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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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Dottie Gododolphin

Well I did it...I took 2 of my UFOs to quilting yesterday and squared them up...and next time will start to lay them out and get to sewing them...I can't wait. May even start this afternoon by laying out and pinning so I can sew when I have time during the week!!

Amanda in KY

I will be binding, adding sleeves, and attaching labels to 5 quilts to hand in my Guild's quilt show next Friday and Saturday. Wish me luck!


I am going to finish the top for my Omigosh quilt and hopefully pick up border fabric for 2 others as well! I can't wait to get Omigosh done I have been working on it since beginning of February. Thanks for the UFO weekend! This should be just the motivation I need :)


Since I am home now and have two quilts that came in from the quilter here in town, a dear friend picked them up, I plan to do some bindings. I also have two due to arrive tomorrow or Friday from a quilter in Kentucky that need binding and mailed to the recipients, so binding is high on the list for me.


I need to finish a quilt for my 21 month old son that I started last September when he was one. I was going to have my quilt shop long arm it for me, but my back that I made myself was too short. So I need to fix that and get it quilted. So maybe this weekend I will take on the challenge too if I can get some time in.

Traci Suzanne Marvel

Oh and I didn't finish my sentence! Uh oh. A sentence UFO! I meant to say I am going to take one stitch at a time and finish my western wedding quilt I started 7 years ago!

Karen McCaffrey

I will be working on "Caliente" by trimming the edges and adding the label and binding. I have been working on this for almost a year now and it will be so nice to have it finished.


I'm going to start today... is that cheating? I'm going to bust a charity quilt that i am machine quilting with my little bernina... ( i really need a George)It is looking sweet but has been an on going WAY too long project. I really don't know what i'm doing, that is half of the problem but taking it one step at a time. This is the 2nd quilt i have machine quilted. Straight lines all the way baby but it works! I'll be thinking of you all cranking out those UFO's into the land of fantastic FINISHES! it is going to be a weekend filled with quilt LOVE!!!! you know we all love a finish!


I am going to finish that Lone Star even if I have to stay awake all night to get it done. It has been blocking me. Can you get quilter's block?

Cindy Dickinson

I am going to start out working on the vine borders to a house quilt. If I finish those, I have a stack of blocks to machine applique. I'm going to be a machine applique fiend all weekend!


I think I will quilt my 4th of July tablerunner. It has been pinned for almost 2 years! Yes, that is what I will do! Thanks for the motivation Pat!


You're referring to quilts right? :)
'Cause I honestly don't want to tackle the ever growing UFO pile of laundry! :D
It's my birthday weekend, and I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than trying to get some of my UFOs moved to the 'Done' stack![Well maybe a tropical island getaway might distract me. :D :D :D] The plan for the weekend:snack, create, daydream, sew, snack, create, daydream, sew, snack......


OK, I'll get that gift quilt photographed which means putting it up on the flimsy stands DH made for me once, getting the camera to work and getting the pic of it BEFORE I get it mailed out. It's only 2 yrs. late.
Then I'm going to quilt that dang other gift quilt on my frame. I will, I really will.
Thanks for the UFO weekend, Pat. I do have to work but I'm gonna do these two things this weekend and yes, I will feel better when they are done!

Sally Johnson

I think I may need to take on this challenge

Shirley in Canada

OH my gosh....I'm so in!!! All week with auditors and I'm gonna need some ME time!!

Traci Suzanne Marvel

I am going to take one stitch at a time.

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