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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


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My cats don't get holiday treats...I just spoil them year-round! I'm thinking of getting them a tall climbing cat tree, though, when I think of a place to put it!
p.s. I love the pattern and colors on the quilt.

Anne Rita

I don't have any pets of my own, but I sometimes buy a dog's Christmas stocking filled with doggie treats for my brother's dog.

Thanks for the giveaway anf Happy New Year!

Pam Duxbury

I bought Sadie our Yorkie a new bed, a water bottle and new treats for Christmas. And her cousins sent her some new dresses to wear when it gets warmer.


I used to buy my daughter's dog goodies..sadly she had to be put down this year. 10 yrs of having a grandoggie!
[email protected]


I bought each of my cats a small blanket which I thought would be good in their beds to keep them warm however, they now won't get into the beds now. So I have taken the blankets out.

donna russ

My grandson has a cat,I made it a pillow bed this year for Christmas...lol he still cant get her to sleep on it she sleeps on his feet.....

Wanda Myers

My grand pup is quite spoiled! He gets animal toys, used to get stuffed but he plays so rough with his "pets" that we had to go stuff less this year!

Joan T

My dog's favorite toy is his Lambchop, which is a little stuffed lamb. He carries it everywhere. I think I'll buy another one because he'll be upset when this toy wears out. A late Christmas gift?

Nan Ellsworth

I purchase organic catnip which I then sew into bags for my in-laws kitties to play with - those get mailed from Maine to Georgia every year. I usually make little Christmas stockings for all my family and friend's dogs and fill then with dog treats. The stockings are always made out of dog print fabric.

Lois in Wyoming

Pull toys for the dog ( she destuffs anything with stuffing!)and for the cats some special food and new catnip mice!


Squeaky toys! My daughter's corgi will drive you crazy until he can kill the squeaker.


I go through the toy bin and take out the old chewed and worn toys and replace them with new. I also see that Bella has a new fleece coat as she is only 6 pounds and the WI winters are pretty cold. A bag of treats from a local dog bone bakery is also a gift that she looks forward to.


the little ones all deserve the favorite of their treats, Missy Willow, the grandcat, gets a new pouch of her Temptations chicken bites for oral hygiene( & yes, I am a dental asst!)
Then the niece, Maggie Mae, gets herself a new toy to add to the collection. This Llasa Apso loves her Uncle Rod "toy" best & always loves to come visit!

Gay Wehrman

My dog Sam loves her pupperonies.

Ann Post

I always give toys. You know your best friend can never have to many toys.

diane i

Toby always get some doggy treats which he will share with his buddies River and Beri when they come to visit. This year he also got a bubbling water dish. He has his own stocking which will have a special doggy treat.

Wendy B

always always ALWAYS, a new santa hat or reindeer antlers.....they're never too impressed but....one day????!!!! Makes for good family photos....oooh, and they get a special Christmas dinner too!

Linda Ross

Treats, treats and more treats, plus a new toy. It looks like a 4 year old lives in my house, but it's just my adorable standard poodle.

Diane Kennedy

This year we gave Kitty a new bed to go on the desk by the window so she can watch the birds and squrrles at the feeder and more toys.

Kimberly Erpelding

I buy my dogs gifts for Christmas as well as my niece dog (Papillon) named Taz.

My inside Scottie (LIZA)not only gets gifts, treats, toys etc, but she loves getting them out of the gift sack as well.

If you bring any sack into the house she thinks you brought her something to eat or play with. Head first she dives in the sack and is most disappointed if there are no treats or gifts for her

Lori Morton

I made my Husband's Aunt's small dog a lil' padded flannel "jacket" for goin' outside in. She looks real cute in it too. :)

We have barn kittie's at our house...so don't get them gifts...but do save yummy scraps from dinner, for them! lol

Thanks for chance to win! :)

wanda spain

I buy toys and dog treats for my grand childrens dogs. That is 3 separate homes. I buy toys and treats for my 2 dogs and my parrots also get treats and new toys. The blue and gold mac caws toys are expensive, but birds need toys also.


Bentley, my granddog, always gets some special treats and a new toy. They are wrapped up and he gets excited when we start to take the paper off--he suddenly can't wait to see what it is!!


Each Christmas, we bought our late sweet kitty Petunia some fresh catnip. She loved having her soft toys rolled in catnip.


I bought my 2 'boys' some treats and my 2 granddogs some handmade doggy cookies. Grandbunny got some new hay and some baby carrots :)
Thanks so much for sharing your gifts!

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