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Friday, May 04, 2012


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I would love to make a memory quilt of my nine sblniigs and me. That would be so fun! We all reunited in 2006 for the first time in 37 years.


I mainly sew and eiodbmrery. However, I recently purchased a few books on quilting. I am thinking of trying a small quilt just to see if I like making quilts.


oh my this quilt is just adorable and has been added to my list of qtilus to make!!!!!I need to order that calendar.congrats, well deserved honor being in the calendar and publishedHope all is wellKathie


Hi, I truly love all your quilts. I check in daily to see if you've made sotnihmeg new (most days you have, which is mind boggling to me). Currently, I am working on a kaleidoscope string quilt for my first niece or nephew based on your tutorial. And I have several other projects in mind based on a lot of your designs! Thanks for all the inspiration!


Another great tip! I don't do very big quilts, most are slmaler lap size or wall size because I didn't like dealing with the bulk. If I did a big quilt I took it to the frame. But after seeing this, I may get brave enough to tackle the big ones on my table again. Thank you. Chris Dahlp.s. you should have also talked about your set up which is fantastic! The 2 tables in the corner are key to handling the weight of the quilt. Something new quilters don't know about.


My Grandmother made Dresden Plate quilts. I rbeememr them on our beds when I was a little girl. Grandma would make them from our worn out clothes. She even made one using old neck ties! Recently I made the baby quilt from one of your 4 part tutorials. It wasn't difficult at all, thanks to you! Now I am ready to start this Dresden Plate technique. Once again, you've made it look do-able! I can't wait to get started! Thank you Jenny for making these wonderful tutorials! I simply love them.


Wow! Awesome job, Leanna! In the winter I spend my free time knnttiig, spinning, writing, and making soap. Alas, I've never had the patience to finish a quilt I wish I did though; they look so pretty! LOL.

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Kate R

No quilt on my bed - yet! I tend to make them for others and my husband is a bit particular in the colours he would like on our bed!

Nancy B from Many LA

No, I don't

Sarah in Houston

Oh yes, I have a quilt on my bed - a wonderful round robin with your bunny/flower design in the center and beautiful rounds my some good friends.

jamee levy

i am lovin the tour and cant wait to read your new book...seems you got some good time saving tips in there? antique mist is my fav, so far! thx for the chance to win!

Barb N

LOL, my very first attempt at making a quilt was for a king-sized quilt for our bed. It had something like 80 different fabrics, strip pieced and cut. Is it finished? Is it together? Are all those pieces just hanging in the closet? Guess that's really what you'd call a WIP.


I do not! And I have been making quilts for 20 years! But I made a king-sized bento box quilt top and am getting it quilted soon.

Karrie Smith

I don't have a quilt on my bed now, but I will this winter.

Kathleen B

No, I have a store bought comforter on my bed. Sorry! I need to work on that soon.


No but I'm working at one now :) soon!


No, I don't. But wish I did! There are always so many other people that I need to make quilts for...so my bed is at the bottom of the list.


No, sadly not till now. I have one in work though but it will still take quiet some time. But I really look forward to the day when it is finished.

Jane Bitz

Yes, I have flannel railfence on my bed. Still snuggle weather here.

Joyce Mitchell

Our spare bed has an old quilt folded at the bottom of the bed that comes from my husband's family. He thinks his grandmother made it. I have a really nice quilt that my sister made for our queen sized bed, but I only use it at Christmas. I've started making one for our bed for daily use. Thanks for the chance to win.


I don't but it's one of my projects for the future!

Rhonda H.

Yes, a Double Wedding Ring. It is a store bought quilt but it is special because of who gave it to us as a wedding gift. Thanks for chance to win!


I have a store bought quilt on my bed. Shhhhh! Don't tell!


I certainly do have a quilt on my spare bed. It is a buggy barn star in a churn dash block. I love it and the bedroom is subtle Americana!
Would absolutely love to win Focus on the Center. Your book is fantabulous and I'd love to make a few of those quilts. Some using Primitive Gatherings and Jo Morton and others I can see Moda's California Girl by Fig Tree. I have some of your other books and you are one talented and delightful designer!

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