quilts in a day became the GO TO projects!

Jo C.

About 5 years ago i found a pile of pinwheel blocks at the thrift store. I bought the, and they became my first quilt. I had no idea what i was doing and i did it all by hand. Thank you!
Boppiesgirl at gmail dot com

Suzanne Adler

My first quilt I made was a friendship star quilt that I still have. This was in about 1990. I fell in love with quilting!


My first quilt was made in 1981 and was a sampler made during a quilting class. I made it because I had always wanted to learn to quilt and had no family members to teach me.

Mary Deeter

My first "quilt" was for my first grandchild! I figured if MY mother could make a quilt for a grandchild, I could make one!! It was NOT pretty....or really a quilt! I got a panel of fabric; and backed it with red satin. It did have batting. I finished it with satin binding and TIED it with blue ribbon. Well, when the grandson was 2, I was given the task of rebuilding the quilt. And in those two years, I had learned a lot. So, it got ZEBRA stripe for the back...why...well, the front was Noah's Ark....and I did a MUCH better job finishing it too. When the grandson was 3 I made him a "big boy quilt" for his twin bed complete with 1/2 square triangles. I've come a long way !! :)

Melody DeGraziano

My first two simultaneously made baby quilts were made from 100% polyester, made in a four patch pattern and hand quilted with love for two colleagues's new babies. Though I'm embarrassed by them, I still have a photo of one.


Back in the 80's there was a t.v. program called Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel. I made my first quilt using her technique. Then I found a group of ladies at church that hand quilted every week and joined them. I have learning new techniques and making quilts since than.

Catherine Zaring

My first quilt was for one of my dolls, plain patchwork, all cut and sewn by hand under my Grandmother's watchful eye. I would have been about 5 at the time so 1959 or so. In 1989 I made a Sunshine & Shadow queen size, puff, tied quilt for a raffle and I've been making quilts ever since. :)

Shar Fletcher

I made my first quilt for my first baby 21 years ago! It was a log cabin quilt cut in strips. Boy do I know an easier way now!


Made my first quilt in 2001. I wanted to try paper piecing. We used this small quilt as a window covering for years. I now have this quilt hanging in my sewing/quilting studio as a reminder of how far I have come in my quilting.

Judy A

My first quilt was a log cabin wall hanging, made for a Christmas gift for my sister in law. Wow, that was 30 years ago. In thinking about what I've made over the years, I've made more wall hangings. I love to decorate with them!


For my Dad.....I thought I better start with him as he was the oldest member of the family. It was an 80th birthday/Christmas present. My youngest nephew owns the quilt at this time. I made the front to be like a walk in the Fall (his favorite time of year) woods in Maine, where he lived. The Flying Geese inner borders had the blue of the NM/AZ sky where he spent winters when he was older. The back was a red (his favorite color) plaid with Beagles, one of the breed of dogs he raised. I was really pleased that I could make something so personal for him.

Sandy D

I made my firover 30 years ago after taking a class at the local highschool. After taking the class I made a small doll quilt for our youngest daughter. She still has it today and lets her daughters use it for teir dolls.


I made my first quilt from old jeans and some miscellaneous fabric I had hanging around my house......which happened to be velveteen. I wanted something heavy enough to match the weight of the denim. I also had some plaid flannel that matches the colors of the flannel. I lined it with an old wool blanket to give it more warmth. Let me tell you.....it was a heavy quilt....and just twin-sized. I tied it....with difficulty. My daughter took it to college as she was always cold.


I made my first one as a wedding gift. It was queen sized, just squares of calico prints and tied...quite lovely at the time!

Patty Johnson

Way back in 1987, my girlfriend talked me into taking an Eleanor Burns quilt in a day workshop. I had never made a quilt before but I did have some sewing skills so I said "Sure! I'm game!" I made a small log cabin lap quilt that Saturday and I still have it! It's draped over a chair in my bedroom. Because of that class, I've been HOOKED ever since!!!!!!!!

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