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Friday, April 06, 2012


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Jodi G.

WoW!! Beautiful fabrics. So many great questions have already been asked. I'd like to know how is his home decorated? Does he use lots of color at home?

Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


Karen DePalma

I would ask him how he turns inspiration into fabric.

Michelle H.

I'd ask him what his favorite color is and what he likes to do in his spare time.


I would want to know where starts when he designs...with color...or pattern...or somewhere else..


I would ask Mark where he gets his ideas and inspirations from.


I would ask him where he get the inspriration and who encourage him?
Thanks :)


Love these fabrics- especially the white around the design. I would ask him where does he get his inspiration for the designs and how did he get started designing fabric. Thanks for the chance to win!

Marla H.

I would ask, "Can I help you design a line of fabric?" lol!
No, I would probably ask, "What inspired you to become a fabric designer and how did you get started?"

Mary Burn

I would ask if he gets his inspiration for colors from "Mother Nature" or somewhere else.

Dee M

"Your designs are so lively and a bit retro, where do you get your inspiration for your designs? And what are your favorites?"

Julie N

I'd ask Mark if he used crayons or markers as child? How big of a box of crayons? Did he like color books or drawing his own pictures? Did his mom save any of his early examples of brilliance? I could go on and on. Love his designs.

Cathy H

What was your first fabric design - and how did you get it produced?


I would ask him if he sews or makes things with his fabric himself, and if so what he makes.


I would have to ask where he got his wonderful sense if color! Those are gorgeous.

Maria do Carmo Pezzuto

Eu perguntaria se ele usaria o Brasil,como fonte de inspiração.Afinal são tantas cores e estampas.Num só dia temos as quatro estações,para cada lado que olhamos ,achamos cores diferentes.Eu moro na serra,imagine quem mora nos prados...Beijos e bençãos.


When you started designing fabric, did you have quiltmaking in mind? Or were you thinking of some other use?

Carla G

I'd ask "how do you name your fabric? Are the names chosen first and the fabric built around the name or is it named after the fabric is designs?" Thanks for a chance to win! :)


I would ask him how he became a fabric designer, and of course, where does he get the inspiration for his designs. It's something I always wonder about when I look at beautiful designer collections.


I would ask him how long each line takes from the first thought to out of his hands.

Lynda W.

I would ask him how he chooses the colors for a line. Does he use a color wheel? How many colors are needed for the best combination? Are three or four enough? Are 12 too many? I often struggle to make my color choices interesting but not chaotic.

Shirley in Canada

Wow those play very well together!! Mark...what inspires you to create such vibrant designs??

Sher Henry

I would ask Mark if his designs are designed with color in mind or does he do the designing in black and white and then add the color afterwards.

Beth Friend

So many have already said what inspires you? So I would ask what is his process for designing? (LIke is it driven by color? Do the graphicscome first and color later?)

Karen O

I would ask Mark how he comes up with his designs. They are so different from many others out there!


What a wonderful packet of charms. They look like so much fun. Ask Mark: How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a graphic designer? My daughter didn't know until she was a sophomore in university!

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