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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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Debra Davis

Snow in December is unusual here in Texas- I miss the days in Michigan and Colorado where I could do more than just dream about a white Christmas.

Peg S

We rarely have snow in December. Hoping for some in January because it makes for good sewing weather!

Maria Carroll

Hi Pat! I live in Louisiana, so theres no chance we'll be getting snow and if they say we are it getting snow it's a wet mess. Not like the beautiful snow in the upper northern states. I'd love to have a REAL Snow filled Christmas Day. One day right? I'll keep dreaming! lol

Cathy A

We probably will not have snow here in the Northern Neck of Virginia--too close to the Chesapeake Bay. But that's OK because snow doesn't make it Christmas! Being together with family makes it Christmas!


I live in Saskatchewan Canada and yea we usually always have snow in December, some years not much at all and other years we have lots.
I love Me and My Sister fabrics, I have a few of them in my collection. LOL

Rhonda Williams Peck

Living in North Carolina, we don't get allot of snow in December. It would be lovely to have a White Christmas. We will be retiring to Colorado, so maybe then!!!!

Kathy Raabe

We have only had 1/2 inch of snow so far this winter. We may have 6 + inches tomorrow and Thursday! It just depends on the season, but we used to ALWAYS have snow by now. thank you.


We used to have snow in December. Seems to me that when I was a kid we could expect some during this month, but lately, things have changed here in CT. We've had winters that seem to start later. We've had outrageous early snowstorms, too, even in October, that have crippled the state. There is nothing more beautiful than the Christmas eve nights when I've walked out of midnight services to a soft snowfall. So far, no snow in Dec. this year.

Ana Sweet

Forgot to tell you that is very iffy to get snow in Central Indiana in Dec. However, the weatherman is threatening a first snow flake for tomorrow.


I really need that fabric bundle! No snow here, actually a very mild winter so far here in central AL.


There was snow here in Victoria last week after some very weird weather. A few days before it had been 45*C (is about 120*F!!!), and then there was snow down to 1,200m!
But not usually - have never had a White Christmas.

Ana Sweet

Love the colors of those fabrics. Ana


Not usually but once every few years in January we'll get 4-6 inches that cause 1000 accidents the first day and paralyzes highways for another 3-4 if the sun doesn't come out. But then February blooms are right around the corner!

Kathleen Harvey

I live in North Florida, so no we do not have White Christmas' and we rarely have snow. I am from Missouri tho and have experienced snow just never drove in it:1. It also gets cold here so I love to make quilts and afghans

Andrea B

Live in Florida...never any snow :( But grew up in Oregon so I have seen plenty.

Mary Grogan

Rarely in Culpeper in central Virginia. Thanks for a fun blog!


Dear Pat, I am not sure if you were referring to this beautiful bundle still available for a Giveaway... so, I'm holding my breath while I wait and see! :)

Good Morning! is beautiful.


I live in Northern Canada and we have had snow since Halloween. We now have more than we have had all of the last two years combined. just had hand surgery today but typed with my left so I could enter!!

Sharon Judkins

I live in Arkansas and we have had snow in December before but it doesn't happen every year. I love it when it does though.


I live in sunny South Africa and snow is very rare. All the northern hemisphere quilters - enjoy the snow


yes we have snow in december

Ria Vogelzang

We already had snow overhere in the Netherlands, although that was early..... :)
But most times at Christmas we don't have snow.... The chances of that are bigger in January or February..
Greets from the Netherlands!


Yes, we usually have snow in December but it's typically toward the end of the month.

Mary Kay Davis

I live in the middle of California. What is snow?

Vicki h.

Yes i love in the snow belt in Michigan so a green Christmas is rare!

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