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Saturday, April 07, 2012


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Deb F.

That was a wonderful video - love to watch people dance and the clothes, the colors, the music - so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing. Speaking of colors, your new line looks heavenly.


Fun to watch!

Brenda Sanderson

That was totally amazing,the colors, the clothes, the music and of course the moves !!!


Lots of reasons to read blogs, your post today would be a prime example. Also some of the blogs I read feel like a visit to a friends house, I learn about their family, pets, friends, activities and then there is all the quilting related stuff - hello! wonderfulllllll!

sheila 77

This video is so amazing - I saw it over at the 15 minutes - and being given the opportunity to see it is one of the reasons I read quilting blogs because it and they enhance life so much with all the creativity, colour, generosity and energy.


I have to admit that there are days when I don't check out the blogs... even the ones on my 'list'! BUT, I'm so glad I saw this one! Watched the video several times, backed it up, just to catch the footwork... the clothing/background/shoes.. awesome, fun, and inspiring. and I'd like to meet a man who is not afraid of dressing like that and dancing in public places, too!

Beth Friend

I read blogs because it is fun. They are creative, informative, funny, helpful and inspiring.
I read your blog cause there is always something cool popping up like these dancers. And because you are a great motivator.


FABULOUS! that was so cool. made my whole day... so creative, beautiful... ;-)

Mary C in WA

I read BLOGS, because I'm addicted, that is what my DH says. I like to see what other quilters are doing and my kids who Blog, it is my connection to them. Nice Video!


I just learn things, and I am exposed to ideas and people that I would never have contact with----I love following your blog--the dancing is way cool...


Very cool. Found the link on You Tube and e-mailed it to my son. I wish I had a dance partner but hubby is not interested. We watch DWTS so I dance vicariously through my favorites. :-)

Connie in VA

oooh - love Argentine tango. and the colors make it really interesting.

Debbie Gallett

Super fun. Loved it.


Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I read blogs to connect with people that might have the same interests. And I read blogs to add to all the overwhelming projects I already have and just cannot help but start yet another one.

Betsy Albertson

I enjoyed this, fun to watch, thanks for posting! I do love the color changes!

Carrie Dunn

Ok Go videos, they aren't just for snowboarding anymore.. cool video, my husband and I want to get one of those video cameras..


What fun. Oh to be fifty years younger.
( And to know what I know now!)


thank you for sharing...the dancing and color story is amazing.


That was amazing! Thanks for sharing this one with us.


oh em gee...that made me want to paint something...something bright and colorful...like ORANGE and AQUA...and RED...


She also has a great butt! No panty lines there. LOL That's how I look in my mind. LOL

Karen Lieberman

That video was awesome!! I loved the music too. Do you like the new commercial where they all get out of the hot air ballon and have the crazy colored outfits on? I think it's for Target.

Mary Val

Did you watch the shoes change? He had white tennis shoes on at the very last bit. HER shoes, jeezley crowe, I can't WALK in those things much less dance in them, lol!

phyllis houp

loved this video. It made me feel so good and yes, it made me want to dance, like them!!


I love to watch people dance, to change the colors of their background and clothes to blend made it more interesting, thanks for sharing.

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