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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


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Mary C in WA

Yes, I have to 'frog stitch' way too much when I'm sewing late at night. That's how I know it's time to SLEEP! I've heard it called un-sewing, and watched Alex's Anderson's Stitch Erase video for April Fool's - too Funny!

Pat Sloan

Thank you everyone!! I am having such fun, hope you are too!

Janet Green

Yep I agree with Christine I hate frog quilting as I call it rip it rip it rip it! We all do it so have at it. Then sew some more!!


Thanks for the tip - looks like something I do all the time!

What a great idea to make the heart in red scraps - the polka dot background is perfect to keep it happy!

P.S. Ordered the binding clips yesterday - thanks for the suggestion.

Julie N

Love your blocks. Working with Mr. Ripper was so worth it! You're so REAL - I appreciate that.

Sharon F

If I'm grousing about a block or project my husband asks me if I did any "unstitching". That's our usual term.

Christine Slaughter

I call my seam ripper Froggy... And in my froggy voice I say, "rip it, rip it, rip it!" Cheesy, I know! But when I say that it gives me a chuckle and takes the edge off my irritation of having to rip seams out.

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