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Thursday, December 20, 2012


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My biggest problem is binding! I hate it, and I stink at it! I've bought tools that are supposed to help, and everything! Ugh! I'm no good!

Barb in MI

Well, where to start;-) I still don't dare to quilt from the front of my short machine set-up and stick to pantos - wish I would finally try some FMQ.
And lately I can't seem to get string piecing done right. It must be me (or the machine) but everything gets bunched up, needles and plastic feet break, thread gets tangled, seam allowance goes inside the feed dogs - and nasty words are flying around in my house. Well, it can only get better: Thanks & Happy New Year!


My biggest problem is being afraid of Free Motion quilting. I took a class but am still afraid to try it out on a real quilt. The tops are piling up!
I plan of working on that next year, starting with donation baby quilts.

Pam Duxbury

My biggest problem is getting to the sewing machine. It is sitting between my husband and the TV. Maybe I will have better luck after all the bowl games.


My biggest problem is wanting everything to line up perfectly...and the points don't always quite meet. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!


My biggest problem is sticking to just 2 or 3 or maybe 4 projects at a time. Please notice that I didn't say just 1 project. I have way too many projects in different stages. I also find that I have a hard time sewing at home. I get way more done when I go to open sew at the quilt store. But then I see all sorts of other projects I want to make. Good Grief!!


As a beginner, my biggest challenge has been finding quilt shops who are beginner friendly. Thanks for being there for us newbies!


My biggest problem is staying on task. I want to complete this current quilt, but oh if I spend just a little time on this next project - just to see what it will look like of course, then oh I am headed to a retreat so I will start this new one since I can get it all done at the retreat. Sound familiar to anyone. I am getting better. I can only have a couple of projects going at one time. Well, I am trying. :-)

Amy Roth

Binding, making it look nice around the corners, that's what I'm looking to conquer this year. I think I'm pretty good at quilting and piecing, but those darn bindings are vexing me!

Megan Williams

My BIGGEST quilting problem is matching half square triangles. You know? You press to the 'dark' and then when you go to put them all together the 'darks' all meet up! I've opened the seams but for some reason it never works...ah well. Then of course, there is the FINISHING completely of anything...maybe in the New Year!

donna russ

My biggest problem is me,staying motavated on the same project,when I get to where I have made a mistake sometimes I throw it down and there it is UFO again....

Wanda Myers

My biggest problem besides having enough time is staying organized enough to be productive. I'm on a constant quest to find a better system of organization. Any suggestions appreciated!!


My biggest problem is that I have more ideas than time, I create far too many quilt tops and have a mountain that must be quilted....progress is slow as I quilt by hand....then those ideas start popping up and away I go creating yet one more project to be quilted one day in the future.

Lois in Wyoming

At this moment in time my biggest problem is the desire to even go into my quilting area. It needs some major help!! Also, for reason my 1/4" seam is off and no matter what I have done to correct this problem I can't seem to get it right! I am taking this as a sign to get my act together and tidy up my sewing space...Happy New Year!

Nan Ellsworth

My biggest problem is staying with one project especially since I discovered quilting blogs. So many ideas and I want to do them all...NOW! I'm also a dedicated procrastinator...but I work very well under pressure and somehow it all gets done!


My biggest problem is having so many UFOs and a desire to start so many more projects!


thanks for leaving this giveaway open for so long - I've been offline on holidays for most of december :) my biggest quilting problem is that I've been too scared to actually quilt so at the moment I have 10 quilt tops sitting waiting to be quilted - but I have a plan - I've enrolled 4 different craftsy classes on free motion quilting - do you think that will be enough to get me going !! thanks for the chance to win a prize from the fabulous miss rosie (oh and carrie of course) :) happy new year too !


Truly, my biggest quilt problem is getting myself to cut into some of my stash. I buy fabric I love and then get 'stuck' feeling like I have to fine 'the right' thing to use it for, and get stuck! My commitment for 2013 is to push through with a promise to myself that if I find I hate what I make, I can buy more ;-)

I'd love to win the ruler as I can use it as a reason to cut into my stash!



Lots of quilt tops but not quilted. Ugh. I don't want to ruin a pretty top by making a quilting mistake on it.


My biggest problem is overcoming my fear as a beginner. Once I get going, I usually don't have too much trouble


My biggest quilting problem is myself. I have this picture of quilting perfection in my mind and I'm not able to quilt perfectly so put it off until I can practice and get it right. Instead I should just do it and the practice will come with getting the quilts done.

Suzanne Adler

My biggest problem is completely finishing a quilt. I love to make quilt top and I have many! Pinning the layers together ... Not to mention having the space to do it ...... That I don't enjoy! I have lots of projects in various stages .... But it makes me happy so who am I to complain?


My biggest problem is having the confidence to quilt once I have completed the piecing process. My resolution for the new year is to just jump in and work on quilting the tops I have pieced. Happy New Year!


I think I have lots of problems but the biggest one at the moment is not sewing over the points when I do a half or quarter triangle. Out of 6 stars I have on a Christmas wall hanging, only one point is perfect. Argggg. Practise, practise practise I guess.

Marcia B

My biggest problem is being more creative w/the borders. By the time I have the center of the quilt done, I am ready to 'git-r-done'! Thus, the majority of the time I just add a simple border to 'frame' the center. Can you tell borders are not my favorite step?!!

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