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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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Pat Sloan

thank you everyone for being here!

FYI - I'm not hosting cruises at the moment.. but I am traveling to teach across the country. See my event page.. maybe your local guild or shop would like to have me do some classes and a presentation for you!


Sandy Clawson Freeo

Pat, I think the reason Pinterest is so exciting is because it is designed for Visual People. Visual people are creative people.

Just my two cents worth. Considering taking another cruise with you next year, if you are doing one!


I love love love the cheer you share!

deb Poole

One of the things I LOVE about your quilts........THEY ARE SO HAPPY!
Thank you for making me smile when I read your thoughts and admire your handy works!

Susan K

Thought about your post all day yesterday. After posting my comment, I thought of other things that inspire me:
AND YOU!! I love your radio show and enjoy meeting your guests. I almost always go to their websites and are even more inspired.
Thanks for opening up my world! Merry Christmas!


I didn't get a chance to read this yesterday but I wanted to comment that you have inspired me and my friends! A couple of years ago???? you gave a UFO finishing challenge and you helped us by having us list our ufo's and focus on how important they were to us. We have kept up the "tradition" by doing a UFO list every year and trying to work on them. Some of them have even gotten finished!!! woohoo! Thanks Pat!

Mary Ann

I so appreciate all the work you put into...well everything. You inspire me to try new things, you have led me to new blogs, people and friends and you most often make me laugh...thank you!

Mary Lynn Wolfe Hughes( Noni)

Pat ,I enjoy everything you create , I value your friendship. You make me laugh when I really need one . I too enjoy Pinning I feel like I create a wonderful magazine of my favorite things and wishes ,your friend from cyberspace .Noni


What a great post! it is always wonderful to sit down and really reflect on the things we have to be grateful for including the people and things that inspire us, motivate us and love us- it is too easy to reflect on things we don't have!

As others have probably said, I create because I have too! It is just part of me. And I love to see what others create because it is always inspiring. Maybe intimidating too, but always inspiring.

Thanks for all you do!

Debbie B

Thanks for all you do, Pat! And thanks to your hubby, too. You make quite a team. You are an inspiration to me and a ton of others. Keep up the great work!

Linda Roberts

You make my day, Hugs


Thank you Pat & Greg for all you do for us. I'm very honored to be a part of our "small gang" of quilters. I quilt because I have to. I have to create & nothing gives me more pleasure than to just sit & sew my "crumbs" together. And, then to think of ways to use them in quilt blocks. Between you & V & Bonnie Hunter, I have more inspiration than my head can hold LOL See you on the forum, smooches

Amanda Herring

Well, you made my day! Even had to wipe a tear! Thank you for your kindness and for the constant inspiration you feed into our industry! Love you, Pat!!!


Wow! Great post. I just love that quote. I am so stealing it! Thank you for your non-stop inspiration,stories,projects,HUMOR!!! Great pic of you and Greg, by the way:) I hadn't given much thought to today's date before this morning. Like the way you approached it-springboard for me to take a moment and think about all the things that inspire me. Thanks i needed to do that today!

Francine Warren

Love the idea we aren't all just friends, really a small gang! We're part of the best group of people n the world! Quilters! Just scanning other people's pages can inspire s to creativity & when necessary many acts of kindness! Merry Christmas Pat!


Great post Pat! The creativity that flows from quilter to quilter makes me visualize a bouncy ball that never stops bouncing. Love the entire quilting family & so glad I'm a fly on the wall nobody's swatted! Such wonderful company to be a small part of.

Mary Ellen H

I love this date as it's my DD birthday (12/12/73), and she is planning a big party!. Enjoyed your 12 powers and your inspirations. Thank you for the giveaway.


i love this post. esp the quote. we should always remember that when someone tries to squash our creativity. you and the many other amazing designers inspire me. i am not an artist, but i appreciate art. i am not a musician, but i appreciate music. i am not a designer, engineer or even a draftsman, but i appreciate all that you do with lines and circles. thanks for the inspiration.


I think the process of creating is the best part. After I have it finished, it seems kinda hum-drum at that point. I usually need some time to appreciate my own work. :)

Sharon Hughson

Sometimes I get burned out and don't want to create anything. Then, someone mentions something I did, said or made and I'm off to the races again. So nice to be awakened.

shirley tener

I love quotes that move me and I never thought of myself as a poet, Quilting is a thing I am doing as I should now for my grandkids, but I love to cross-stitch and find new passions all the time, Fabric now that has a beginning for me, I have loved buying fabric this year.. mmmm 12122012 mark this day for me..


I like to make things that are pretty and cute -- and then give some of them away to people I love
This is my inspiration.

Ivory Spring

What a fun post. Good to see Mr. Sloan's picture! Happy 121212 to you too.

leslie tucker jenison

Oh Pat! I love your list of twelves! You inspire me constantly, and I'm thrilled that we are friends! There is a lot to look at and think about in your post. Thank you!

Pat Sloan

I'm so delighted to hear that you are ALSO thinking of 12 inspirations for your creativity... I'd love if you share with me!

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