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Monday, April 02, 2012


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Carrie P.

congrats to the winners.

Kelly Wenhold

For honey pouring in my house,I use a small syrup pitcher like they have in diners. The lid has a level/handle that you hold back to pour and when you release it, it snaps back and cuts off what you are pouring - no mess! I purchased it at Marshall's/Home Store for around $4 a few weeks ago.


Honey seems to be the latest miracle food in the news. I buy local honey at the farmer's market. Grocery store honey does not compare! Our local beekeeper sells spring, summer and fall varieties. Fall is the darkest color and my daughter's favorite flavor. Since we started putting it in our tea, our allergy symptoms are much more mild. Yesterday's breakfast: Italian bread toast with ricotta cheese drizzled with honey! Yum!

Linda P

So glad you like it! Did you know, no germ live in honey? This is in it's most natural form too......... I must admit - love it on a warm biscuit too!


Love honey! My friend's brother is a bee keeper.I purchase my honey from him.Because of the variety of flowers and plants that grow here in northwestern PA, he has a variety o on honeys with different flavors.The colors vary too!(from light to dark golden).My family likes the lighter" flower" honeys.My 82 year old father in law is partial to the dark" buck wheat"honey that has a stronger more intense flavor.Yum!


Love honey, and use it in tea and some cooking. I started trying different flavors at Craft fairs from honey farmers (are they farmer's?) Anyway, he said the flavors of different trees makes the difference and it's really delightful!


Best honey ever was my grandparent's honey that Papaw collected back in the hills and had the honeycomb in it! (back in the 60's)..My brother and I would fight over that honeycomb...LOL! Don't know what kind it was, though, I love those adorable bear honey jars!

Maria do Carmo Pezzuto

Este urso de mel é sobrinho-neto daquele que tomou cafezinho com você...kkkkk. Eu compro mel em um entre-posto,mel de eucalipto e de assa-peixe,(uma planta nativa VERNONIA POLYSPHAERA) São muito gostosos.Eu gosto de um que é de flor de laranjeira,é menos doce e mais ralo.Um grande beijo e muitas Bençãos.FELIZ PÁSCOA!!!!Que o seu coelhinho venha recheado de amor.

Mary Val

The best honey is Orange Blossom honey. Love it on warm buttermilk biscuits. Hard to find - but last time I bought it, found it at the Super Target grocery, of all places.


I love honey! When I can afford it I love to buy different kinds, but I try to only buy raw local honey, it is great to help with my allergies. Not too mention very yummy! The last time my husband picked some up for me, he bought the big better priced jar, and a honey bear for refills. :)

Sally Johnson

How wonderful congrats to those winners...

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