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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


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Jean B

My favorite autumn thing has to be apple butter! I love smelling it cooking on the stove. And when you bite into a roll with it on it, yum! It's just like a reminder of summer! But I like autumn leaves, Halloween, the cooler weather, and the blue sky that is clearer in October than any other time. It's my favorite season.

Christie R

Fall brings up all kinds of happy memories...it's when my husband and I fell in love with each other. We were dating and we had a fight and broke up...but then we got back together and 7 months later we tied the knot and are about to celebrate our 9th Fallin' in love Anniversary! lol

Lisa in Louisiana

Celebrating my "birth month". Some wonderful quilty lady I know (who shall remain nameless but who knows who she is) clued me in on this, so instead of celebrating my birthday at the start of fall, I celebrate my "birth month" the entire month by receiving little quilty gifts scattered throughout the month sent by me to ME! And then there's just celebrating my "birth month" by really taking the time to slow down & enjoy all the beautiful changes in nature going on outside my studio. Nothing like sitting in the swing with a glass of strawberry tea just enjoying the beautiful scenery!! What a life!

Lisa in Louisiana

kathy pennell

Today my favorite thing about autumn is the cooler temperatures! It is soooo very nice this morning that I could open the windows!


I love the colors of Fall - it's my favorite season. I'm always ready for summer to end and get on to the cool weather, cool weather food and family gatherings.


Summer is coming to an end & it's just beautiful to see another new season arrive. The transition is so amazing to watch everyday.

Liz Grundvig

My favorite fall item is all of them! Looking around my house, each decoration, mug (with dots and an acorn atop the handle), leaf-shaped plates and bowls, cookbooks, or notes with fall-colored ribbon, is a memory of who gave that item to me, for what occasion, or where I was and who I was with when I bought it. Fall is contentment, to me.


My favorite part of fall is fresh apple cider. My grandfather used to run a cider mill and as kids we would wait outside where the apple cider came out of a spout. We were ready with our glasses to get the first taste! Awesome!

Brenda Howard

Well being in Texas we have fall only in name only but I guess I would have to say the lower humidity and the allure of cooler weather are my favorite things. Also, if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes it will change. Love your stuff.

Cathy von Jess

I love the fall leaf colors the best! Also, football games, crisp cool air, and family holidays. Thanks -or the patterns! love the pear-a licious!

Ruth Ann

Beside enjoying the color of the leaves and the thrills of Halloween - family reuniting at Thanksgiving - making apple butter and freezing apple pies .....it's great to listen to the waves slapping against the shore through open windows! Yes, these are a few of my favorite things of fall......

Nana Shelley

The cooler temps are such a relief from the excessive heat from summer and allows the ability to wear a pair of soft jeans, fall sweatshirt, apples of all varieties for pies, salads, cakes, just for a snack! Craft fairs! Walking through the gorgeous leaves in oh so beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows with a crisp breeze. The luxury of adding more quilts to the beds, sofa, lounge chairs, and cuddling in one with my husband of 41 years! My favorite season!


I live in Austin, where the fall colors are not as spectacular as in other parts of Texas - but, just outside my big windows, there is a large, Eastern Gum tree - think Maple tree with smaller leaves - that turns the most lovely red, orange and yellow colors - always a treat. It's the only one anywhere around. Simply spectacular, I raise my shades and enjoy the site every day I can, my cutting table is right at the window! That's my favorite part of fall!

Marty Askins

I love the fall colors of Autumn and making homemade pumpkin pies for my family.

Pam Peterson

The crisp weather is number one! Also the fact that I can stop watering and caring for my flower beds now that school has started.


I love going apple picking at a local orchard. Crisp, cool weather just makes me want to rush home with them and bake apple cakes, pies, cheesecakes..I better stop...I feel a case of the munchies coming on.

Debbie Peterson

My favorite has to be the colors of fall leaves. I don't see them in Central Coast California, however I love to look at pictures!


Looking forward to fall when you get out the long pants and sweaters - 75 degree days and cool nights. We sure needed them and Farmer's Almanac is predicting a much cooler winter here in NC this year. Wonderful giveaway opportunity. Judy C

diane swett

my favorite fall item is pumkins, all sorts of sizes and shapes, i love to display them, cook them and carve them. i love fall because of the cooler suun days, the great autumn colors af the leave, and the earhtyness of the season.

kim t

Fall is my favorite season...love the cooler weather...the colors, wearing sweatshirts and sweaters (but no coats yet)! We have a favorite saying...fruits and vegetables are your....friends!

sharon Jack

O love fall for the colors of the trees and cooler weather. Love to work with fall colors of fabric. hope to win the jelly roll and thread.

Bobbie Molony

I love fall, and I love Eat Your Fruits and Veggies. Fall being harvest time there is so much good food to eat at this time of the year.


My favorite part of fall is when it gets cold enough to eat hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches again!


We live in a small town. When you go thru, the city it's just beautiful with all the trees turning different colors. It's a great time to teach my grandchildren the different colors of fall. We have a great time going to the pumpkin patch and eating home made apple donuts.

Irma Colabrese

My favorite thing about fall is the COLOR! It is available at the farmer's market in harvest fruits & veggies; it is available in nature in the changing of the leaves on trees, etc.; and it is available on people in what they wear - new clothes for Back-to-School, jackets and sweaters for that chill in the air. There are so many things that say Fall with COLOR.

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